MasterChef Thurs – Time auction

The time auction is always fun, although I wish they’d do it like Survivor: Make them wait and wait to up the bid and …. oh it’s a bowl of rice.



  1. Tessa, in real time real life I hope you stopped attempting to skin the John Dory & pan fry rhe whole thing. It’ll take so little time & the skin is yummy. Do the tricksy stuff with your other ingredients.

  2. Simple Simon canned the beetroot in his basket and co-opted carrots to claim success, pairing it with lamb fillet. Tim went for pork on and off the Bone, and despite a disparaging comment by Gary about seeing how he goes with pork and potatoes (So? Lamb & carrots, fish with crumb & sauce, pasta & cheese & egg.), he also skipped going weee, weee, weee all the way home. I suspect Tessa’s Dory might have been a result of a substitute racket (the background chefs cooked one sufficiently) but she deserves to stay. Unfortunately the talented Derek was a victim of his creativity and risk taking (perhaps a characteristic of a financial analyst). He is a powerhouse as well and was a great hands on captain. Two gun salute.

  3. Derek always try to do the impossible.

    I can’t see him opening a restaurant. He doesn’t have a style. Desserts, he is ok but not a dessert king. Chinese cuisine,he is so so. I guess he will just be an accountant.

    Remember in Season 2 there were like 3 or 4 lawyers on MC. Only Adam who won continued with his food dream. The rest went back to becoming laywers

  4. They just lurrrve Simon – he can do no wrong. No matter what monstrosity he puts up, more often than not, it’s a winner. He’s going to be in the final for sure. The producers are pandering to the vegan movement. Plus he’s a massive suck-up.

    Shame to see Derek go. He probably deserved it, but … but he was so jolly and nice. Oh well, back to the bench presses, with the best of luck.

    Hope the Zucchini Dream Team and their silly gesticulations go next. How those two got so far, with the most minimal effort is beyond me. Just goes to show – dye your hair white, be mediocre, and you’ll go far.

  5. Derek, Derek, Derek … what were you thinking? That egg yolk ravioli dish is technically quite difficult even when you know what you are doing. Plus you generally serve it with a brown butter sage or thyme sauce. You had no herbs, so you should have ditched that idea immediately. I was cringing when he broke yolk after yolk – it’s insanity to keep doing the same mistake over and over again, expecting a different outcome. He ought to have cut his losses and changed direction earlier.

    The dish Derek ended up serving looked really unappetising, so it’s no surprise that he went home. Imagine – it was even worse than Timbogan’s gelatinous pork belly and leathery crackling. All you had to do was cook something better than Tim – how hard can THAT be?

    I wasn’t keen on the judges behaving like cats that are toying with a mouse while they interviewed Derek in the tasting. It was much like the bullying they engaged in when that poncy Italian chef was there.

    He was gracious and pragmatic in defeat though – no tears and dramas and he accepted that he’d really messed up. I’ll miss him as he had a vibrancy and humour about him – plus he was easy on the eye 🙂

    When George said to Derek “look at you – you still have a smile on your face” the camera panned to Simple Simon who had an even bigger smile on his face. That guy is such a wanker – he also laughed when Ben was eliminated. I hope he gets the elbow soon, but I suspect he and his greasy hair are going to the finals. Please don’t let him win! 🙁

  6. Derek is planning on opening a restaurant. Guess he is not planning on getting some real life restaurant experience first. He should be doing an apprenticeship but then most of the contestants see MC as the only experience they need.

    Was so hoping it would be Tim. Derek was lost and clueless in this challenge. Why attempt to do egg yolk tortellini or ravioli when you have never done this before and then to try and use delicate quails’ eggs. Not thinking. This was something to try in a non-elimination challenge. The dish he presented to the judges looked bad and sounded bad…pasta with onion sauce and an egg yolk..yuck.
    To me it looked as if some areas of Tessa’s fish were not cooked.

    • Derek probably threw out the first bullshit answer that popped into his head when asked his plans after MC. I think he’s smart enough to know he couldn’t run a successful restaurant, given his lack of experience. I feel bad for Windsong, who just found a part of MC that interested him.

  7. We were out and I couldn’t even face watching it later once I knew that Simon had survived. I MUCH preferred Derek over Tim and intensely dislike Simple Simon’s wild-eyed laughter and greasy floppy hair. Sadly, I agree with the views here that he will romp it into an undeserved finals spot.
    Oh dear.

    • Simon was very strategic and ended up with the best basket. He rightly guessed that Tessa wanted the fish and drove up the price, even though he didn’t want it. If Tessa had been smart, she’d have let Simon have it as he doesn’t cook fish and John Dory is not an easy fish for the uninitiated. She’d have stitched him up and then taken the freebie lamb herself and made a good dish.

      Matt amused me at Simon’s tasting by declaring that this dish (carrots done 1,278,463 ways and a bit of lamb) was “Simon’s manifesto on a plate”. Ummm… no it’s not. Simon’s “manifesto” is some sort of hipster vegan smokehouse. Was there a smoked element? Nope. Was it vegan? Nope. But then Matt was wearing his clown suit when he said it 🙂

      Tim’s dish was very below average, but not as ghastly as Derek’s dish which was an unmitigated disaster. Silly bloke ought to have done a garlic panna cotta, onion ice cream, dehydrated chive sugar to sprinkle on top, a spring onion tuile for that crunch element, served on a bed of leek cream. The stooges would have lapped it up.

  8. I don’t understand why Derek bid for the eggs that he didn’t actually want… and then having got them, didn’t make dumplings, which he’s good at. That was painful to watch. I think he tends to panic in these eliminations and chose a really bad time to go rogue, again.

    I thought that fish looked badly undercooked. Miraculously, even though Gary said as much, it was ‘perfectly cooked’. Like that’s some amazing feat! I am a lousy cook and still manage to cook fish/poultry/etc through, and can fillet and skin a fish if need be far more cleanly than these contestants. Bewildering.

    • Derek should have bid for the jams and sweets to make a dessert. He could have make a sweet dumpling!

  9. Have we seen enough to declare slow-cooked eggs a “thing” this season?
    Ideally, you would not make any bids and just make do with whatever items were left. No atrocious ones there. In past years they have not even known what was coming up, so I think MC tried to up the strategy games this year by revealing all at the start. Poor Derek panicked. This would have been time for a custard tart or those buns he failed at previously.

    • After Derek failed salted custard bun, (which are normally steam and not bake)I found a recipe and made those steamed buns.

  10. Here is the Pop up menu

    Pop-up Dinner Menu
    Here’s the menu designed by Monica & Derek for the Pop-up Dinner:
    Kingfish Ceviche with Coconut and Kaffir lime
    + Wine Pairing (add-on): Jacob’s Creek Reserve Sparkling Pinot Noir
    Pork and Prawn Wontons with Chilli Oil & Szechuan Sauce (Derek’s winning Mystery Box dish)
    + Wine Pairing (add-on): Jacob’s Creek Barossa Signature Riesling
    Main 1
    Crispy Pork Belly with Chilli Caramel & Asian Slaw
    + Wine Pairing (add-on): Jacob’s Creek Barossa Signature Chardonnay
    Main 2
    Sticky Masterstock-Glazed Beef Brisket with Rice and Charred Bok Choy
    + Wine Pairing (add-on): Jacob’s Creek Double Barrel Shiraz
    Coconut Panna Cotta with Mango Gel, Lime Curd & Salted Macadamia Crumb (Monica’s signature audition dish). Served with either coffee or tea of your choice

    🤣 Panna Cotta!
    Price $120 per person or $165 with wine

    Fans of Derek will part with their money to attend. Too pricey for pretentious chefs.

  11. Um, who is Monica? Looks as though Derek got some sponsorship from Jacob’s Creek, that’s just a wild guess.

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