1. “Ninja Warrior” is my priority, tonight, so I’ll record this and watch it later, before I go to bed … because otherwise, I’ll have to stay clear of social media until I watch.

    • Hmm, Apollo’s on Australia’s Got Talent, not sure if it’s tonight but he’s doing the fire act. So long as he’s not required to communicate, he should ace it. He is on tonight.

      • I’m not sure I’m desperate enough, for entertainment, to tune in to “Australia’s Got Talent”, even with the promise of our favourite shirtless Polynesian escape artist.

        • Windsong, my latest Italia is a shirtless I thought you might enjoy, or at least be amused or bemused by.

      • Apollo’s created an awesome sob story. Fallen on hard times since Bachelorette.

        Then he’s straight jacketed, hung upside down and set on fire before being lowered onto some sharp objects (made of plastic).

        (Sorry off topic Juz et al , tonight AGT is a goldmine of kitsch)

        • As pretty as he is, I’m finding Contenders Shaun (who’s married to Megan Gale. I don’t know who I’m more jealous of) and John the Gold Miner with the Mullet distractingly attractive. All John needs, to be a genuine sex symbol, is a new barber.

      • Haha yeh, he’s a cracker. I hope they can continue to usurp Nova Peris. She is frightful. And a tad frightening!

        • Yeah I thought that about Nova too – When Anastasia clashed with her over cooking it was very much on my mind that she might be the first to cross swords with Nova but won’t be the last!
          And the banana rationing thing was a nice precursor. You can be sure there will be more stuff like this coming.
          I did enjoy how quick Luke was to foster resentment and sow dissent about this too.

      • I cracked up laughing at that.

        Man, that was such an epic burn, I hear that the champions don’t even need flint to start their campfire, anymore.

  2. Banana rule has shades of Heros and Villian seasons too it!
    This second challenge is looking good.
    ps. I am so over the “Im a Gemini” The Bachelor ad.

    • Yes, there is always someone that wants to divide up the food equally & another selfish greedy bastard that wants more. They have got to realise they are not at home & food is scarce. You can’t just pinch food when you feel like it. It’s not fair on the rest of your tribe.

    • I am OVER the Bachie ads too Erin. I find that categorising of the girl as dumb (who knew that astrophysicist and astrologer were different?) as just patronising. The poor girl/kid was probably nervous and gabbling and I hate that they keep repeating the gaffe for cheap laughs.

  3. Good episode.

    I feel like, now he has an immunity idol in one pocket, and an underling and scapegoat in the other? Luke has taken his first steps towards being this year’s puppet master. Good job luring the flippers over and deep-sixing Suzie, and I think Luke is on track to take over the tribe. Gosh, it’ll be fun to watch.

    Meanwhile, the sporty alliance crumbles to dust. Oh, there’ll be repercussions for that, tomorrow night.

    I’m liking the Contenders more, at this point. Maybe the show has spent more time with them, so we have more of a sense of them as people, or maybe it’s jut the underdog thing, but I’m definitely liking them more, as an overall group (although I still hope Pia sticks around because I think she’s awesome). It was nice to see them win a couple of challenges today.

    Also, good to see Baden’s confidence get a boost, thanks to an epic showing in the reward challenge.

    It was also nice to start the episode with John’s nudie run. Even Shaun thought he had a nice (if, under-tanned) butt, and Shaun’s married to Megan Gale, bless him, so I think we can trust his judgement on nice butts.

    • I like the contenders better too.
      Shaun seems super nice – he wasn’t a great footy player but he must have something going for him as Megan Gale is lovely. I used to sometimes see her when I worked at David Jones and she was stunning. Also, super nice. She would hold the door for old ladies and always thanked people for small attentions even if they were not the self-styled Important People. It was hell getting in a lift with her though. She was still stunningly beautiful in her ‘pony and cap and old jeans’ and my full corporate try hard midget round person thing just didn’t cut it. But I digress. . .
      That golf guy has serious hand-eye-coordintion/ object throwing skills.

      • Agreed about Shaun. Aside from being ridiculously handsome (and rocking a pair of speedos), he just seems like a decent, friendly human being. On this show, that’s a victory. I just hope he’s got the cunning to stick it out, but being a physical power-house (and, so far, he’s kept quiet), he should at least make it to merge.

  4. How stupid are these people? There are bound to be swimming challenges, and judging by the promo it looks like there’s one tonight, and they vote out someone who swam the English fucking Channel & swam from Cuba to Florida. They are going to regret it. They did a similar thing in the US one a few years ago. Voted out an Olympic champion because she was an ‘old mum’ as they put it. I was really looking forward to seeing Susie doing the swimming challenges & blitzing it like Shane did last year. I wanted Janine to go.

    • I was surprised that when they are in FIJI and there is a bucketload of water around they decided to chuck Susie. Props for Pia for keeping her mouth shut and letting the Janine-vs Susie debate go on around her. Because there are good reasons for keeping both of them (strength and swimming) but other than being light, not much for Pia.
      I find Janine kind of annoying in that “I know best because I’m a great businesswoman” way and she was comprehensively proven wrong tonight with crap strategy.
      On a side note – how good is John? I have decided to learn his name and not just call him Mullet Miner Bogan anymore are he is sooo good.

      • Absolutely agreed about John.

        I, too, initially wrote him off as the Bogan Mullet guy. But my gosh. The man is a machine. To be fair, a miner in a digging challenge was always going to excel, but he’s been a challenge-stomping beast in everything else he’s done, too.

        But no, he’s earned respect from me. John it is. I think he’s brilliant. Also, unsettlingly attractive, even with the hair.

        • That digging under a log challenge is common in US Survivor. I was surprised Janine had not studied all the challenges to see the best method

          • I thought that too Juz – it is never one of my favourite challenges as I get all claustophobic thinking about the sand in the face problems.
            What I fail to understand is that when you can see the next team excelling at a different method, why on earth don’t you change strategy and stop digging the landscape hole? If they can’t quickly adapt it doesn’t bode well for the future – heaps of times in Survivor you get to see the opposition’s tactics (puzzles for example) and you have to quickly copy what works!

          • No one in the team had the balls to step up and say “it’s not working – let’s do it this way”. Perhaps they are all used to a coach doing the thinking for them

    • I agree – I like Suzie, but she always seems on the point of a breakdown and I just wished she would get a little further in this game.
      Not a huge fan of Janine or her strategy that’s the problem with Corporate Titans: they think they can solve everything even the way to dig a hole in the sand in Fiji. A little common sense would have shown that to dig a short hole would be quicker than digging a long hole. But I digress.
      Poor Suzie.

  5. People on twitter were joking that when Pia was in Looking for Alibrandi Anthoiny LaPaglia played her father so does that make Jonathan her Uncle? Ha ha I had forgotten that.

      • Yeah, “Janie” for short.

        I watched a “Jerod” on tv last night. It sounds like “Gerrard”
        Weeping every day.

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