The Block – Kitchen reveals

My favourite part of the home: the kitchen. Remember way back when our minds were blown when someone put in two ovens? Iโ€™m expecting at least four this time.
No Survivor until Thurs so I may even watch.



  1. MM
    Admiring the backlit stone, Shaynna declares, “Whoa, that looks absolutely spectacular. ” The judges also throw around the words glamourous, moodiness and classiness. In the words of Neale, it has an inescapable wow factor.

    What the judges don’t like is the faux windows. Shaynna believes they are tacky as everything. Neale agrees that the box hedge is at odds with the Palm Springs aesthetic they have upstairs. Darren likes the sheer curtains though.

    They move to the butler’s pantry where Adam D’Slivia lies in wait hoping this humiliation will score him a spot on the revamped Masterchef. Adam sells the butler’s pantry HARD.

    The judges return to the kitchen. They note the lack of stools in the kitchen as an oversight. It is a spectacular kitchen but not inviting.

  2. TL
    The kitchen encapsulates the dark moody feel of St Kilda. They find the push -buttons on the cupboards clever. The island bench is so large that it needs its own postcode. However, the judges believe the bench could have been larger to accommodate eight stools instead of the three. Shaynna believes the island needs to be redone (third time at this rate). Neale finds the kitchen ‘pretty magnificent, contemporary and classic at the same time.’

    Moving to the laundry/butler’s pantry, the judges state it is a practical space with an odd palette.

  3. DA
    “Whoa-let there be light!” That is incredible! Of course the judges love the void and tell DA, that there was no need to leave a note advising them to look up.
    Darren believe that , “this is a masterstroke in the change of the plans.” It feed grand and draws your heart up. The orientation of the kitchen makes sense. It is a kitchen that you engage in.
    The stools are quirky and not Neale’s choice but he finds them comfy.
    Shaynna points out the op shop finds which give it that high end homey feel.
    It is a beautiful kitchen, which can’t be faulted and Neale believes it is one of the best kitchens in the history of the show.

    “Yes, yes, Queen,” (Whatever that means). The laundry/butler’s pantry is all perfect. It is so liveable, so workable which will appeal to broad demographic. This kitchen is very proud to be the middle house and gives the home its beating heartbeat. Putting themselves in front of the competition.

  4. MM 9,8.5,8.5=26
    TL 9,9.5,9=27.5
    AD 9.5,10,10=29.5
    EM 8,7.5,8=23.5
    JM 9.5,9.5,9.5=28.5

    Each couple gets an extra $40,000 each.

    We think the Domain show gave this win away…

  5. EM
    The beautiful wine fridge takes up the focus of the kitchen. Of course, the judges ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜love the Gaggenau appliances are per their contractual obligations. Neale states that is it a much more intimate kitchen than DA’s as it wraps itself around you. The cabinetry is very sleek. The rangehood is a statement but they should have wrapped it in charcoal smoked glass rather than ceasarstone. While there is ample storage there is not enough benchspace. It is a beautiful kitchen but not practical.

    The butlers pantry/laundry does not resolve the problems with the kitchen. It is a laundry with just a toaster on the bench. Cue the crying….it just serves to emphasis how much space is wasted in the kitchen.

  6. Oh surprise, ME create what is considered a less than optimally functional kitchen (I agree with everything the judgrs said), and can’t believe the critique. Boo hoo, so over them.

    • We can’t believe they thought having an exhaust in the middle of the kitchen was a good idea.

      Elise simply does not get it. Removing the toaster is not going to improve the kitchen.

      • I know, moving the toaster! I hate sinks in islands that peeps sit at. I really don’t want to sit where dirty things are cleaned, the hole gives me the heebs, and the tap sticking up disrupts the open flow. All bad feng shui vibe for me. If the sink is toward one side/end like 2 & 5, not so bad, ME’s stove & sink took up waaay too much space.
        The overhead exhaust was silly. High end means those pop up exhausts.
        I feel better now ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Not keen on stoves in islands. We will expect Elise to be sobbing over this for a week.

          Hate the laundry in the butler’s pantry idea. It suggests that the space is poorly thought out particularly for $4m.

  7. JM
    The kitchen has the same layout as Deb and Andy. The judges note that they have paid attention to the details with their handle choice, their smoke glass kickbacks.
    The judges also like the light and how it is recessed in a cofferred ceiling.
    On to the butler’s pantry, Neale and Darren find it tight. It is functional but is not a place you want to spend time in.

  8. I am in Germany so cannot watch atm. But. Ahahahahaha. Muahahaha. Poor Apostrophe. Bet she thought she will win too with the Gaggenau upgrade.^^

    It was clear from the get go the judges will hate those fake windows in MMs kitchen.

  9. Tonight’s episode was brought to PGH Bricks and Clipsal.
    In scenes never seen before Elise sobs, cries, whines and moans drags her real estate agent in on his day off to reassure her.
    Scotty announces another cash grab giving the teams another $5k to prep their houses for the Buyer Advocate’s Walk Through. The winning team will get another $5k.
    Matt expresses his doubt that they will win as they are up against stiff competition. Elise absolutely loses it, telling Matt that he is “placing their family in jeopardy”. “You are really nasty” and “you are embarrassing himself”. Matt, has probably heard this all before, and Matt’s mother probably hates Elise that little bit more, replies, if the house is so good, why do you spend every Monday and Tuesday crying?
    Let’s face it, Elise is a nasty person.

    • El”””””””ise, just bludged $ 40, 000 out of $cotty, still whining like a jet engine. Not happy unless she’s unhappy…..then again, she’s stuck with that turd and his moustache. Not really living the dream.

      Confected heatin’ scandal wif schlockeroo $cotty tomorrow. Thanks , Maz.

    • I wonder if they are still together. And if, watching now, she can see how much she is embarrassing herself. She’s toxic. He’s does a good job not telling her to fluff off. God help the future partners of her children.

      • We think the “children” are her go-to guilt argument.
        E: I want that one.
        M: Honey, we can’t afford that.
        E: You would ‘jeopardize our children’s lives’????? Don’t you love our children….You are a failure as a father….WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!.

  10. I agree with PollyB, Maz and Juz: I hate sinks in islands, especially where people may eat; ditto for cooktops, which may pose a danger from splatters etc; gold taps are just tacky. I also get annoyed with kitchens being flogged as luxury/gourmet etc when there is ONLY ONE sink FFS. Rant over.

    PS: I was worried that during Dan and Apostrophe’s counselling session, he was going to gift her with the $5K from Macca’s.

  11. Lucky Mitch had that plate of poisoned chalice fruit buns to hold him up whilst being outed by Jesse and Mel. I thought he was going to collapse, then he rallied to try and crawl up Mel’s arse and butter her up. Busted on national tv. Awkward silence or what? Could have cut the air with a Mitre 10 chain saw.

      • As “The Schlock Turns”….so little reno and so much drama.
        Thought it was funny when the duty free shop guy handed ME the card with the trip to Bali and shopping spree on it. I doubt he stopped somewhere to have that made. Pre-planned and provided by the producers so ME would win.

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