I’m a Celeb finale

Who will be King or Queen of the Jungle on I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here: Miguel, Rhonda or Other Daisy?
I’ve been barracking for Miguel since his casting was announced last year, but Daisy’s footy past means he came with a horde of already diehard fans.
Given The Living Room was cancelled, I hope, whatever the outcome, we see Miguel on our screens again soon.



  1. I thought I would keep the major spoiler a bit hush until you catch up but all the rest is fair game.
    And I promise to be as bitchy as poss.
    I can’t do pictures.

  2. I don’t like Julia’s dress. It is a nice dress but it makes her look like a busty wench, and if she breathes, it will split.

  3. I love family reunions.
    I am crying so much my shirt is wet.
    Miguel’s kids are so cute.
    And then I cried some more.

  4. I had forgotten that I saw Rhonda on stage when she was a newbie.
    She came out in lingerie, was very funny, sung well and was excellent.
    I need to remember that.

  5. They are doing a trial with family.
    They are playing doctors but on a large scale and with electricity.
    You know, Dale is the one who is naturally funny.
    I read an article by James Weir about Fishface’s pretend boyfriend doing stand-up comedy. Yes, gice, the man really does want to be a comedian. He wasn’t joking. And according to James, he is really incredibly far from funny.
    It might go a long way though to explain why Perez was so offended.

  6. I’m a little bit bored now. It’s all feeling like a bit of a filler.
    Perhaps they could eliminate someone.
    And again, Miguel’s family is as lovely as he is.

  7. We are waiting for the final two to leave the camp and come up to wherever.
    This photo is the best I can do.
    I will be distracted for a minute. The doggo dug a hole in the garden, rolled in it and then jumped on the couch. At least it wasn’t the bed.

  8. The household is asleep here. They are piling on the ads.
    Seriously, there has to be a law against so many in a row.
    Are the lads out there having a shower and a feed?

    • The ad breaks are great because you can cook dinner, have a shower, pop downs the shops, do a bit of grocery shopping and be back in time for the next segment.

    • White leather couch that is entirely covered in doggos. I love it.

      The finale could have been cut to an hour; there was a lot of ho hum content. I am glad Miguel won.

    • The chris and Julia highlights segment was longer than the campmates highlights put together.
      Could also have done without the Ryan, Charlotte and cos update wish gave us nothing and Charlotte looks like she wanted to be anywhere else!

  9. Sorry. I forgot you were all waiting.
    I was just watching the highlights of Miguel and I am crying again. How many tissues does this show need.
    We will get to Dale’s highlights in a minute. But first… more ads.

  10. Dale’s highlights were good, too.
    Only one or two tears, but then he doesn’t have a little girl whispering “Papa”.

  11. Great recap Bobi.
    I had a friend over for a watch party, so already the ad breaks were more bareable.
    I am sad the family’s didn’t get more time in camp. A quick hello, the trial and that was it.
    I’m not disappointed Miguel won, based on campmates what we were shown he deserved it, but channel 10 could not have been pushing a Miguel win more if they tried!

    • Agree Erin. I am actually very happy that Miguel won, but sense a conspiracy theory to mainstream Miguel so they can thrown him at a cooking show.
      However, it definitely worked on me and I ended up liking him a lot during the episodes!
      I was pretty lukewarm on him previously so I turned around. Mind you, I disliked Daisy on principle and ended up really rooting for him. He DEF could be a standup comic (unlike the nameless one) and he was self-reflective and genuine. He def came out well.
      Rhonda I felt was very performancey at all times- I quite enjoyed her performance, but it always seemed contrived.
      While I’m recapping – Mwf was lovely as expected.

    • Totally agree with your comments too Brussel. I ended up liking Daisy too. It took a while for him to get airtime, in between the Charlotte and Ryan show.
      Took me a while I figure out why I didn’t like Rhonda, but yes chatting to a friend last night we realised it was the character she was putting during the trials.

  12. Thanks for the recap, Bobi.
    I can’t say I am a fan of loved-ones EPs or Julia’s dresses, shoes, hair or glasses..
    I find her dresses too tight for her size and too ott. I don’t like her severe hair or Nutty Professor frames.
    I missed the end tonight as the show ran past my recording time. It was good to be able to come here for the result rather than other forums.

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