Bachelor Locky week 2

It’s week 2 of Bachie, which is the closest we are going to get to Survivor for a long time.

And word has it the eyebrows girl who was telling the others Locky was a D grade celeb did not watch Survivor either – the producers told her and then asked her to spread the word because the lack of fangirling was embarrassing.

If you want to listen to a podcast with inside scoop on the show, check out So Dramatic – much tea is spilt.

How many girls will Locky pash before the Rona breaks up the party?



  1. I caught a bit of a promo the other day. Does that guy have a zipper tattooed on his neck? Because if that’s a zipper, I’m going to feel like judging him really hard for that :).

  2. Juliette couldn’t spell Locky’s name on her letter and got a rose.

    It’s $chlocky.

    Using MAFS inspired technique tonight.

  3. A whole episode just for one cocktail party?

    Good lord. Aren’t the Australian people suffering with enough disasters, at the moment?

    I feel like this was probably a shortened season — thanks to covid interrupting production — so I imagine the producers and editors are going to be doing some tricks to pad out the run time for the season.

  4. I also think Locky isn’t that good an actor, it will be pretty obvious who he likes and he won’t be a very good at hiding his feelings with the ones he doesn’t.

    • One minute Locky likes a burrito, the next butter chicken.The gels haven’t been great at hiding their breasts last night. I didn’t see Steph get much camera time, making me think she could make the finale , where Locky neary pulls a Honey Badger. Locky feels it’s okay to be in love with burritos and butter chicken.

  5. I’m not a fan of Locky, not even on Survivor. He is always too aware of his pecs.
    I know, I know, lots of men work very hard to have pecs and why shouldn’t they show them off but, with Locky, he seems one dimensional to me. A bit like, who was that Bachie who ended up choosing the bi girl?
    I can’t warm to him.

  6. I could only handle thirty minutes. Who went home, please?

    It was Kristitna who had the skimpiest top last night. looks a bit like Natalie Imbrugkia/ Sophia Loren. Flying too high for Locky

    • No rose ceremony. Because of the shutdown, Ch 10 have not enough footage for the series. They are just dragging on with the cocktail party. To be continued next week.

    • Yeah, I’ve been doing paperwork and some writing, with Bachelor on in the background, but I’ve lost all interest. The girls are all the fame-hungry Instagram-wannabe celebrities, and Locky’s an attractive but still fairly-dull bogan. At this point, I’m only following it to see what the covid shutdown eventually does. Given that Locky has been launching himself lips-first at every girl that crosses his path, I imagine the producers were quite concerned about the virus.

  7. I tried – I honestly did try to watch this show after avoiding the last two seasons but I could not finish the second episode. the contrived drama gets me and none of it makes sense. That meltdown by the woman with red hair who blamed it on her red hair was concerning – the hate she is going to get will be enormous and for what? Plus this issue of pitting women against each other is vomitous. Really? It’s not enough that rape is the usual Hollywood plot point in any movie but now we have to watch women acting vile towards each other on reality tv. Even if it is fake, encouraged or contrived it’s still presented as entertainment. It is vile.

    • There’s no other word for it, the whole thing has been getting viler, the last few years (while the Bachelors get duller and duller. Locky’s a nice enough human being, but he has the charisma of cold porridge).

      I’m only in this to see what covid does to the whole thing. It’s never happened before and the sheer novelty of that is making me curious to see how it unfurls.

  8. That woman who keeps referring to herself in the third person seriously needs to see a therapist. 🤪
    And if she is doing this to become insta-famous, she still needs to see a therapist.

    • They’ve edited it so oddly, this year. We start the episode with cocktail parties, and then we end the episode halfway through a date. It feels like they’re acknowledging that Locky, bless him, but Locky just isn’t all that interesting.

      Irena the nurse is still one of my favourite girls, and I liked her fencing date with Locky (fencing is a cool thing that I would totally do, on a date, like, that’s so cool), but the longer it went on, the more of “Locky’s sword” jokes we had to sit through, and it was just, no, guys. Just no.

  9. I started watching it then flicked over to Gogglebox then never flicked back.
    The bitchiness between the girls isn’t fun to watch anymore.

    • I actually paid attention when I was watching Gogglebox whereas with Bachie I was phone scrolling constantly. How cute is baby Malik!

      • baby Malik is super sweet!
        I feel that Gogglebox is the best of us (Australia) – when I see people so involved in an elephant pooh I feel uplifted. And then super sad.

      • Locky’s giving roses to gels that tell others to “go suck a dick!” Osher calls them “ladies” whilst on tv they talk like tradies.

        Locky’s wheels are falling off. No taste, not very choosy, dull. How many boxes does he tick?

        Hot Burrito gel gets little airtime. She needs to ramp up the crazy to get a look in. Kristina was a bitch but had Sophia Loren looks.

  10. I was thinking last night when they all go home and have zoom dates the bitchiness will be very different (if non existent) because they won’t be living together anymore.

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