Daisy’s Bold and the Beautiful recap – Jan 2019

(Over to Daisy – and thanks!)
New year greetings B&Bers. 2019 starts out in turmoil in B&B land, and everyone has returned from holiday coloured

a shade of orange. I am worried for Taylor, and not because she might go down for shooting Bill, but because she has been inappropriately oversharing with a creepy stranger. For a psychologist, she is not good at seeing the red flags. Flag 1. The man walks in and says, “Nice zip code”. Flag 2. His daughter does a worried double take. Flag 3. The man pumps you for the intimate details of your life. He mentions her “ground-breaking work in nature v nurture” Ha ha, when and where was that? Ancient Greece? She might need that gun again.
Skeletor and Zander have made a fresh beginning, but she might be going into damage control to protect her image from her Gold-digger Dad. Gold-digger is hitting on the wrong woman. Brooke probably has more money, and she and Ridge are on shaky romantic ground. It seems that 2019 might see a revival of Brill. How could you not want to form a union where the merging of your names = Brill.
It must be the San Andréas fault because the gloss has come off Eric and Quinn’s marriage, and they too are on shaky ground, although their demise is being wrought by the conniving Pamela, determined to wreak havoc on Quinn for pouring sour lemon on her wedding party. Will Donna be Mrs Honey Codger number 3 and 6? Or is that 7, or 8? Anyhow, the Codger is never single for long.
Stephie has kept her distance from Liam and Hope’s marital bubble. She has been focussed on her career and her doe-eyed daughter. (Her eyes are huge). If she does meander too close to the loved-up Care Bears, then Brooke is never far with her claws ready, to put Stephie back into her own territory. For sure Brooke hasn’t finished making it her personal mission to put Taylor through the wringer. I can’t say that I am hoping for a Stephie/Liam reunion. We need some fresh blood, and not Papa Skeletor.
Katy and Lurch have plodded along boringly, which might mean that they have already run themselves into a ditch. We’ll know if instead of the purple push-ups, Katy starts walking around the house in her comfy Bonds and a brunch coat.
We haven’t seen Maya or Rick. Perhaps they have gone to China to buy some twins from some desperate rural peasant. It will serve them right when the parents show up in 18 years time to mooch off the Forrester millions….or to get a less fortunate 16 year old sibling a job as a top model or fashion designer.
Speaking of designers, Sally Spectra has fallen into a dangerous abyss of boring sidekick. She might need to steal some more designs.
I am just about to watch episode 2 for 2019. I hope the scripts for 2019 are livelier and even crazier than 2018. Good luck to all the Forresters, Spencers and more importantly, good luck, best wishes and good health to readers. Selamat tinggal bacaan. That’s just me practicing my Indonesian. 🎉🎉🎉🎉



  1. Thanks, Juz for the post.
    I will add a pic of Hopeless doing her Annie get Your Gun scene. Or is it Taylor get Your Gun? She looks like she is being pleasured below.

      • 😂😂😂😂😂
        Whip-crack away, whip-crack away.


  2. I have to admit to sneaking some previews. Big things a ‘comin. I read at the supermarket that Thorne is leaving, so what thst means for Katie I dont know. I just don’t enjoy the show at the moment, it really needs something new. I tead on wiki that Sheila shot Taylor and that’s when Brooke moved on Ridge
    Somehow Taylor survived and disappeared. So much crap.

  3. I’m not peeking or even standing near an ajar door.

    My big rumour for you gice is that Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang.) is going to be on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. Heard it this morning.

    Hell, put the whole damn cast in there.

  4. Hard to see Brooke in the jungle! I wont watch the show except to see which D list celebrities go in. Cant bear to see the muck they eat

    • It’s been on all week. Oh, you missed scary Golddigger Daddy and Taylor on Monday. I think Taylor already has a stalker.
      Yes, Brooke is worried for Kelly. 😣

      • That’s like telling me the fish were biting here yesterday.

        I got a rundown at the Supermaket today. If they didn’t tell me , I would have missed it today.

        • Stephie threw a party that was a lot of fun. Not. But it was a good opportunity for Dr Hooks to get his hooks into Taylor. That was where I got some of the recap. He actually did say he had followed her “ground-breaking work in nature v nurture”. Who knew it was Taylor who came up with that? Next they will be attributing the discovery of penicillin to her. Never mind history. Don’t let that get in the way of a poorly thought out dialogue.

  5. Let’s play name the baby with Donna, Katie , Brooke and Hope. Zzzzz. The hate is turned on crazy Taylor. Liam’s hailed such a great human being for impregnating two women at once.

    Pops $keletor is schmoozing Taylor. He’s a sleazy gold digger. Hide your jewellery, Skeletor before Pops pockets it.Taylor visits her AA sponsor ‘cos she nearly had a drink. What’s the bet Pops $keletor gets her smashed?

    Everyone in LA but Steffy has joined the hate Taylor club. The faux concern for little Kelly’s safety is sickening.

  6. Gold-digger Dad almost had the hairs on the back of my neck standing up. Very creepy.
    Now that beings me to the need to address the image that anyone might have of my hairy neck. 😂😂😂

    • How was the silky way he handled the phone call from the no doubt anxious credit card company? Then Skeletor’s jewels casually lying around. He’ll wreak havoc in LA. He’ll try to run from Il Giardino’s without paying.

      • They should marry him off to Sheila. They would match each other in scariness. I wish you had seen Monday’s episode. Taylor was “singing like a canary”. She brought out her dirty laundry to Daddy Gold-digger like it was a laundromat at a brothel.

    • Pops would have trouble passing himself off as a designer in that shirt. I missed the detail.

      “You seem to have problems with relationships, Dad” Like everyone else on this show..

    • I love how Brooke can still purse her lips. Now try that one Stephie and Taylor.
      They can barely ‘duffel bag’ their lips.

  7. I love how Brooke continues to be the best secret-keeper in the world. She invites her whole entire living family to have a catch-up in the office (do some work already!!) and tell everybody that Taylor’s off her rocker.

    For a woman who spent 30 years bouncing between adulterous affairs, Brooke Logan really sucks at keeping secrets. Damn.

    • Now nosey Katy and Donna won’t rest until they prise it out of her. No doubt now it will be the guessing game, where Brooke can say, “I didn’t tell. They guessed”.

      • I thought Katie already knew who shot Bill. Katie couldn’t keep her mouth shut in a sandstorm.

        Anyone shooting Bill should get a Presidential Pardon.

        Kindly, concerned Dr Hooks will step up to protect Taylor. Dr Hooks Medicine $how.

        • Dr Hooks bathes in his own snake oil. Slimey.

          Katy might already know. But then that would mean, Lurch, Eric, Donna, Will, and Pam would know.

          • Dr Hook’s going to ask Taylor out before this eps over, I’m sure of it. He ‘s getting more “oversharing” from Taylor right now. He’s pledged to “alleviate her stress” not to mention her bank account.

            Another day of hating on Taylor. Brooke’s about to burst.

  8. Wow. Dr Hooks didn’t even need the dinner date. He’s given Taylor the kiss and look of desire she’s missed for so long. She’s fallen hard for Dr Hooks’ sleazy schtick. Calling a woman “beautiful” and “attractive” this way would get him a kick in the groin in most places thesedays.

    Brooke was gonna sing but Hope emptied the room before twenty questions started.

    Kelly is becoming like Rosemary’s Baby.

  9. Dr Hooks must be a proctologist. He has done nothing but probe since he met Taylor. He’s had his head so far up her rectum he can see her plumped lips.

    If anyone should be blabbing, maybe it should be Skeletor, warning Stephie. Taylor doesn’t need another excuse to get her pistols out. (You can tell that I cut my teeth on Carry on Movies and Benny Hill. Boom. Boom.

  10. Liam sure looked relaxed and at (second) home sprawled out on Stephie’s couch today. He really needs to keep a second set of clothes there…and perhaps a puppy.
    He was looking like he didn’t have anywhere else he needed to be.

    • Polygamy really agrees with his values. He really did look like the cat who’d got the cream relaxing in front of that touching portrait of Steffy and himself. Comfortable enough to shit all over Steffy’s mother while he was there. Remember when he was holed up in that seedy hotel room for yonks, barely surviving on vegan take away?

  11. Brooke scored a C on keeping quiet about Ridge colluding with Judge Pinoccio. She scored a B+ for shutting up and not going to the police about Ridge and Orange Lurch going iver to bash up Bill and pushing him over the balcony (if you watch Judge Judy, you would know they would go down for setting it off).
    But it seems Brooke is getting herself a fail on the matter of “who shot Bill?”.
    KKL is doing a good job of acting like she can’t wait to tell.

    • She’s playing bitch so well. I hate her. 😂😂😂😂 Then you see her clone KKL and she’s nice. 😂😂😂😂
      Some men might like to be spanked by the former and snog the latter. 😁😁😁
      Yikes! Do not google image that. No, I said “Do not”.

    • Didn’t you love it how she’s still judging Taylor because in the past, Taylor “always took the high-ground”?

      That’s because you spent 20 years trying to steal her husband, Brooke, you hypocritical hussy. Yeesh.

      I also loved Brooke’s concern at the fate of Steffi and Liam’s child. Brooke, you know as well as the rest of us do that if Liam and Steffi’s child had been a son, you’d be first in line to marry him, whenever he turned 18 (you know, in about 4 or 5 years).

      We haven’t heard from Will, in a while. Do you think he escaped LA?

  12. Leave LA or hook up with Dr.Hooks and his cosmic “fate” system? What will Ms “I’ll never blow my sobriety” do? How many eps till she’s drunk( It’ll be champagne) and in the sack with the free loading predator Dr Hooks?

    Liam wimps out again.

    Yes, Brooke is playing a great bitch. Today’s dress was a bit unflattering.

    • Wait, so Taylor’s a homicidal maniac, a plastic surgery addict, *and* a recovering alcoholic?

      This is what the Forrester family does to people! This family are a walking disaster area!

  13. I have a secret. It’s a good one. It’s really funny but you will never drag it out of me. Never. But it’s really good. 😏😏😏😏

    • “No one must know about this” ~ Everyone will know

      “I’ll never blow my sobriety ” ie Taylor’s ready to start drinking like a fish~ she already has the lips for it.

      “It was fate” ~ Dr Hooks is a sleazing, opprtunistic mooch for rich women

      “Dr Buckingham’s a real charmer” ~ He’s a gold digging cockroach.

      • And why does Forrester Creations only now get an intern?

        Seriously, I caught myself thinking, that intern shouldn’t be working in a fashion house, she needs a few years in acting school first. Too bitchy?

      • 😂😂😂😂😂 Fish lips. She’s taking the bait.

        Isn’t anyone going force my secret out of me? I need Dr Hooksto get his hooks into me. Or Katy and Donna.

        • Meet you for lunch at Il Giardino’s. I won’t tell anyone. Or you could leave a text message lying around for us to read.

          • Group email message? An ad in the LA Times? Hire a sky-writer? They’ve got options, here.

          • We can discuss it privately in the CEO’s office.

            My neighbour went to the doctor. Afterward, she was out having a lovely walk around the shops when she received a call from the doc’s office. The reception was speaking in a hushed voice and my neighbour asked her why. It turns out she had left her calling card. She had forgotten to put her undies back on and had breezed out of the doctor’s office and to the shops as though she was Madonna. She said, “I thought I was feeling a bit free”. 😂😂😂😂

  14. Episode begins with five minutes of utter tripe with Wyatt and Sally Spectra. She tells him that his approach isn’t “too cheesy”. Not much. Sally’s outfit is cheesy , however. Watching them roll up their yoga mats is so rivetting. Better than the dialogue. We get it, they work out.

    Taylor and strong, powerful Steffy have some one on one.

    • Oh oh. Steffy’s going to leave Kelly with Taylor, so she can off and be strong and powerful. This won’t end well….. because bitch Brooke is on her way over. You’d think Kelly could lay golden eggs.

  15. Wyatt and Sally have sex after their workout and that’s enough for them to confess their love for each other. Sally’s unhappy though that she’s a shit kicker at Forrester’s ~ the company she stole designs from..

    The last five minutes are gold. Cop the expressions on Liam and then Brooke when the heat is on and he plays his worn out befuddled weasel look. We again see how weak Liam is, then Brooke fails to muscle Taylor out of LA.

  16. I wonder, sometimes, if the writers have as much short-term memory loss as the characters seem to.

    Brooke heads over to Steffi’s place to talk to her about Taylor, but Steffi has gone out, and Brooke is shocked at Taylor left alone with baby Kelly, so she confronts Taylor about it! … um, guys? You did this exact same plot, like, two weeks ago. We’ve sat through this how many times, already?

    I felt a bit sorry for Liam, to be honest, when both Hope and Steffi were trying to play him off against each other. I was kinda hoping he’d tell them both to get stuffed.

    I gotta admit, Wyatt’s the most attractive member of the cast. I was almost jealous of that yoga mat …

  17. Just watching now. Thanks for preparing me, Windy and Dave. Liam is sticking up for Taylor because “she is making good choices”. Yeah and Grabby, over-eager Dr Hooks is one of them.

    Windsong, I won’t fight you for Downward Dawgie Wipes.
    Stephie to her mom, “You’re not dangerous”.

    Sally has ridden all the young Forrester and Spencer men, but then so did Ivy.

    • Far as i’m concerned , shooting Bill was a good choice. Not so Dr. Hooks. That ‘ll be toxic.

      I thought Sally only kissed Liam in that exploded Spectra building. Then he did Vegan exile in that shitty motel.

      If you get shots of Liam ‘s look under fire from Steffi and hope. Then Brooke’s shock when Taylor gives her some lip about not leaving LA and becoming a barnacle on Kelly. If it’s not too much trouble,daisy.

      • 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

        Woolif will definitely agree with you on Taylor’s target practice. He hates Bill.
        But Bill did leave the gates and doors open and the gun just sitting on the table. Who wouldn’t be tempted?

  18. Oh dear, I don’t think I can watch this much longer, but will read your comments.
    I’ve had a look at what’s coming up, and it’s awful.so I may just stick with reading here what’s happening. I think the writers are sick and Brooke is a major bitch.

    • Sara, I think we realized that Brooke is a bitch who puts herself first when she was sleeping with her daughter’s (Brigitte’s) husband (Deacon). Hope is the result of a very unsavoury affair.
      But see, it spoils it to peek ahead into the Forrester future. 😂😂😂😂 I hope we can compensate for your pain. 🤕🤕🤕🤕

  19. Hope and Brooke bring the Taylor hate again. Liam has to try and mediate. Family values ,mm. Hope gets on her high horse about her unborn brat.

    Even Bill gets his ears bashed by Brooke. He can see what a controlling bitch he’s obsessed with.

    More Sally/Wyatt tenderness. Sick.

    Hope and Liam will be on the rocks soon. Hope turns into a real bitch, threatens to become a single supermum like Steffy.

    • Hope a supermum? 😂😂😂😂 Only with her mother poking a stick up her dress. She is mummy’s puppet.
      I still haven’t recovered from her lying to herself about going over to Liam every 5 minutes to help his marriage by reminding him what garbage Stephie is and what an angel, a pure angel she is by comparison. She couldn’t have seduced him any harder had she gone over wearing a nun’s habit (an off the shoulder habit with the lingerie line underneath- “ooops my habit just slipped”) 😇😚😚😚

      • Yep,wholesome Hope threatened to become a single mum because her unborn daughter can’t be left alone with Taylor ,who should be in prison, she says. Accuses Steffi of trying to lure Lothario Liam back and suggests to Liam to start choosing now. Heavy handed. Bet Liam wishes he was back alone in that seedy motel now, with some stale vegan vittles to eat.

  20. So Brooke, who’s run out of people to whine to about Taylor, goes back to Bill. It was funny. When she told him that she was upset about the Taylor situation, Bill rolled his eyes and looked away for a second. Note to the writing team: if even the characters are tired of dealing with this crap, maybe you need a holiday.

    Wyatt continues to be the most attractive member of the Spencer clan. Sure, that’s a hell of a bell-curve, but he’s got twice the charm of Liam and his hair isn’t unnaturally jet-black like Bill (possibly soot from where Bill hangs upside down at night?). As for Liam, is it me, or does Liam just look confused all the time? It’s like, he’s always thinking about a joke where he doesn’t quite understand the punchline.

    • Liam rolled his eyes at Hope, too.

      The mother/daughter relentless hate Taylor campaign is wearing thin on the Spencers, who’ve, let’s face it, seen it all. Getting blown up , shot at and punched by relatives and exes is just part of life in LA.

      Here’s an idea , Steffie~ fire Hope.

    • Bill must have been thinking about how glad Brooke was that he didn’t press charges against 1. Ridge and the judge, and 2 Ridge and Lurch for coming into his home to intimidate/accost him.
      A woman’s sex appeal plummets when she becomes an hypocrytical shrew….unless she is wearing leather lingerie and wants to spank you.

      Which reminds me….I accidentally discovered “Brooke Logan” was a porn star. It will take a week for that image to go out of my eyes. Beware what you google.

      • You realise, of course, Googling “Brooke Logan” (like I’m the only man who’s ever done that) is exactly what I’m about to go and do.

        Interestingly enough, Brooke’s actress’s real-life son actually made an appearance at a gay porn studio, but I don’t think he made a career out of it, it was a one-and-done thing.

  21. I am ‘background-watching Vikings. Lots of slaughter, scheming, inappropriate relationships and revenge. Kind of like the Forresters and the Spencers. I’m surprised that their Christmas get- togethers aren’t more lively.
    Really, they should have at least one person getting sloshed and blurting out family secrets and toe snuggling the person sitting opposite.

  22. Skeletor and Zander give an acting Masterclass til the first ad break. Not bold. Not beautiful. Pitiful.

  23. Hope lays on more Taylor hate and says the two daughters won’t be close with lush Taylor around and she makes a hasty exit. Just for a change , Liam looks confused. Shoulda kept it in your pants. One big happy family ain’t gonna happen.On this show?

    Brooke’s still burning Bill’s ear off about you know who. Bill’s thoughts turn to his loins.

    Zander promises to save Skeletor from Dr Hooks’ ruining her cred. Sparks fly between Liam and Steffy again. Hope lost that one.

    • Stephie didn’t have to say a word. Hope was digging her own grave and nailing down her own coffin. All Stephie had to do was watch Hopeless bury herself by creating unnecessary drama.

  24. Hope whines to peeved Brooke, while Liam and Steffi spend quality time getting teary and cooing about little Kelly. Liam even offers to help fold some baby gear. Getting along like a house on fire. Steffy gets a couple of digs about Hope in. All in front of the Liam /Steffy portrait.

  25. Stephie has the big ammo; a beautiful baby with GIANT blue eyes. Hope only has her whining , emotional blackmail, high horse and her rear guard; Brooke.

    Little Emma……pardon me……big Emma is back. All parties in Zander’s love tripod are behaving graciously atm.

    • Speaking of big ammo, check out Taylor’s tight sweater today. Dr. Hooks won’t be able to resist.

      I had a non fan visitor today. Thanks for the fill ins.

  26. Brooke’s so whiny and irritating that I cannot even begin to imagine how she’s had so many suitors, over the years. At this point, I’d be giving Taylor a handgun and a bottle of scotch. All I’m saying.

    I like to imagine they get to five o’clock, at Forrester Creations, everybody signs off for the day, goes home, eats, showers and sleeps, then comes to work the next morning and continues with the exact same conversation they were all just having.

    Meanwhile, why is Doctor Hooks broke? I mean, he’s the new ob/gyn doctor for the Forrester clan. This man should have Scrooge McDuck levels of wealth, giant pits of money, that sort of thing!

    • “Meanwhile, why is Doctor Hooks broke? ”

      Palimony, child support, malpractice suits. My best guesses. I’ll bet his medical credentials are murky.

      • 😂
        But why hasn’t he made heaps of money as a tv sellout? You know advertizing botox, or having his own tv doctor show helping disfunctional patients.

    • Yes, they are pressing all of Taylor’s buttons and pulling all her triggers. She might go on a killing rampage, and little Kelly will be as safe as houses. Even houses on a precarious cliff top.

  27. Brooke throwing Taylor’s “pattern of behaviour” line in Liam’s face should make him nervous given that she has slept with her daughter’s husband before.
    Also, what about Ridge’s pattern of behaviour.
    And Dr Hooks can have so many nicknames; Gold DiggerDaddy and now, it seems he likes schoolgirls, so maybe just The Lech. I hope his ‘sessions’ are on video, and I don’t mean for his viewing pleasure. Dr CreepyCrawly. Dr Gary Glitter.

  28. Hmmm, Dr Hooks claimed to have only “opened Taylor’s door gently”. Another door at Forresters that isn’t kept locked.
    And by every door, there is always that bit of shrubbery to hide in.

  29. Hope couldn’t wait for the first excuse to blow up the “one happy family” scheme. She was always going to have a problem. She thinks she holds all the power.

    Ooooooo. Dr CreepyCrawly is creeping around ready to burst through another door. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Now he’s Taylor’s Saviour. Why is he even allowed to wonder around Forrester HO?

  30. Hope gets nauseous looking at the Liam and Steffy’s golden portrait.

    Dr Hooks can talk the leg off a chair. He’s got Taylor’s back.

    • All the right words, Dr Hooks. He’s got Taylor’s back….but he really wants the front.

      Maya needs to focus on her own personal life instead of poking her nose between Zander and Zoe. Only we commentators are allowed to interfere.

  31. Dr Hooks talks his way to lunch with Taylor at Il Giardino’s. He then hits Taylor with a hurricane of flattery. They pig out on the bread basket.

    Rick and Maya have broken up. She’s back in LA. Boo hoo.

    Hope tries to bar Taylor from Xmas at Eric’s. OMG, what a bitch.

    Dr Hooks digs for financial details of Taylor’s life.

    • I get it why he went for/suggested the bread rolls now. It’s free.

      “Taylor, I seem to have left my wallet back at the office”

    • And he wants Taylor to know that he “admires and respects” her. He said that while he was looking at her chest, so maybe he only respects one part of her? Well, two parts.

      This guy is probably on an FBI watch list.

  32. So, on today’s episode of Rich Americans With Boundary Issues …

    Maya’s back in town! Literally, within thirty seconds, she’s telling off her cousin for the girl he’s dating. Damn, girlfriend.

    Maya’s also back with a shocking revelation. Telling Brooke that Maya and Rick (her son with Eric? It’s hard to follow this) are getting a divorce because their marriage has fallen apart, Brooke is stunned and horrified … because the concept of a marriage breaking down is completely new and shocking. To Brooke.

    Funniest moment of the episode? Doctor Hooks stepping between Taylor and Brooke, and saying, “I don’t know about the backstory here…” Oh my gosh, Doctor Hooks. How much time do you have? Good thing he doesn’t seem to have any patients, I mean, we’re gonna be here a while.

    • 😂😂😂😂😂 Brooke being shocked.

      Every time she is mortified at Taylor’s pattern of behaviour I want to climb into the tv and slap her. I actually tried it but I bumped into Taylor’s boobs.

      Hope is being as gracious as Mrs Mangles from Neighbours and Dot from East Enders. I would tell her to grow up but she is already behaving like an 80 year old.

      I am just watching Taylor and Dr Hooks at lunch. They didn’t order butter because he is already greasing her up. Oh here we go, “Again with wanting her to “open up”. What? The buttons? The legs? Or the wallet?

      • No such thing as a free lunch, except for Dr Hooks.

        Wanting her to “open up” Classic Bachelorspeak.

        “The buttons? The legs? Or the wallet?” I think it’ll be in that order ,before Dr Hooks tells Taylor about a “unique investment opportunity”, perhaps even a charity.(Him)

        I see today a real like Dr Hooks was arrested having charmed $400,000 from women online.

      • “I actually tried it but I bumped into Taylor’s boobs.”

        They could probably demolish a small building. Were you injured? 😉

  33. Dr Hooks barging into Ridge and Stephie’s office to give Brooke a dressing down was laughable.
    Next we will see him give Taylor a dressing down. 😉

  34. Dr Hooks is in the opening credits now. He’s all over Taylor at lunch.

    The boring Avants have turned up to feed on the carcass of Maya’s marriage.

    Hope still wants to ban Taylor at Xmas. What a shame to miss the snorefest at Eric’s.

      • Good lord. Given what these people get up to the other 11 months of the year, I’m pretty sure you could blow up the moon or invade Uzbekistan or something, and they’d still want you to turn up for Christmas.

  35. Maya’s going to couch surf at Brooke’s. Brooke assures that Ridge won’t mind.

    Inspirational Dr Hooks has triumphed over adversity so many times. He pledges to help Taylor and Steffy against Brooke any way he can. Taylor’s buying into his awful pitch. She’ll buy lunch, too. He’s stuck like a barnacle to her.

    • Why couldn’t it have been Rick instead of Maya who returned to the nest.Maya is going to make sure she stays close to the money.

      • Oh no,Brooke wouldn’t have the mother of her grand daughter staying in a hotel. Maya’s still got Lizzy at the sitters. Once family, always family gibbers Brooke.

        Rick’s found someone else in Paris, so Maya’s back to mooch.

        • I can only hope that Rick found a “strong independent woman”, and not a moocher who is top model material, with a family of moochers.
          It’s amazing how many top models fall in their laps. (And you can take that sentence anyway you like).

  36. The nosey Avants pry into Maya’s marriage breakdown.

    Hope, Liam and Steffy have an argument in front of the Xmas decor. Steffy tells them she’s going to adopt a child. Liam is befuddled. As usual.

  37. Watch Dr Hooks eyes light up like a Xmas tree when Taylor tells him she’s “financially independent”. He can’t spit out “let me help you” quickly enough and grasps her withered hands.

    Taylor gives him a rundown of her family tree. Meantime, we find out nothing about the gold digging.doctor. He’s triumphed over adversity and he’s here to help. No one’s eavesdropping at Il Giardino’s today.

    He leans over and ki$$es Taylor (probably rummaging through her handbag whilst doing so. Taylor feels so comfortable with him. It’s mutual. She’s enamoured of the conniving cockroach.

    • I need to go wash just watching Dr Hooks to get the slime off. Poor Taylor can’t smell a rat nor see a red flag. Dr Hooks is laying his honey trap and Taylor is lapping it up. His only good use has been annoying Brooke.

  38. Trivia: In my teens, I had a sweater like Taylor is wearing. Don’t ask me to compare the boobs.

    Didn’t Nicole and Zende break up too?

    Dr Hooks is having fish for lunch and Taylor is getting octopus.

  39. After insisting on paying,guess what, Dr Hooks’ credit card is declined. He pays with small bills and then he bolts from Il Giardino’s when he sees a creditor/thug approaching. He’s on the run.

  40. Steffi and Liam stare longingly at the moon from the loneliness of their respective rooms. Liam is slowly realising Hope is a controlling bunny boiler. The tirade of Taylor hate never ends.

    Both Steffi and Hope have interfering mothers who’ve convinced them Liam is some kind of catch.

  41. Taylor will soon find what a leech he is. If she is going to wind up shouting lunch at Il Gees, she could find a toyboy.

    • I reckon Dr Hooks will try to lure Taylor into some crazy adoption scheme, since she asked his advice..

  42. Oh my gosh, Liam. Will you just strap on a pair of functioning testicles for once in your life and stand up to your controlling wife? Or did Steffi get those in the divorce?

    Meanwhile, Taylor’s still trying to helplessly emote at her daughter (with a face that wouldn’t move in gale force winds), while Doctor Hooks has a dodgy credit card and some dark-clothed pursuer chasing him. We know the pursuer is a villain, because he’s wearing a kitschy black beret (in last year’s style. Gasp!).

    As an aside, when Taylor was demanding that Steffi attend the Forrester Christmas, did it sound like a threat or a punishment, as opposed to a family get-together?

  43. Great write-ups guys. Dr Hooks has Taylor on the line. He is reeling her in too fast, but she hasn’t noticed.
    WTF does Hope think she is doing? Liam can’t be with Kelly if Taylor is there. Damn cheek. Her kid usn’t even born. And why is Liam agreeing to it?

    Oh yeah, Liam, stare at the moon, and be with your spoilt shrew. But remember; “cha ha cha”.

  44. Xmas at Eric’s. Bridget turns up. We find out that RJ is in Europe with Rick. Maya’s hiding something. Hope jealous. Big deal, scene stealer

    The awful speeches have started.

  45. You’ll be truly blessed to sit through this episode, folks.

    Please Taylor, make a late minute entrance with Dr Hooks in tow. The place is full of freeloaders anyway.

  46. Different xmas format, but still bad
    How come zoe and beau get invited, and yes RJ with Rick. Lizzie must hve sleeping sickness as she’s upstairs again.. she must be due for college by now

  47. Please Hope, ban me from the Christmas party. BTW, don’t Eric and Quinn get to do the guest list? No wait….according to Pam, it’s only Eric’s house….and Stephanie snr.
    Notice Hope zoomed in to claim little Lizzie for playdates baby “Beth”. Maya should know that if Lizzie plays with Kellie, she will be banned from contact with “Beth”. Kellie will have Taylor germs.

  48. It’s hard to determine which is the greatest evil presence in LA this time of year. Doctor Hooks and his wandering hands? Taylor’s plastic surgeon? No, it’s the forced cavity-inducing sweetness of a Forrester family Christmas, where everybody puts on super-revealing cocktail outfits (my gosh, Katie) and spends the day smiling cheerfully and lovingly at each other … despite all the awful things they’ve all spent the past 364 days doing to, at, and with, one another.

    And the worst part of all these people under the same roof is trying to figure out who’s related to who, and how! When Hope announced that she’d be naming her daughter after “grannie”, I was just like, who? Half of the women in that room could fit that role.

    And Ridge announced that he was “feeling something”? Either he was standing too close to Eric (who Quinn would have to be mainlining Viagra into) or it was just indigestion. Go with it, Ridge.

  49. OMG they did an MKR, “Cherrrrlleee, the oven isn’t on!!!”. What a boring party. Zander and Zoe get so bored, they start having sex in the lounge room.
    Everyone has forgiven everyone for everything, except Taylor.
    Quinn is wearing wallpaper from a Kalgoorlie brothel. Cherrlleee is wearing a Scottish picnic blanket. Yes Windsong, there are more udders out than at the local dairy. And the mooching Avants all scored an invite, but not Taylor who has slept with at least two of the men there, and therefore has earned the right.

    Bloody Eric talks about inclusiveness, but doesn’t ask after Taylor.

    OMG, they read from the Bible. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 They must follow all the bad parts of the Old Testament.

    • “Zander and Zoe get so bored, they start having sex in the lounge room.”

      Well, it is a Forrester get-together. I guess that’s par for the course, really.

      “Yes Windsong, there are more udders out than at the local dairy.”

      Every time Katie bent forward, I held my breath in abject terror.

      “…but not Taylor who has slept with at least two of the men there.”

      That we know of.

  50. And another thing, how dare that bunch of hypocrites read and quote the bible. Between them they have broken all or most of the ten commandments.

    • I tild you Sara, they are doing the bits such as where Judah (I think it was) slept with a prostitute, and Leah crept into Isaac’s tent when he had just married Rachel. It’s all a matter of making it work for you. 😂

  51. I missed today’s episode. I was watching an Agatha Christie movie on cable, and I had to know the solution to the mystery. It’s almost satisfying to realise that the killer was, indeed, the very last person I would’ve suspected.

    But the movie was about a big messed-up family who all hated each other because of affairs, resentment, jealousy, a gold-digging wife, unchild-like behaviour in the children, failed business ventures, giant piles of money and sinister love triangles. So it was basically like spending half an hour with the Forresters anyway.

  52. Dr Hooks has a $200, 000 debt to someone in Vegas.Heavies after him for it.

    Hope tries to isolate Liam by planning a pathetic holiday somewhere. It’s called a “babymoon”

  53. Most of the Forresters probably got lingerie for Christmas. Little Emma is playing the, “I’m glad you’re with Zoe”, game.

  54. Baby Kelly gets a fever , so Steffy rings Liam and it looks like this will scupper the babymoon in Catalina because Liam staying at the Docs’. Hope pretends everything is apples and gets ready for flying alone to a miserable time.

    Dr Hooks looks to have a serious gambling problem even though he “crushes it” when he’s in Vegas.. He promises his shady creditor to get some money back in a week. I guess Taylor will be coughing up for that.

    Zander tells Skeletor that he was serious about her the whole time. Skeletor knows her father is gold digger looking for a “sugar mama”

    • Is there any flight those two idiots aren’t on? I think, by now, nearly every Forrester and Spencer has been traumatized by sharing at least some part of their travels with them. And how was Hope telling them, “I just have to make this call but I’ll be back”. Why Hope? You had already had your polite conversation.
      As for Zander and Zoe, the couple whose names you cannot blend, why is she telling him all about her Dad? They were lovers, and lived together. They even bought a cat. Surely he would be familiar with the bloodsucker.
      Throwing in a bit of travel trivia; Hope is 8 months pregnant. Are you even allowed to fly in a helicopter at 8 months. And what about the trip home when she’s 8 months and a week.

      That debt collector wasn’t much with the thumb screws. Brooke Sheilds playing Rita Glosner in The Middle was scarier. No really. She wouldn’t even stop at throwing dog poop on your lawn.

      • “As for Zander and Zoe, the couple whose names you cannot blend…”

        Zonder? Zanzoe? No, it doesn’t leave you with much to work with, does it?

        I don’t really understand the threats from the evil debt collector. So you kill the person with the outstanding debt … how does that get your money back?

        • The not scary debt collector looked more like he was threatening to pinch the hairs on his arm.
          BTW, what sort of shabby joint is Il Giordino’s that it lets in thugs in leather caps, to hide in bushes and accost their diners. Not so swish afterall, Il Gees.

  55. The weather has turned bad so Liam ‘s flight to Catalina is delayed. Hope’s already there , twiddling her thumbs. She’ll probably have the baby now. In gale force wind Crapalina.

    Ridge and Brooke are all loved up today. although they are “at work”.Still,the Liam / Hope issue is bubbling under the surface.

    Wouldn’t mind one of those Forrester Creations coffee cups.

    • Hope’s twiddling her thumbs. Ridge and Brooke are twiddling something else? I look forward to it.
      Is Hope still being stalked by the airline predators. Or just being storked?

      • Yep, and the predators got Liam , as well. He promised them a tour of Forrester Creations.

        Ridge has some sick New Year resolutions that he’s prioritising Brooke in his life.

        • You beat me to it, Dave. I’m not up to there yet, but I was watching the Cannisters one intrusive behaviour away from the Forrester Christmas party.
          I did just see Brooke ask Ridge, “Is that a lemon bar in your pocket….?
          Can’t they have sex at home. Maybe they take their work home.

  56. Liam’s befuddled look comes out when he’s told the chopper won’t be leaving. Start swimming, Liam. I knew it. Hope’s having contractions. I must be psychic….but I don’t believe in that shit.

    Liam is going to risk his weasel arse to get there. Will he make it? All because of Kelly’s cold.

    • Liam is going to have his work cut out for him if he runs over for every sniffle. Some kids have a perpetual candlestick.

  57. Was there a reason we had to spend half the episode watching Brooke and Ridge fornicating in the Forrester Creations office? Damn it, people, do some work already! “Pam, hold my calls for the next hour. I’m going to be holding something else.” Although now I’m picturing Pam needing a three-hour power-point presentation to explain the concept to her.

    And notice how nobody ever travels anywhere? Characters just walk out a door, and they’ve suddenly arrived in a room they’re supposed to be in. I imagine some kind of off-camera teleportation is used, y’know, like horror movie villains.

    Also, like Dave pointed out, from the look of utter bafflement on Liam’s face for most of the episode, did he just not understand what “grounded” means, in the context of air travel?

  58. Brooke’s sage words, “Whatever happens is meant to be, and it will work out exactly as it’s meant to”. Yes, that’s why she worked so hard to interfere.
    Anyhow, she sounds like a flat-earther. I know a flat-earther who thinks you can get in all of life’s abundance, including money by just absorbing it somehow. She will eventually discover that the only one absorbing the abundance is the cult leader.

    “Anyways”, back to Hope and Liam. I would be begging to get on that helicopter just to escape that intrusive couple.

  59. 😂😂😂😂😂 Here we go, Hope is letting Liam share her agony through the phone line. “Phoo hoo hah, phoo hoo hah”. So Liam skipped the birth of his daughter to attend a cold”.

    • How awfully contrived that Doctor Hooks just happened to be there, and there doesn’t seem to be any other medical personnel on the whole darn island? A quick Google tells me that Catalina Island has one hospital, but the island’s population is 4000 or so, so that seems awfully small.

  60. Was it me, or was Doctor Hooks hitting on Hope even as she was in labour?

    Damn man, have some standards, for goodness sake.

  61. Hope falls into a sweating coma, while Dr Hooks looks in befuddlement at the vital signs machines lighting up like Xmas tree. Dr Hooks does bugger all except tell Hope to ” breathe”.

    He’s already received a threatening text re Skeletor’s safety for the $ 200000

    Liam’s on his way in Bill’s chopper which is bound to crash in these awful winds.

  62. Meanwhile, in the Catalina clinic, Hope continues to give birth as if she’s suffering from a migraine in slow motion.

    Catalina is only an hour away from Los Angeles by boat. You’re telling me, with all the squillions of dollars between Spencer and the Forresters, that none of them owns a speedboat or could hire one in a hurry? I mean, with all the time they’re wasting trying to wrangle up a helicopter, they’d probably be there already.

    Oh, and when Doctor Hooks was telling Hope that he’s “delivered” heaps of babies, was he talking about actually helping his patients give birth to them … or was he actually delivering them to his creditors? This got dark in a hurry.

    I also laughed at Doctor Hooks’ timing. When’s the best time to make an anguished, emotional phone-call to your estranged daughter? When there’s a baby halfway out of one of your patients. Just hang on for a second, Hope, he’ll be with you soon. Geez.

  63. Wouldn’t it have been more sensible for Bill to fly a top obstetrician to Catalina than his useless son. And some police.

  64. In hindsight…..when Dr (bwah aaa aaa aaah) Hooks sent the previous woman home from the hospital with a sad farewell, no one collected her. She just went off like she was leaving the employment office empty handed.

    Hope might want to count her organs.

  65. Liam doesn’t make it in time. Hope was in a coma for the whole procedure. Dr Hooks part in it is pretty nebulous.

    Beth Avalon Spencer.(cringe). They’re on Catalina but needs to be on Actalina.

  66. Liam crawls up Hope’s arse. It’s pitiful work.

    It was all sugar coating the fact Beth has gone missing, crook or worse

  67. It was obvious from the second that Liam walked into the room that something had gone wrong, but watching them drag out the reveal (poor Beth didn’t make it) was painfully frustrating.

    I too am questioning Doctor Buckingham’s competency, at this point.

    • Doc has replaced the baby Beth with a fake cadaver and is preparing the infant for adoption? (For Steffy/Taylor?) Am I warm, Sara? What is Dr Fuckingham up to? He can sell a baby on the net for $200,000? Problem solvered.

      • Plus, it’s one of those magical Forrester/Logan babies, who reach adulthood in about half an hour, and wind up fantastically beautiful and wealthy.

      • You are warmer than a weekend in sunny Catalina. 🌞🌞🌞🌞

        I am surprised no one has smelled a rat on Mr, “nice address Stephie, no ‘scuse me while I blatantly target your mum”.

        Poor Zoe in the midst of this. How will she ever show her skeletor face around town.

        I still can’t get over the way Dr Hooks threw that poor mum out into the Catalina hurricane after she had just given birth and lost a child. Brutal. That devil has no conscience. Perhaps Taylor should shoot him.

    • At this point Sara, I admit that a week or ago I went on B&B fb so I know what you know. But I will never go there again.

  68. Not to make light of anyone’s powers of prediction, but I think Stevie Wonder would be able to read the writing on this wall. Right now, the show is writing itself.

  69. Y’all are going to be needing tissues today…..for the appalling acting you’re about to see. Hope and Liam .

    The beard makes Dr Hooks look even more sinister, if that’s possible.Iis Beth going to be sacrificed in some Satan worshipping cult?.

    Word for the day is “Why?”

    • I thought the most nauseating part was Buckingham’s apology to Liam. He couldn’t have sounded less emotional or interested if he tried.

      • Wait, no, I got up to the makeshift seance at the end. What in the name of Versace was that? I was kinda hoping the roof would cave in out of sheer spite.

  70. They’ve had some villains before but Hooks takes the cake…….and the lemon bars……and credit card numbers. Poor Zoe is going to have to be Ghandi and Ma Theresa to be unfowled by her family connection.

  71. I hope farting-in the jungle Brooke doesn’t ruin our image of Queen Glamourous Villain Brooke.
    Her contraband will be lemon bars. I wonder what her special take-in will be.

  72. Mainly grieving for Beth today.
    Dr Hooks is beating himself up for his terrible antinatal care. The trauma of it all is dogging him. As is the debt collector. Taylor explains to Stephie what happened to Beth, and says what a good man Doctor Forceps is. Hmmmm.

    • I missed it today, I was down in the city visiting with some friends for the Australia Day public holiday. Glad I didn’t miss much. I’ll catch it tomorrow.

  73. That was not the greatest half hour of my life. I was wishing I was in heaven with the little angels. Roomful of gloom. Dr Hooks is Wayne Brady from Let’s Make A Deal.

  74. It’s nice that Wyatt and Sally put on some clothes and stopped humping like horny minks long enough to attend Beth’s memorial. That was sweet of them.

    Is it me or do Zoe and Xander seem to live in that shadowy fitting room in the Forrester Creations head office? Do they have homes to go to? I mean, they’ve got furniture and running water (you can’t tell me that half the offices at FC don’t have beds in them for the late night occasional rendezvous), and they’ve always got fresh clothes to change into. I’ve wondered about that.

    Meanwhile, you just know that Forrester Creations debuted a new all-black line of sophisticated memorial wear the day after, those jerks.

    • Yes, aside from the steamy steam room, Forresters have a double bed in the lingerie department. Remember Brooke showing Bill lingerie at Forrester awhile back. There must be other beds but they might be a bit crusty. Take your chances.

      • Ewwww.

        Forget the fashion industry. The Forresters really should own shares in a bedding company. Lord knows, they’d always be super-knowledgeable about their products.

  75. So another day of mourning at the Forresters. Enemies hugved enemies like it was a Christmas special. Quinn and Pam were civil. Taylor reached out to a receptive Hope, and Brooke and Taylor buried the hatchett, and not in each others’ backs.
    Dr Forceps, the failed gynecologist, wants to see Taylor urgently.
    I didn’t see lemon bars, but maybe they would be inappropriate at a wake.
    Stephie was noble and didn’t say, “Well I guess you got your way and your daughter won’t be playing with my daughter afterall. No, Stephie was truly sad. So sad, her lips blew up.

  76. So when Doctor Hooks tells Taylor he wants to show her something special and leaves the room … you know, my first thought was that he was about to emerge again naked. The doctor is *in*, ladies and gentlemen.

    Did not expect him to show up carrying a newborn baby (!). I mean, c’mon Taylor, this is certainly something that warrants a bit of thought.

  77. Firstly, never invite Ridge to a funeral. Bill and Brooke are grieving for a dead grandchild and Ridge wants to thrash out grazing rights.
    Secondly….wauh ha ha. And Doctor Hooks has a beautiful, newborn foundling. What are the odds. Yes, Taylor. Get off your meds long enough to realize you can’t show up at Stephie’s and offer her a newborn with an, “How’s our luck!”
    This surely can’t take long for the dots to be joined.

  78. Okay, the whole “Doctor Hooks suddenly has a newborn baby” situation is getting stinkier and stinkier, and I don’t think the stench is just from the baby’s nappy. Look at the evil look he and Florence shared, right at the end of the scene. You’re in the room with them, Taylor, put two and two together already!

    Also, the line where he actually stated to Taylor how the baby was, “a little piece of hope”, I was like, oh c’mon writers. Don’t telegraph like that, it takes all the fun out of it for the rest of us.

    Having said all that … did Doctor Hooks kidnap Liam and Hope’s baby, and now he’s going to sell them back their own baby, to pay off his $200K gambling debt? My gosh man, there’s soap opera shenanigans, and then there’s outright comic book supervillainy. Geez. Although I give him points for audacity.

  79. February has been sent in. Anyone else think the Florence story is doubtful?
    Even if it’s true, a doctor who delivers and sells babies? Another doctor who agrees to buy a baby from the internet?

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