• I don’t think Josh and Austin are the best ones to comment on other contestants’ behavior. They aren’t exactly takers of the high road themselves.

      Josh saying Piper’s reputation is ruined now is probably because of his outlook as a born-again Christian. Hey Josh, it’s not 1950; a woman can have a sexual relationship with someone and not have to wear a scarlet letter forever after. As for one of the horrid women from last season having to deal with fallout from the show, I don’t care. Whatever editing might have gone on, she is a nasty piece of work who threatened other people. She made her bed, she can frigging well lie in it.

    • I do think there’s a lovely kind of irony here, though.

      Channel 7 specifically head-hunted these guys to get them on the show because they’re obnoxious and out-spoken … and not once did channel 7 think that the boys would turn against *them*. Whoops!

  1. It looked like Pete and many were holding hands in the back seat of the car, as they exceeded the speed limit in suburban backstreets

  2. Apparently Manu loved Victor’s main, but there were “a couple of pisses” in the dish that he couldn’t deal with.

    I should think not.

  3. I know who the Grand Finalists are….but a gentleman never tells. So I haven’t voted in the poll.

    Ch 7 don’t run a very tight ship.It’s been sunk by loose lips.

  4. I guess we could have a “Who Can’t Win MKR” poll. I’ll vote in that. I love the polls, mind you never say “yes” when those Gallup bastards ring up.It takes forever.

  5. Again Ibby and Romel are pond scum…. what pigs.. how would they feel if the table continually plied them to admit their relationship. Obviously Ibby doesn’t want to publicly come out for fear of being disowned by his family.

    No successful young resterauntuer is spending time with a fake older man in the modelling business.

  6. Oh FFS. Can we forget who’s bonking whom and get on with the actual cooking – and I’m looking at you Channel 7.

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