Amazing Race AU final week

Tonight is the final episode and is held on home turf in the NT. The winners split $250,000.
Who do you think will win? Will Beau lose his voice due to his excited shouting? Will there be another season?



  1. I have to say much as I LOVE TAR, I haven’t watched last weeks or this weeks episodes… This season, unlike previous Au seasons, just isn;t up there with the US version, and after lsat nights controversy, not really concerned with who wins.

  2. Not watching and don’t care who ….”wins”. I would not have minded T&T losing, by fair means…but a vote that does them in. Unacceptable. We’ve been robbed.

  3. I know it ultimately doesn’t matter much, but I still like to think that by not watching tonight, I’m making some kind of a statement.

    You can’t ask your audience to be invested in a competition, and then grossly manipulate that competition through obnoxious and contrived production stunts (to knock out the front-runners and make the show more tense, or otherwise achieve a shocking swerve and some fake drama, in a show that should be dramatic enough by its very concept), and expect your audience to stay invested.

    Academically, I would be interested in knowing how the show rates, tonight, but I doubt they’d release the numbers.

    • If people on the official FB site are anything to go by…they r***ted themselves. Anyone winning now will have a hollow victory, knowing that had they been the real winners, they would have been voted out by the coat tail riders. I would be embarrassed to “win” like that, knowing, I wasn’t really the best.

      What’s next? Leading into the footy grandfinals, remaining teams can vote a league out?

      • I guessed the winner couldn’t care less as they won the money.

        I didn’t watch and I have never boycotted a finale before. Just not right. Might as well tell Usain Bolt he need to turn back at the 20m mark to the start line and race to the finishing line. Boo….

    • The ratings numbers should be on TV Tonight for all fta shows in the morning. The ratings could do a U turn.

    • I liked them, but lost interest. The show had no winner and the viewers are the losers.

      When can we see the ratings?

    • It should be pointed out that Tom and Tyler consistently beat those two, in almost every other leg that they ran.

      And they probably would’ve beaten them tonight, too. Congratulations to the Newlyweds for coming in second but being given the prize money anyway by the producers.

      Yep, I’m still a little mad.

      And now that I think about it … the Indigenous Couple always believed the Newlyweds weren’t as big a threat, as the Footy Boys, and that’s why they ignored the Newlyweds to U-turn the Footy Boys … and the team they ignored went on to beat them, and take the prize money. I want to say there’s almost a hint of irony in there.

      • πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ I’m still mad. I feel Tom and Tyler were ripped off but so we’re viewers. It wasn’t that they didn’t win. It was the disgusting way producers introduced a vote. I still say, the one last week was aimed at T&T and when it went against the NW, the producers called a non elimination, then pulled it off a second time.
        Nope. They will never be forgiven.

        • That is exactly how I feel Daisy. I could cope with them being beaten by the other players. I couldn’t cope with them being beaten by the producers.

    • We decided to do a last minute splurge on Cirque du Soleil instead of watching TV. I feel like Windsong, I get that my protest not watching is pointless, but I felt I needed to.
      In other news, Cirque du Soleil was fantastic and way more enjoyable than watching the box.

  4. Well, I must have been the only person in Aus to watch it, controversy aside, it was a great episode, the NT in all its finest and I hope one day I can visit there…I am happy the Newlyweds won it and I had pegged them from week 3 to win. Sure T&T would have probably nailed it also but I don’t think it was the contestants who had any say in their demise…
    Probably won’t watch another season of this as it really didn’t follow any basic script of the TAR US version which I love.
    Roll on All Stars Survivor…..

    • No, I watched it too. I’m not someone to boycott a show because my favourite star left or voted off/eliminated. I’ve been invested for a few weeks & want to see the end & who wins.

  5. Rating is out. 620K and 739K for the finishing line. Mon episode was 611K.

    Normally finale should be higher.

  6. I watched. I couldn’t not, after investing so heavily in the rest of the season. But it was soured for me, and in terms of Finales in general, the episode was quite ..meh.

    All the teams led at some stage. There was a weird hiccup when one of the skydive planes decided it was too turbulent to jump, and put the team back on the ground. The conspiracy theorist in me wondered if the jump just wasn’t safe for that team, as I have wondered about adjustments or extra help throughout the race. However, it seems that they must have halted the other two teams, until Viv and Joey got back to where they would have been if they had jumped.

    The challenges were OK. Not too easy at least. They rushed through the pitstop part so it all ended without much crescendo.

    And, of course, I didn’t really care anymore, which is sad because I had been very keen on one of the teams.

    I will give the show a second chance, but they will have to show very quickly that they have mended their ways. The first sign of shenanigans and I will be gone.

    • I was mad that I stopped caring. But I just couldn’t bring myself to tune in.

      Australian Survivor annoyed the hell out of me, this year, because of the swarm of morons that was this year’s cast. House Rules was such a slogfest where a team won just because one of the judges liked them, and the host was so dissatisfied with the overall show that she quit. The Bachelor and his girlfriend barely lasted longer than the show’s finale, and all my hopes for a great season of TAR went out the window when the producers decided they didn’t want Tom and Tyler to win because that would be too easy (although I think there was some pretty serious alarm bells blaring earlier).

      Maybe it’s just me, but Australian produced TV this year has been … quite lacking. Certainly, there’s been a couple of gems, but overall? I don’t think we came out ahead.

  7. …and then I watched One Born Every Minute. Oh dear, that episode made me ashamed of whinging about a competition show, and in the end I was blindsided by grief.

    Be warned, if you haven’t watched and still plan to.

    • We recorded One Born Every Minute because we thought it might be heart warming to watch later. . . is there a problem with the twins? The trailer made it look a bit worrying.

      • While I am in awe at the courage and resilience shown by some of the people involved, I wouldn’t describe this episode as heartwarming, Brussell.

        There were some happy parts. As Fijane found, this one puts everything into perspective.

      • I don’t want to “spoil” it. They did publish a warning at the start, which I noticed at the time was odd because it said “some viewers might find this distressing”. But every week there is a warning about the show containing medical scenes so I didn’t really twig that it would be different.

        It was especially hard for me, as I have personal experience as well.

        I think the only thing I can say is that some poor people just have tragedy upon tragedy heaped on them, and you can only say that life just sucks sometimes.

        As a PS, the episode also has lovely joyous results, too.

  8. It was less about boycott for me, and more that I didn’t want to watch. I knew it would taste sour as Fijane aptly puts it, and it would have annoyed me to see two teams who got there with there, not all on their own merits but with many legs up from T&T, and now I might even suggest, from the producers.
    Notice in the second last episode how they show the NT couple stuck in traffic for 40 minutes but “voilΓ ” they still beat the actual winners.
    Na. Fool me once, shame on you……

  9. On FB, posters were complaining about the number of times Ms NT said, “We didn’t leave our child at home, to not win”.
    So that brings me to ask, is she now saying it was all a waste of time to go on the show?

      • The only reason I’d check out the FB site again, is if they did a live Q-and-A session with Mr and Mrs NT, and I had the opportunity to ask Jasmin, “So you U-turned the Footy Boys because you didn’t want them to win, and claim the prize money. How’d that work out for you?”

        But I don’t want to be *too* bitchy.

        • πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺ

          Exactly. I don’t hold it against them too much. We live in a rtv culture where it doesn’t matter how you play, it’s whether or not you win. Honour and integrity have no place on an rtv race. Unless you’re one of those high horsers with self-proclaimed integrity and you wear your halo while lying through your teeth, then bitch about anyone who dares do the same. Of course, Survivor has paved the way for that. Unfortunately for us, this year over-lapped with Survivor, with players writing down the names of their biggest threat. Hence you are left with goats.
          The NW were the only team left deserving to win. I’ll repeat; if it wasn’t for TnT, the minis would still be on the beach sorting fish.

          Oh, and didn’t NT girl whinge about the Influencers not playing nice?

    • I find the Doing it for my Child card pretty annoying actually – and I say this as a fond parent who only wishes well for their children! (I even went on ‘who wants to be a millionaire’ when my daughter was a baby to get some paid maternity leave, lol).
      I mean, honestly J&J – are you telling me you had no actual FUN ditching the little kid and having some alone time with your husband in a few exotic locales? There was no enjoyment in travelling to interesting parts of the world and doing some wacky challenges? COME ON.

      This is my rant about reality contestants, not just TAR ones. Why is spending money on your child somehow more noble than spending it on an endless supply of mai tais or indulging your cavalier king charles spaniel or making your life one long ski trip? who cares?

      Why do reality show contestants feel the need to tug out their children to make their win seem more worthy??? If you win the cash, spend it however you like and it’s your call. The particular whine for me is the MKR fertility winners who are back on or screens thinking they might like to get some more cash for another child. Why is this seen as a more sympathetic story and more likely to get the cash? Far out – let people have a dream that may be different than your own petty little life. If you want to go off and study native iguanas in the Galapagos or hike the Camino – have at it. Even if you want to sit on your sofa and read books for a year (a personal dream) and not deal with idiots at work – go for it. Make that your story and stuff making it sound inspirational.

      Phew. End of rant.

      • Like. Like. Like.

        But I suppose those with uninteresting plans for the money may be winnowed out by the producers. Backstory will always win over someone who can actually compete.

        I think I found my new dream in life – sorry, pinching yours – a year just reading books. Heaven.

  10. How ridiculous was that stupid dog challenge? Two teams bloody dogs wouldn’t do what they wanted. The third team rocks up, picks a dog & he does it straight away. That last challenge was so close. It could have been anybody’s. I didn’t notice if the Influencers were there. She took a restraining order out against him.

  11. I am bitter and twisted.
    I not only boycotted the finale but when the winners came on the Project, I changed the station.
    One of my many exceptional talents is my ability to hold a grudge, or to remember alternative facts.

    • Someone I used to know online (I’m hesitant to say “friend”, because he really was a jerk) once said, “If a grudge is worth having? Then it’s worth keeping”.

      I see the philosophical wisdom, in that. I don’t hold grudges, at least, not many. But if someone hurts you so much that you do hold a grudge, then yeah, it’s probably a good idea to remember why, so you avoid them utterly in the future. Anywho.

      • Re the grudge, the problem is when the grudge makes you whinge repeatedly in front of your loved ones, and eventually they tell you that it is only a show, and you should get over it!

        Character-building, that is.

    • I did the same! I just walked away when they were on The Project. To say they have been U Turn before. But in that U Turn, there were 2 more tasks to complete before the pit stop.

      • LP. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
        They Aus TAR invented this vote out. It has never been used before. Thus the furore. Why would anyone follow a show through only to have this done to the winners. Or anyone.

  12. Bobi and WS…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I did boycott, but it was to spare myself the annoyance of watching.
    WS, I used to go to church, so it was all “forgive, forgive, forgive”. Which I now see as very unhealthy. Now it’s, “move on, walk away”.

  13. Race Across the World is on nine at 8.30 tonight. It might be worth a look

    Right now I am enjoying May King Cole on NITV.

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