Bold chat Feb/March

By Daisy

Just when we thought it was going to be a never ending cycle of Thomas, Hope and Douglas, and their lost cause of “shared parenting”, at last B&B switches plot. Not completely. We still have soppy, mournful Flo, waiting in the wings for Flubber to return to her. Katy has called an intervention; a gratitude and forgiveness intervention. Katy, tycoon Bill, mini-tycoon Will, Justin and Donna have gathered in Bill’s office, when in walks Floppy Flo, with her one kidney (together with Katy, they have the set), followed by Lard Boyfriend, Flubber. Katy wins out, and everyone is just happy to have Katy alive, that they now all believe the best of Flo, except Bill, who looks like he is keeping his doubts to himself.
Flubber, you love rat…..

The real action is over at Eric’s where Brooke has called upon all her charms to woo Eric into immediately disposing of his wife and her trashy friend from the casino. Quinn turns electric blue and fumes as she watches Brooke make her demands. She runs straight to $hauna the $hagger, who has once again been reminding Rasper that she is just a friend who will do anything…ANYTHING, for him. $hauna tries to assure Quinn that her marriage to Eric is rock solid. In the meantime Eric heads of to confront Ridge, while Brooke stays behind to find her phone. In walks Quinn, followed by $hauna and the rage is unleashed. Insults are hurled. Brooke with steaming eyes, slaps $hauna. Shocked, $hauna goes down. Then Brooke turns her attention on Quinn. Quinn slaps Brooke. “Be very afraid”, warns Quinn. (She’s no stranger to evil). He he he. The only thing that could have completed this would have been shirts ripped, buttons popping, and cleavage escaping. 🀣

So will the sparks continue to fly between Quinn and Brooke? Will we see Quinn’s portrait thrown into the shed? Will Brooke and Eric meet at Il Giodino’s to discuss Brooke’s predicament? Will Ridge and $hauna meet at Il Giordino’s to discuss their friendship again? Will Douglas grow up to marry Hope? Will young tycoon Will grow up to crush them all? Will Sally finally get with the only man in the show who suits her;Bill? Together they could make a super evil empire. Will Floppy Flo steal another baby for a cool $50 000? Or will she make Storm proud? It all remains to be seen.



  1. Update.
    Sally rejects Flubber’s offer of a dumping.
    Flo is ready to move in. So I guess that will be a threesome; the way they like it on B&B.

    Flo has her toe wedged in the door. Now that it’s firmly there, she is wriggling her way to full reinstatement as sweet cousin Flo.

    Quinn is taking off her fancy gloves to prepare for some seriously ugly stoushing. Quinn and $hauna laugh, “Bwah ah……”.

    Brooke enlists Katy’s support, telling her that Quinn hit her. Mmmm. That story seems to be missing a detail. Brooke declares war on Quinn and $hauna, while $hauna and Quinn are already sharpening their knives.

    Brooke was so outraged about $hauna’s poaching, that she forgot that Katy has no reason to sympathize with her husband poaching sister.

    It’s nice to have a break from Thomas and Hope.

  2. “The only thing that could have completed this would have been shirts ripped, buttons popping, and cleavage escaping.”

    I’m not sure Eric’s heart would’ve survived that, to be honest.

  3. Flo tells Sally it’s time to move on from Wyatt. Sally eventually starts getting ill. Wyatt will find it hard to dump her if she’s crook. Maybe not.

    Fake tanned, bikini Steffy has her hooters on display, dropping hints to Liam how great it is having him around. Just like a family.

    The roach lends a fake shoulder for Hope to cry on about things going pear shaped with Liam. Saint Hope just couldn’t abandon baby roach….but she still wants lame Liam back.

    Steffy gets the guilts and decides she’ll blab to Liam about the roach being master of puppets for the kiss on the cliff. That’ll scuttle the roach.Curtain.

    • Steffy’s tummy was so brown, so rock hard and so ripped that it looked like a fake, latex stomach. And once again a Forrester takes tooooo long to spit out their confession. No surprise that it wouldn’t come out….yet.

      I’m loving $hauna getting the Manolos Blahnik Boot. Bye bye Leech. Go get a job flashing your boobs at bikini. “It’s best for our family”. Oh no, Quinn. This is all Brooke’s fault.

      Kelly had a good cry yesterday. If she was afraid of the sea, she had that whole treacherous cliff climb to get over it.

      So is Sally sick or pregnant? And as usual Bill wants Steffy in and Hope out, yet he wants Flo in and Sally out. The last one makes no sense. Flubber doesn’t have much choice but I think a sparky, red-headed design thief beats an, “I feel terrible”, but not enough to do anything about it, perpetually forlorn baby thief.

      • “And as usual Bill wants Steffy in and Hope out, yet he wants Flo in and Sally out.”

        Except for that one time when *he* wanted to be in Steffy, but everybody seems to have forgotten about that.

  4. $hauna gets the boot from the guest house, Someting about respecting Brooke and Ridge’s unhappy marriage.

    The roach barges in just as Steffy is going to blurt to Liam about the kiss.

    Little Douglas guilt trips Hope about being abandoned, like with his last Mommy.

  5. When my 84 yr old mum behaves badly, I call her Brooke.
    (Taken in the early 60s) She is still this woman on the inside.

  6. They’re all playing true confessions at Forrester’s. If Quinn was serious about fighting for her marriage, she would take Eric on another jaunt to Florida and let him lose himself in those blue eyes.
    IAlrhough it would be more like her to take him there and push him in with the alligators and take his fortune.

    • Would the alligators even want him? I mean, they’re blood-thirsty predators, but — unlike most of the predators on Bold — those alligators have standards.

  7. Another roach free day. No Hope, no Douglas. No Groundhogs. Better than Thanksgiving or Xmas.

    More of Brooke mentally unravelling as she gives it to Quinn in front of the portrait. Yesterday closed with Quinn eyeing off the alcohol on the cupboard. Today Brooke has someone new to hate on ~ the Wyatt/ Flo romance. The acting between Quinn and Brooke is good. We don’t often get to say this.

    Ridge tries to explain away his “friendship” with Shauna to Steffy. Wyatt is getting guilty about dumping Sally , who’s at the hospital with some faceless doctor. Of course, Katie just happens to be drifting past Sally’s waiting room . The prying and nosying begins.

    Quinn’s getting awful sick of Brooke’s rant and foul language, so she quietly gets some presumably Vodka and dumps it Brooke’s fruit juice. Curtain. Brooke’s a recovering alcoholic, nice move, Quinn.

    • I don’t know, I thought it was a bit lacklustre. If the Logan girls don’t like you, they throw you off something. Onto the sand, into a vat of acid, the details change but the general plan is the same. Spiking Brooke’s drink? Surely Quinn could’ve come up with something better than that.

      • I see your point. Yet since Eric shuns violence in his incredible mansion, Quinn couldn’t be as …bold.

  8. Steffy has $hauna pegged.

    I wish they would use the doctor from 30 Rock. That guy is funny.

    Katy is a magnet nose for juicy scandals. She was the one lurking to find out that Caroline was pregnant, but not so much to Ridge. Does, Sally have something serious? Ask Katy.

    Malificent is about to release her full powers. Don’t poke the spider, Brooke. I wonder if Brooke will get a dui. Brooke might win this round. Oooh. Nice earrings, Malificent.

  9. Eric, apparently, “hates coming home to fight club in the living room.”

    The girls who wrestle in an inflatable-pool full of jello, in the garage, every Friday? Eric doesn’t mind those.

    • Eric doesn’t seem to realize that Fight Club is all about his money.

      That Vodka is beginning to hit the spot.

  10. Eric pretends to not like girl fights but has surrounded himself with ladies who hate each other, and married a woman wiho has a bag of whips.
    Dr Phil would call him an enabler.

    • “Eric pretends to not like girl fights but has surrounded himself with ladies who hate each other, and married a woman wiho has a bag of whips.”

      And *that’s* what this show needs more of.

    • Thomas, the murderer got bent out of shape over Quinn spiking someone’s drink. Remember the roach organizing Liam to have a disco biscuit in his drink so he’d sleep with Steffy? Double standards and the roach are one.

      These folks is crazy..

      I fell asleep during today’s offering. Thanks for the snaps,daisy.

    • “Thomas always shows up in time to intervene.”

      Doesn’t he, though? It’s like he has secret microphones planted in every room in the building.

      Oh my gosh, he has secret microphones planted in every room in the building!

  11. The roach is perving at Hope again. He tells Hope she’s the only one and then takes Zoe to a cheap diner. Carter tried to hit on Zoe earlier.

    Liam and Steffy are kissing again. Nobody appears to be watching this time. Curtain.

    • “Carter tried to hit on Zoe earlier.”

      There’s this weird subtext of, “They’re both black, so obviously they’ll fall in love” to this pairing. I have to say, bad form, writers. You’re better than this. Oh, wait, no, you’re not.

  12. Oh my Gawd. Hope must have the IQ of an amoeba. The Roach can put any scheme past her. It’s like someone threw some magic dust over her to make her a pretty but gullible fool.

  13. Wyatt and Katie both declare that they don’t mean to pry to Sally, but they go right on in and do it. Sally’s test results are imminent. She’ll have something to suck Wyatt in.

    Sally tells Katie not to tell anyone about her health status. We know what happens next. Blab City.

    $hauna and Quinn celebrate Flo and Wyatt and start the gossip train.

    Sally flashes back to Flubber’s proposal. Katie’s hanging around Sally like a vulture.

    • A slightly more youthful Wipes had a bit-part on Miami Vice last night. It was a chase scene. He couldn’t manage that now.
      He had a few words to say. He had to act like a nervous stooge.

  14. Dr Schlock is about to tell Sally her results and…….Curtain. It’ll be something rare we don’t know the name of.

    Roach free day. Again Sally asks Katie not to tell anyone, sealing her fate.

  15. They told Sally, and Katy knows. We know it’s really serious and fatal but they aren’t telling us. The doctor said Sally needs a plan.

    Sally said no one but the three of them in the doctor’s room can know about it. It looks like viewers have to use their own medical expertise and make their own diagnosis.

    Meanwhile, Quinn, $hauna and Flo ambitiously talk marriage plans. Flo is such a decent girl. She feels offal for Sally. It always helps when you feel offal. It even absolves you from stealing a newborn and letting it’s mother think it’s dead.

    Katy said Bill is rich enough to fund Sally a cure. Katy suggests blabbing to everyone about Sally’s fatal illness. Sally doesn’t want any pity.

    • “We know it’s really serious and fatal but they aren’t telling us. The doctor said Sally needs a plan.”

      It’s one of those amazing soap opera illnesses, where she’s perfectly fine (apart from occasional dizzy spells) for a month, but on day 32, she’ll suddenly keel over. Like, there’s been no attempt of follow-up care, no thought of pallative care or anyting, nothing. Nope. “Sorry, you’ve got four weeks,” and turfed out the door.

      Terrible disease. Bad Writing-itis.

    • She probably married their husband at some point, or something. You know, on one of those quiet months when there were zero Spencer or Forrester men free.

  16. Hope shows why she wasn’t top of the class and why all the girls at school used to punk her so easily.
    Hope, there a spider on your chest. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Hope, there’s a spider on your chest.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Again, Hope there’s a spider on your chest. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    It gets her every time. ,😝😝😝

  17. Wardrobe malfunction day. Dynasty’s Crystal Carrington meets Little House on the Prairie’s Laura Ingles.

  18. Katie tries to justify blabbing about Sally in Bill’s office. Resistance is useless because Wyatt knocks on the door and Katie holds out for about thirty seconds. Now Wyatt will tell Quinn, Quinn will tell Shauna and Il Giordino’s and Bikini’s will be ablaze with the news.. Katie grimly tells Wyatt he’s got one month before Sally goes to Boot Hill. Might as well put it on Facebook, Katie.

    Meantime, the roach has organized a bogus surprise party for Zoe. He gives her some expensive ear rings. Douglas sees Daddy kissing Skeletor and holds on to Hope like a barnacle. Hope won’t abandon the little brat Vinny counsels the roach on child abuse. .Win for the roach.


    • And once again, we’re back to Vinny the drug dealer thinking that Thomas is crossing the line. Gosh, weren’t we stuck on this exact same plot for, like, six months, last year?

      I almost hope whatever Sally has is contagious and she takes out half the cast.

  19. It would be nice if Katie wouldn’t blab. Anyway, Flubber’s off to see Sally. Ten bucks says he goes to pieces. All your damage, Katy. Flubber fishes for info from the gal he just dumped.

    The roach is playing Hope like a violin. Hope’s made from wood. She’s butting in about Skeletor getting access to Douglas. Ridge and Brooke still fight like cat and dog over the roach. Brooke went to an AA meeting thanks to Quinn. Ridge doesn’t care and intimates that he can always root $hauna. Uneasy truce as they kiss.

    The roach says he’s not a monk and starts messing with Hope’s tiny mind. Hope rounds on him for messing with Douglas’s head. Curtain.

    • When Flubs finds out Katy only has a month to live, he will have to shuttle her back to the front of the fiancΓ©e queue, and put Flo back into a holding pattern. Flo will have to be noble and accept that, although the two old witchy godmothers will have a lot to say about that.

      • That’s how I’m reading it. Backburner Flo. A month might be a bit of a stretch for Flubber to commit to Sally , however. He’ll try to fake it, for Sally’s sake, until the funeral.

        Sally will know Katie’s blabbed because people will be nice to her. Quinn was still a bitch to her today. Flubber knows. Mom will smell it.

        • Funeral??? No way. According to formula, Sally will get cured, but by then it will be too late for Back burner Flo, because Sal might have a baby Flubber…or Flubbette.

          I will have to watch it tomorrow because tonight we have that Darryl Braithwaite on the Beach concert. Oh well…I like the beach.

  20. I was just watching an old episode of “Friends” and I saw Quinn’s actress there as a one-episode love interest for Ross.

  21. Flubber’s busting to tell Flo about Sally. Soon $hauna will know. Katie butts into Sally’s life and tries to be a cheerleader for her. Katie is toxic and her damage is done. Katie makes it all about Katie’s kidney.

    Flo fishes for info from cryptic Flubber. The cellos howl as Flubber finally gets to the point and says Sally’s dying.

    Hope thinks the Roach /Skeletor kiss was real. Dumb.

    Liam tries to threaten the roach. Be very frightened.

  22. We go to the curtain with a verbal pissing contest between the roach and Liam. Liam says he sees the roach for real. Hands off Hope. No Emmy nominations for Liam any day soon.

    Katie bullies Sally to be a survivor and fight. Just what she needs. Sally wants privacy. Fat chance with Katie your self appointed life coach

  23. Slower than you think. Flo and $hauna engage in their favourite pastime; sitting on the couch and discussing their sex lives.

  24. Flubber feels bad that he’s dumped a dying person. Katie bullies Sally some more. Sally again asks for discretion but alas, the grim news is spreading like Coronavirus…only faster. Katie looks guilty, she sang like a canary.

    Ridge and Brooke fighting again. Ridge thinks the roach’s shit doesn’t stink. Moved on and all that jazz. Getting away with murder is all, Rasper.

    Zoe, Roach , Liam and Hope face off. Talk about awkward. Pitifully acted.

    Flubber tries to cry and fails. Ad break.

    Katie tries to justify ruining Sally’s last few days. Katie suggests telling Flubber. He already knows Katie canyon mouth.

  25. Roach declares how much Skeletor means to him and pulls the Caroline sob story out. Hope and Liam watch like stunned mullet.

  26. Brooke catches the roach eavesdropping on her and Ridge fighting from an ajar door. Hope twists the knife into Liam about kissing Steffy. Hey, what has become of Hope’s kid btw? It looks like the net closes around the roach, but these fools are awful dumb. Last ad break.

    Flo says she won’t get jealous over Flubber’s crusade for his ex. We know what that means,

  27. Hope chews Liam out over the Steffy kiss and suggests he’s obsessed. Liam pleads not to let the roach get to her. She twitches her nose like a bunny wabbit. Another winning day for the rampaging roach. Curtain

  28. Douglas calls Hope “Mommy” so many times, the deal is almost sealed. Liam tries hard to talk his way around the kiss that tore his family apart.

    Douglas is calling all the shots now.

    Vinny the dealer goes Dr.Phil on the roach’s child abuse again. Thomas don’t care.

    • Ridge ,the enabler in denial . Equine and wilderness therapy required. Meet Coach Mike.

      “The best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour ” Rasper. Your son has left a trail of misery, murder and child abuse in LA.

    • If only Steffy would cough up about the roach choreographed kiss, it might help break the roach’s vice like grip on LA. Within days of Skeletor’s surprise party, there’s another honour Zoe function slapped together. Some double agent Skeletor turned out to be, working for Liam and Steffy.

      • Rasper croaked his way through that scene while we waited for Steffy to blab. She should confide in…..Katy. 🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺

    • What’s up with her hair today? Forrester stylist out with corona virus? Or did she just drive through a wind tunnel on her way to work this morning?

  29. It’s Steffy night.

    (I’ll be having a little holiday at Siesta Park in Vasse from tomorrow, so not sure about posting for a couple of weeks).

  30. Quinn steals the show with a fantastic hairstyle.

    Roach throws a party for his beloved Skeletor. It’s filled with forgivers, believers , haters and deniers. No Shauna, Donna. It’s a dull affair.

    Liam is made to look like a dunce (not difficult) by being a roach party pooper. Ridge and Brooke fighting over the whole charade,

    It culminates with the roach falling to his knees and producing a wedding rock. All bunged on for the emotional abuse ofHope and Douglas. He proposes to gobsmacked Skeletor, before she can answer, the curtain falls. Zoe will accept

    • I know he’s a Forrester, but he’s literally been on two dates with her, and their alleged romance has lasted about a week and a half … and he’s proposing? In front of the whole business?


      How the hell these people became so rich with so few brain cells between them is anybody’s guess.

  31. Well Hope is so vacuous she.makes Liam look like a C student. Why hasn’t Forrester Creations been run into a ditch?

    Zoe is a fool too. I might have B&B where I am going.

    • Yep, neighbour confirmed Zoe accepted roach proposal. Apparently Ridge and Eric are curious about roach’s motives. They’re so smart. Zoe can smell the dollars.

  32. In the wake of the impromptu engagement party, little Douglas’s mind is real torn up. There’s “Mommy in heaven” , “Mommy Hope” and now “Mommy Zoe”. Three’s a crowd for the sulky little brat.

    The party dies and there’s a lot of champagne to polish off.Brooke throws the book at Zoe for being duped. Disapproving looks from Eric , Quinn and Ridge. Brooke and Ridge fight once again over the roach’s intentions. Black kettle Brooke doesn’t approve of hasty engagements…..unless it’s to her.

    Vinnie the drug dealer is now a marriage counselor. , so the roach hangs up on him and prepares a rose strewn bed of seduction for Skeletor. In the next room , Momma Hope has read the little roach a bedtime story. Soon the sound of foreplay comes through the surprisingly thin walls of the Forrester mansion. Little brat has been in Hope’s ear to marry the roach.

    Hope’s soon bursting into the room with Zoe and Roach almost at it. Hope gives a pious lecture before the roach starts gaslighting her and massaging insanity into her tiny brain . It’s working. Curtain.

    • “Soon the sound of foreplay comes through the surprisingly thin walls of the Forrester mansion.”

      Yeah, given all the fornication that takes places in these rooms, it’s really surprising to know how thin the walls in that mansion are. How has anyone ever gotten a good night sleep there?

  33. Yew. Soon little Douglas will know for exactly how babies are born…..and every position.

  34. Sally again asks Katie not to blab, but it’s way too late. Katie’s interfering again, ruining what’s left of Sally’s life. Everyone’s being super nice to Sally, ie Bill. crawls up her arse.. Except Ridge and Steffy , who shit can Sally’s unworthy of Forrester designs. The Rasper’s unsympathetic . Flo and Wyatt kiss, in between feeling sorry for Sally. The whole town knows. Ad break.

    The showdown is cancelled

    Flubber is touted as the great comforter in Sally’s hour of need.

  35. Steffy trashes the showdown because Sally’s designs aren’t making it. They lack the Forrester touch. Rasper wants to fire dead Sally, who’s being flattered by Flubber. Flo eavesdrops from a you know what.

    Sleazy Baby napper Flo escapes via a back door after smooching Flub, cos Sally turns up to see Wyatt. Insincere Flub tells an unimpressed Sally he missed her. Thank heaven for an ad break. Roach free zone today.

    • Yeah, coz Sally would like to waste her now last 26 days on a fake boyfriend when she could be on a train from Paris to Moscow.

      • Those weird soap opera diseases, eh? We don’t even know what she has (beyond mild hand-shakes), but we know it’s gonna kill her in exactly 26 days. And keeping it a secret is a brilliant plan, because clearly, nobody’s going to notice when – in 25 days time – she shows up to work on death’s door.

        • Speaking of diseases; I caught up with a friend from Yallingup today, and just in case they had Corona down there (well not “down there” but in the south) we practiced the new handshake; clap your feet together. It worked quite well. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Then we hugged (dangerously).

  36. Next, megaphone mouth Katie blabs to Ridge and Steffy who were gunning to sack Sally. You can’t sack her, Katie tells the dumbarse CEO’s.

    Wyatt buries himself in platitudes talking to Sally. Flo hears it all and knows she’s getting played. Soon Sally will realize Flub’s jiving her. Curtain.

  37. Thanks to Katy’s Daily Planet column, Sally will soon have a fake boyfriend AND a fake job.

    • Flo must be ruing donating offal to ” I don’t know if I should be aying this…..but” blabbermouth Katie..

    • At this point, Katy might as well have put an ad in the LA newspapers.

      Of course, they’re telegraphing this a little bit, aren’t they? Sally doesn’t actually die, in a month’s time, which means Wyatt is stuck in a relationship with Sally that he doesn’t want to be in, and has to break her heart and run back to Flo for a *third* time.

      Maybe the disease won’t kill Sally, but someone’s gonna wind up with a knife between the shoulder-blades before the end of this.

      • Just go with me here;
        Sally gets pregnant so Flo and Flubber (whose names btw meld to Flobber), still can’t be together but have to continue to meet in secret for Sally’s sake. But unbeknownst to to anyone bar Sally and Bill (and soon, Katy, then everyone), Bill also has mercy sex with Sally, so when the little one is born, and before it is packed off to university, there has to be a DNA test. The result is close…..but it’s neither. Turns out Bill has a twin brother. An evil one…who only pretended the sex was for mercy. It seems Flo had googled him and called him in to take Sally away from Flobber.

        • And then Flo kidnaps the baby and sells it to Steffy. Because you gotta stick with what you know, guys.

  38. Katie ” I didn’t want to intrude ~ but…..” Katie knows she screwed up blabbing but tries to justify it, saying Sally needs St Flubber, “the only person she’ll open up to”. Katie’s ruining lives.

    Flo eavesdrops some more to Flubber flip flopping to Sally. He lays it on thick.

  39. Sally turns up to Ridge and Steffy to get sacked but since Katie has blabbed, Sally is going to be treated with kid gloves. Only the other year, Sally stole millions of dollars worth of priceless, genre defining Forrester designs. All water under the bridge.

    Katie’s in damage control, trying to keep Sally from realizing what Megamouth has done. Everyone’s being so nice to Sally, the penny must drop that a two legged rat has blown her cover and privacy..

  40. Flubber and Flo = Flobber but if he goes with Sally you have Slobber.
    Forrester rule…it’s always water under the Ridge. Boom. Boom.

  41. Sally doesn’t want pity. Her privacy is shot to pieces. everyone but her knows the secret’s out.

    So Ridge and Steffy put her designs in the FC couture line and let her keep her job. Katie’s at an ajar door, soaking it up.

    Flubber invites Sally to move back in with him. He lays it on so thick but Sally listens, no rat odour registering yet. Flubber descends to begging and appalling flatteries. Compassionate baby stealer Flo is fine with this, in fact, she encourages the temporary shack up..


    • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Thanks, Dave. That’s hilarious. By now blabber mouth Katy should be known all over town. Other big sticky beaks and blabber mouths are Brooke, Pam and Charlie, although Pam and Charlie can usually keeps secrets better than a Logan sister.

  42. Sally wonders why Flubber is gung ho about shacking up and wisely she doesn’t believe Flobber is over. Katie praises Flo for being the meat in this sandwich of sorrow. Flo’s got a big heart, Katie blurts. Ad break.

    Bill tells Flo she shouldn’t let Flo and Sally move in. Bill reminds Flo about baby stealing. He can’t “light some incense and move on”. Same here, Dollar Bill.

    Wyatt lies , lies and more lies to Sally. He’s a lying bully. Don’t buy it, Sally.

    • Flubber’s weasel act isn’t over. I meant Wyatt and Sally move in in the previous post. (Flo and Sally in a lesbian shack up for one month would still work, I guess.)

      Looks like no roach action today. Flo loves Flubber even more for his ghoulish charade. Dumbarse Flubber wonders why Sally didn’t buy his pack of badly acted lies.

      Sally goes to talk to loudmouth. Katie plays dumb and Sally asks if she’s blabbed. Of course, ad break here. Ten bucks says Katie lies.

  43. You bet Katie lies her arse off. In fact , all the main characters in this terminal illness “secret” have made speeches to justify the emotional abuse of Sally. Katie tells Sally “she should be happy”……ffs Sally’s on death’s door and all these mothers are playing her. Wyatt is the biggest bastard in this, along with Katie.

    Katie urges Sally to take up the insane Flubber offer. What a help Katie is.


  44. Sally: “Please don’t tell anyone. No one can know, ESPECIALLY Wyatt”.
    Katy: “It’s your decision”.

    Best line, Bill saying that Katy will fix everything.

    This whole “Sally has a month to live” melodrama is classic soap.

    Btw, Flo might be wondering what other life threatening or fatal conditions that she will have to make major sacrifices for. Yes, pretty horrible really what Flobber are doing to Sally given that they are still on behind her back. Pretty sure she wouldn’t be pleased, especially as she is proud.

    I watched today’s but thanks to Dave and Windsong, I didn’t need to go back and watch the last week’s ++. πŸ₯°

  45. Katie keeps lying to Sally about blabbing. Flubber agonizes about the whole mess with Flo an Bill. Pitiful work from Katie and Flubber. Killing Sally with kindness and blabbing her worst fear. First ad break,

  46. Katie’s bullying and go to Flubber exhortations continues to the next ad break. Frankly , Sally’s better off dead than having to put up with Katie’s meddling and platitudes. Flubber’s on his way to massage more bullshit into Sally’s head. He and Flo have a very cold kiss. This ain’t gonna work. Katie feels terrible lying. Yeah, right.

    Flubber flashbacks to bonking Sally then goes to lie some more to her. Reptile. Sally believes the lies …..and buys the offer

  47. Five minutes to go, what could go wrong? Not a roach in sight again.

    Flubber keeps digging a bigger hole for himself with glowing Sally. Mr Insincerity. Tears, smooches and curtain. Taking care of business.

    • Flubber asks Sally if she has any particularly special memories of their times together; planning her funeral service.

      She could note the times he dropped her for Flo.

      Sally finds ways to lie with a clear conscience. Flo goes to Forrester to talk with Katy about ‘poor’ Sally (who wants no one feeling sorry for her) behind her back.

    • I’ve only seen the last minute today.

      Little Douglas pleads ” Make it stop, Mommy !”

      Roach and Skeletor look on. Hope makes some useless gestures. Discomfort or what?

      • You didn’t miss much. Even the casual drug dealer is aghast at how big of an asshole Thomas is, manipulating Douglas just so he can get into Hope’s pants, again.

  48. Roach gets Zoe aroused then….πŸ₯€

    Roach wants it and he wants it now. His plan is to upset Douglas even more to get things moving quicker than an overdose of Metamucil.

  49. The roach wants the marriage in a real hurry, in spite of Douglas pleading no and storming off to the comforting bosom of Donna. Damage done.

    Thomas hangs up on Vinnie the dealer, who had some sage advice on child abuse.

    The roach wants Hope to halt the wedding and take maternal bullets for the little roach. Steffy is wise to this but like everyone in LA , she keeps a secret.

    This should be some wedding. I expect Hope to take the roach bait. Curtain.

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