I’m a Celebrity Australia is back with Robert Irwin hosting

I’m a Celeb is back on our screens tonight. I’m still mourning the end of one of the best seasons of Australian Survivor, so won’t be watching.

Well, maybe I will tune in halfway through to see the names.

Brit Hockley (one of the two finalists Honey Badger rejected – now a successful radio host) has already bean named. And Collingwood legend Peter Daicos and Malcolm in the Middle actor Frankie Muniz (whaddya reckon: eight days?).

Hopefully Robert Irwin goes okay in his new co-host role – someone will have to tell me, please, as I never used to watch the JMo/Chris bits either.

Will you be tuning in to Ten for I’m a Celebrity?



  1. I’m watching. Frankie seems game to participate. Stephen K Amos should be good value. But the “influenza”! And she screams a lot. Everyone seemed to think her calling herself an influenza was a joke, but no. They were all polite and no one called her on it, although I think Stephen had to bite his tongue.

    I will probably get through tonight’s episode. Maybe.

  2. I got through half this episode. I am easily distracted.
    I was happy with Frankie, although it took me a moment to recognise him. Then came Candace. She’s a sport’s person in her own right, so I was good to go (She’s very thin. Maybe I’m just getting tubby in my old age but it makes me uncomfortable). I didn’t know the para-Olympian. Shame on me. She looks like she will fun to watch. For a moment I thought Stephen K Amos was going to be that cook guy but I’m equally happy with a comedian.
    And then, dramatic drum roll, came the “influenza”. Not only do I not know who she is but I am immediately annoyed. One of my pet hates is people who say, “That’s just how I am”, and then giggle, like it’s endearing.
    No, it’s not. I’m a racist (giggle). I just speak my mind (no, I’m rude as f*ck. Giggle). It was just a joke (oh no. I’ve been caught out. Giggle). You’re too sensitive (I can dish it out but I can’t take it. Giggle). I hope she gets voted into every eating challenge until she goes home in week 2.
    Surprisingly, the Irwin wasn’t too bad. I’m still wary but he could be okay. Early days.
    It was sad to watch the recap of past episodes. Dead people. 🥲
    Never mind. We’re off. This is a show that I have on in the background. Hopefully there will be pleasant surprises to come.

  3. Young Irwin is not bothering me. He also seems to have toned down Julia. I think she doesn’t want to scare him. This could work out.
    I’m also quite liking the outfits Julia is wearing. Much more casual and more appropriate to the Jungle. Early days but 🤞.
    I’m really liking the footy fella. I know he’s special. They’re all special. I don’t know who he is but I hope he lasts.

    • I think young Irwin is doing all right. He seems to have a sense of humour about the whole thing. I read somewhere that Julia has known him most of his life, so they should be comfortable working together.

      I like Julia’s clothes so far, especially that yellow suit. Robert’s shirts, however, are another story :). They’re more suitable to a 40-year-old guy who makes a lot of dad jokes.

      The former football player played his whole 250 game career with Collingwood. I think that is something similar to walking on water? I like him anyway.

      Influenza can leave any time, sooner the better.

      • Maybe Julia figured out that a lot of people weren’t finding her nonsense, just that, nonsense and not funny.
        She finally earned her pay tonight with the snake. That made me laugh. I thought the yellow suit was ok. I didn’t notice any other clothes. The dresser might have got a better designer. We’ll see.
        They are all nobodies to me but I’ll watch for the camp conversations.

    • Crikey. The young Irwin would be flat out like a lizard being as big a dickhead as his father.

      “Influencers” are the new wankers.

      • I don’t get the “influenza” thing either.
        Like I’m going to take any notice of someone on Utube, and, before you say anything about demographic, 👵, nor do my grandchildren … with the exception of that lady that unwraps the Kinder Surprise eggs. They love that one. So maybe there’s one very small place in the shopping universe for one influencer 🤣. But it’s already taken, and that’s it.

  4. I watched last night. Nothing really stood out for me except it seems that everyone likes each other. That makes for a nice change. Hopefully, it continues.
    It still rankles that that blonde bimbo MAFS girl was so rude last season and got praise for it.
    So KKK is a difficult older woman. So what. She still deserves respect for being clever enough to have makeup put in her contract. I can’t wait for old age to catch up with the wannabe. I am noticing now that half of the women are wearing makeup so they have clued in to this one.
    I think I woke up cranky this morning. 🤣

    • The unforgivable ought to have been when Don smash the bottle and aimed the jagged end at another girl.
      Domestic violence has ended male careers.

    • Thanks for the warning. I mute Candace when she is carrying on about her husband; if tonight is more of that I won’t be watching either.

      • Ah, geez, it’s even worse than that. Fifteen minutes in and I’ve had enough of bitchy people pretending they weren’t bitchy. Pffft.

        I did have a laugh at Khanh frantically using his hair colour.

        • I had to laugh at absolutely how much Khanh brought in 🤣🤣.
          Good on him.
          Of course producers know that there is contraband. Sneaking about is always one of the highlights of this show.

  5. Although the camp mates were, for the most part, non-judgmental, devoting a whole segment to how uneducated Callum is, is not funny or entertaining. It’s mean.

    I am having a hard time deciding who I’d like to see eliminated first. Influenza is a snot and wants the spotlight. Candace is egotistical and condescending to the others. She often finishes other people’s sentences and I’d like for her to shut the fuck up.

    • We all saw Candace dob on Skye. I think Skye decided to take the bullet because she is scared of Candace.

      • Oh dear. I didn’t see it that way. 🤣 🤣
        I saw Skye wanting to keep her contraband because she hadn’t used it yet.
        I think she also thinks of contraband as food-ish: coffee, chocolate, etc. My guess is that she was taken by surprise that make-up came under that heading.
        I wonder how she feels about going makeup free. Michelle seems to be makeup free. It’s a reminder that she is naturally very pretty.
        Confession here. I would have dobbed, on anybody and everyone that tried to hold anything back. Apart from “fair”, I’ve watched this show before. The repercussions on the camp would have been out of all proportion. Look what happened to Brittany, and all she had was a sip of coffee.

    • I, too, was a little uncomfortable. I think that they overdid it. He obviously left school at 15 and that just circumstances.
      You have to worry about the future of the lad. He’s not going to be pretty for very long and then what’s going to happen to him. I hope that he has people looking after him. He seems nice enough but, idk.

      • I think her participation will make it harder for me to watch the show. Maybe she’ll be funny for a change?

  6. I don’t remember the celebs getting luxury items 🤷‍♂️. I wonder what that mask that Khanh brought in does? If it helps you sleep, I want one.

    • I vaguely remember them being allowed one item that brought them comfort, often the parents had a picture of their kids so they could cry about missing them, others had a blanky or a stuffie to comfort them…

      Influenza’s butt shake in the shower tonight put me off my dinner. And Candace still needs to shut up; she doesn’t have to comment on every single thing the others say, she’s not writing an opinion column for a paper.

      Robert is not annoying me so far. The kid has a good sense of comedic timing.

    • I am pleasantly surprised at how “not bad”, the lad is.
      He hasn’t annoyed me once and, as you know, I take great delight in being easily annoyed.

  7. I think they did split the group into teams previous seasons, but did the losing team not get any food other than rice and beans? Was there so much animosity when one team won several challenges in a row?

    Candace going to spy on the other team, coming back and saying “I overheard” was sneaky and underhanded. Tristan at least had the balls to speak to team Robert face to face.

    This is turning into a re-run of Mean Girls. It’s not entertaining.

  8. I predict Callum for the win. He’s like Freddie Flintoff, take 2.
    Michelle seems nice so far. I am not liking Brittany too much.
    And Candace continues to be unpleasant and bossy.

    • Im all over the place with my likes and dislikes.
      Tristan doesn’t seem to get much AirPlay so it’s hard to get a handle on him.
      Khanh is much nicer and more entertaining than I expected, as is Michelle.
      Denyse is just low keep annoying and she’s only been there a minute 🤣.
      Apart from that, I go from one opinion to another. It doesn’t help, I suppose, that I loop in and out. I’m not loving it this season.
      The footy guy, I think, is my favourite. I really like him. Out of left field for me.

      • I missed Ding Dong’s entry, but saw last night’s episode. I expect her to annoy me because I thought she was a waste of space on that panel she was on (most of them are pretty gormless on those shows), but sometimes a different vehicle shows different characteristics that I might find engaging.
        Yes, “Footy Guy”, is still footy guy to me 🤣

  9. Sorry, Candace, there was some schadenfreude at my house watching you go through that trial. Oh – actually, I’m not sorry.

  10. If anyone is watching, what did Denise say to Khanh that put his nose out of joint?

    I have a grudging amount of respect for Influenza getting though that trial. The snakes wouldn’t have worried me much, but being shut in a coffin-like enclosure would have.

    • I do tune in and out. I missed last night. Daylight saving is mucking up my brain.
      I wish I knew who these people were who are fo this daft idea. No one I’ve ever met.
      The gambling odds are on Influenza winning. Apparently she’s a hit with those much younger than me.

      • If you can Daisy, thanks. Don’t go to any trouble.

        That shows how much attention I pay to the show. I was watching it, but it just didn’t register what she said. I only noticed when everyone else started looking uncomfortable.

        • Von. She only made a suggestion to Khan that if he moved a log to the left (or right) it would create less smoke. Snowflake, or just testy emotions. But he wisely, removed himself so he didn’t react badly. Kudos for him for that. I’m with Callum. She wasn’t rude. She actually spoke carefully and politely. Still, I was ratty today, so I won’t judge.

          • That’s it? How ridiculous. Khanh is a cook, not a Boy Scout with lots of badges, who knows lots about cooking over fire. It’s silly if he took that as a personal insult, and most of the others reacted as though it were a big deal. Maybe part of her comment was edited out, or maybe he was having a bad day. Thank you, Daisy.

  11. I wonder if the producers are wondering why they are paying Malcom in the Middle. At least he’s donating to charity but he’s Malcom in the Myeh.
    Malcolm in the Mediocre.

  12. I love Michelle’s charity; womens’ shelter, the Men’s mental health ones and the anti-teen suicide. But they are all worthy. It’s probably the best thing that comes out of this show.

    • I was impressed with all the charities. Now I know what Callum is going to do when his time in the sun runs out.
      Influenza over-emoting when talking about her charity was a bit jarring but, I think, only because all the others had such a personal link to their charity and she did not. It does not make her charity less worthy, it’s just that her talk seemed more performative.

  13. I’m guessing that being tired and hungry is making everyone sensitive.
    Denise looks tired and miserable all the time but, oddly, she doesn’t sound it. She just looks like she doesn’t belong and wants to go home. I’ve never thought of her as a tv legend so maybe her contract says that she comes in late and goes early?
    As an aside, and of not particular interest, it’s funny to me how the lack of food is affecting people. Candace and footy fella are disappearing before our eyes. Candace looks painfully thin. It would be a blessing if she were evicted early (apparently it’s part of her contract that she has to talk about her husband so job done). Most of the others look almost the same 🤷‍♂️.
    Some people are still not getting much airtime. Maybe the lack of conflict is making editing difficult for the producers. They are a fairly harmonious lot. That might explain the focus on the log. If that’s the best they can do, all is good in camp.

    • Denise probably looks crap because she is about 75. Pretty sure I would look a wreck in the jungle.

  14. Oh for god’s sake, enough of Influenza and her whining and crocodile tears. She does the “poor me” performance so whoever is nearest to her will tell her that she’s not stupid, but is really the most fantastic person in the history of the world.

    I dislike anyone who self-diagnoses as ADHD or anything like that. If she really thinks that, she should see a doctor and find out. Better yet, see a therapist and learn how to stfu. Attention whores are tiresome and boring.

    I wouldn’t want to be on long-drop duty the days after the camp mates have had beef.

    • Could not have said it better myself.
      I turned on to IMAC to Influenza crying, ffs yet again. It’s almost like she’s auditioning for a Soap.
      I only came back for the elimination. I can’t say I’m disappointed that it’s Denise, and she was delighted so I’m glad it worked out for everyone. My guess is that she didn’t get votes because she’s not the “tv legend” that Ch 10 thinks.
      Interesting, there was an article that said that she and Julia have had a long running feud. I didn’t see any evidence of that on either side. Oddly enough, nice to know.
      Indulge me but I found the relationship developing between Denise and Callum a little icky and not at all sweet like the producers want us to think. I’m glad that’s over.
      Now bets on whose next. Tristan has got to be soon. He might be great value in the camp but there’s little entertainment.

      • Did you see Denise’s farewell speech in camp? Part of it was muted, with Robert and Julia doing some voice-over during that part. I’d like to know what she said. The muting went on for a few seconds, so it wouldn’t have been just a swear word.

        I put on the re-run this afternoon, but was too late to see that bit again. Maybe some was cut because Denise went on and on and on. Her camp mates were getting a bit glassy-eyed.

      • I only caught the second half and didn’t really pay attention. She did go on a bit.
        I really only remember the bit in the farewell where she said she really liked everyone (or something to that effect) and maybe I only remember that bit in hindsight because she has since, in interviews, inserted the word “almost “ into the narrative and has specifically named the four or five people she did like.
        Rule number one in speechifying: name everyone or name no one. Of course people are going to notice ( I put that bit in so that I could roll my eyes 🙄. I haven’t had a good eye roll since The Bachelors 🤣).
        I’m still not a fan. I don’t love her type of humour. It doesn’t do it for me.
        It kind of reminds me of Jerry Lewis, he of women-aren’t-funny fame, Supposedly the man’s a comedic legend but I have yet to figure out why. I would rather watch the shopping channel.
        In the same vein, I just don’t understand how Denise has made a career out of all of this but obviously she appeals to someone. Now if she would just retire.

        • No, I’ve never been a fan either. She seems to have based a lot of her career on having large breasts – not a talent. I thought her exit speeches had some snotty comments mixed in; she obviously did not enjoy her stay, even if she liked some of the other people. When the others didn’t fall about laughing at her every utterance, she was miffed.

          I think IAC should forget about having “national treasures”, from any walk of life, on the show. If they stick with that, they should make it very clear to the treasure that they won’t get special treatment, they will be dirty, they will be hungry, they may be asked to do some risky things, and they will be presented with some gross food stuffs.

        • That’s what I find so annoying about Denise. She is placed on shows for comedic effect, but she is not at all funny. Still, is that her fault, or the fault of people having her the gigs?

  15. Spoiler.
    I was surprised at the bottom three (Stephen, Candace and footy guy) but not surprised that Candace is the evictee.
    I started to like her a little more as time went on but I couldn’t really warm to her. I wonder if that’s because she seems hyper competitive. I imagine that relaxed is an alien position for her.
    I am most pleased that she can now have a good feed. Could this woman get any thinner? I’m guessing that she is super-duper fit and a high burner. I would be jealous except that would take too much effort.
    I still have Tristan down for tomorrow. Or is that Sunday. 🤷‍♂️

    • I was startled that Stephen and the footy guy (Pete?) were at the bottom, but who knows how people will vote. I’m glad Candace was eliminated. Good riddance.

  16. Tonight we had the letters from the campers’ families, so tears galore. Frankie had been hinting at leaving the other night. Tonight, after his wife’s passive-aggressive letter, he decided to leave. I liked him, hope he can save his marriage.

    The challenge was Khanh doing the get-the-stars-before-the-boat explodes. It was funny to watch. He got all the stars. There was a fair amount of screaming from him, but he didn’t hesitate much.

    • Didn’t think I would say this but you’ve made me want to watch 🤣🤣.
      I’m going to get my flu shot this morning and take to the couch to recover. IMAC will be an excellent antidote: that and cups of tea.

  17. Some of the celebs are looking disappointed that they weren’t the one chosen to be eliminated.

    Tonight Michelle was sent home.

  18. I watched. I did enjoy Khanh screaming. It may have been a little overdone but I guess that when you’re on a roll, you keep going.
    I wasn’t surprised that Frankie walked. He looked like he had been struggling for a couple of days. It would seem that even one more day was too many for him.
    I wouldn’t like to comment on the letter from his wife. Between her letter and his comments, I would suggest that there are “issues” there. I’m good at jumping to unsubstantiated conclusions. If so, he has enough self awareness that he needs to go immediately to work on things and that’s more important than what ever this is. Contract fulfilled. Money made.

  19. I missed the damper thing. I thought I was watching but must have got distracted.
    Footy fella made an odd comment to the comedian about getting lawyers involved if he was used in future material. It could have been a joke. It didn’t sound like it. It was quite jarring. Put me right off him and I wasn’t unhappy to see him go. He didn’t contribute much anyway.
    He made a big production about his age and not having things in common with people who didn’t come from Melbourne during his departing interview.
    All in all, I decided he was a strange cat. Too much football. Too narrow a life.

    • Pete’s comment to Stephen was bizarre. It seemed to come out of the blue, and was not said with a smile.

      I doubt Stephen would have use for any material about a former AFL player anyway. All Pete ever talked about was footy – his footy career, his sons’ footy careers, pay range in football, etc. Maybe he is simply a very private man, or maybe he can only converse on that one subject. It was boring.

      • Remember he said that he had hoped that there would there would be another sport’s person there to talk to. Thank goodness there wasn’t. There usually has been more than one and it can get boring, to me at least.

      • He overlooked the fact that there were three other sports people there – Candace was an iron woman, Ellie is a medal winning Paralympian and Frankie was a racing car driver but my guess is that he didn’t mean sports but specifically meant AFL.
        Lots of sports to talk about but for that to happen you have to be interested in other people.
        I agree. He turned out to be boring.

  20. The school carnival games were very silly and very funny. I enjoyed an episode that was mostly light-hearted stuff, for a change, with no one dry heaving over disgusting food items, and no one getting bitten by any kind of creature.

    I found it odd that nobody knew how to cook a turkey leg :). Khanh will be missed, but there isn’t long to go now.

    I’d have preferred to see Skye leave, rather than Stephen. Maybe tomorrow.

    The kid is doing quite well as co-host, surprisingly to me. Good for him, I hope he keeps his sense of humour.

    • I’ve never liked the eating challenges. Maybe one but then that’s it. It’s just same old, same old.
      I thought Stephen would have lasted longer. As you know, I find Tristan as boring as paint drying. I was really surprised that Khanh was eliminated before some of the others but I just supposed he wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea.
      The moneys still in Skye winning. I suspect there’s a difference between the watching public and the viewing public.
      I continue to be pleasantly surprised at the the young lad. You can see him getting more comfortable before our eyes. Much as Julia is irritating, I am assuming that some of the credit should go to her. I’m told that she’s a friend of the family so she would be easy to work with. He tones her down so we all benefit.

    • I like Tristan; he’s very laid back. I’m fine with Callum being in there, too. But Skye, with her phony tears and constant yap yap yap drives me nuts. Maybe she’ll shut the hell up for the last show. Fat chance though. I think there was a little eye-rolling and raised eyebrows among the others when her name was called.

  21. I didn’t watch last night. I don’t think that I will watch on repeat.
    I think the last three left standing are the most uninteresting of the group and I am, I must admit, disappointed that there’s no surprise. I was told in Week 1 that Skye was going to win and here we are. 😯.
    I did start to like Skye more as time went on. She’s not unlikeable. So, good on her.
    Overall, it was a pleasant season.
    There were no revelations. There was no one who had a redeeming story arch that made me change my mind, as per previous seasons. Mostly they came in and left, and I had the same view (except maybe footy fella who I didn’t know, hadn’t heard of, quite liked and then suddenly, like the flick of a switch, didn’t but he doesn’t count because, idk, complete stranger whose name is never going to cross my radar again 🤷‍♂️🤣).
    The only exception to all of the above is the young Irwin lad who has done a sterling job. Very pleased for him. They can pay him that enormous amount of money again. He even made the segue bits bearable watching. My only hope is that he doesn’t saturate our screens and undoes all that good work. Right now, he’s still just the boy whose father ran a zoo but if he’s careful, could have a tv career.

    • If you haven’t already, don’t bother to watch the repeat. I watched off and on, mostly with sound off. The part when the finalists’ families came to see them was good; the little kids were cute, and Callum was just like a little kid seeing his dad.

      The rest was highlights of the season and parts of challenges, with that bloody woman screaming all. the. time. Then it turned into a mutual admiration fest with the three professing undying love for each other.

      At the end, when Tristan and Influenza were waiting for the announcement, Influenza kept hugging and fist-bumping Tristan, shimmying, and wiggling her butt – anything to be the centre of attention. I turned it off as soon as the winner was named.

      You’re right, it was a pleasant season, blah really. I did like Julia’s wardrobe this year.

      The young fellow did well. I hope he is mature and savvy enough not to let himself become over-exposed. And Dr. Chris Brown is hosting a home reno show :).

      • I’m a bit of a fan of a home reno. I have done the odd job myself although, to no one’s surprise, those days are now behind me. However, I still retain an interest because in my imagination, there are possibilities.
        I will tune in. Chris Brown’s an alright host.

      • I didn’t get around to watching until last night. Really? That’s our big winner? No offence, Skye, but that’s the cream that usually rises to the top in Australia.

  22. https://apple.news/An0M7QjcsTIOicWa9u2IRrA
    Three highlights so you don’t have to read if you don’t want to.
    There was tension between Denise and everyone.
    Callum has two years of a physio degree. He plays up being dumb.
    And no-one was on Skye’s side over the contraband lip balm. Everyone would have been deprived of food if she hadn’t been made to hand it over.

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