Christmas chat

Merry Christmas/Festivus everyone!
I hope you all manage to catch the Doctor Who Christmas special – the last episode with Peter Capaldi.
Thanks for your company this year and, hopefully, I’ll be able to get back into some recapping when our love-to-hate fave MKR starts again.
MKR starts Jan 29. No official word on I’m a Celeb but they usually start the day before.
Here are some Celeb teasers for you to ponder over.



  1. Merry Christmas everyone. Many thanks to Juz for starting this blog.
    Please enjoy yourself and have a fabulous time with your love ones.

    • Thanks, everyone. Hope you are all having a lovely time. I often have to work Christmas so it feels decadent having it off!

  2. I am not really looking forward to any of the reality shows next year. I think that all the formats are tired and we need something new. However, I might change my mind when MKR rolls around.
    In the meantime, I am wallowing in Christmas rubbish.
    American shows don’t really do it for me but, having said that, I just finished watching Baking Holiday Championship. That was a hoot.
    I think if I had a Christmas wish it would be that The Great British Bakeoff would come back to free-to-air. My favourite reality show ever. As in Eva, Eva.

    • I’m not expecting much from these shows either. Saves the inevitable disappointment when the reality about the reality shows sets in. MKR and Ma$terchef are long commitments, mostly culinary pain with no gain.

      From my experience ,watching MKR is like unwrapping a Xmas present and finding a turd inside it.

        • And MKR has pretty much turned into “Australia’s Biggest Bogans, None of Whom Have Ever Stepped Foot in a Kitchen Before In Their Lives”. I’m not sure if I’ll watch it or not, my patience is wearing thin.

    • I watched MC The Professionals. Really enjoyed the series. Final four were very impressive. I know that MKR and MC contestants are not professional chefs but the shows could be better. They need to change the judges and get rid of the faux drama, choose contestants who can cook, dump the fake immunity challenge with the prof chef (MC), on MC they need to penalize contestants for cooking the same thing repeatedly and on MKR contestants need to be penalized for getting their food out late. Also fewer contestants on MKR and nobody should be permitted to return once booted off of MC.

  3. Shops and roads supposed to be frantic today – not where I am, on Sydney’s North Shore – shops very quiet. But weather very cool.

      • I need to find a post office, a bank and a newsagent, so I’m going to have to brave a shopping centre tomorrow, I don’t have many choices. I don’t mind, though. I’m a bus-user, so I don’t have to worry about parking, and the adrenaline of the crowd fires me up.

    • i did most of my boxing day sale shopping, online, on Christmas night!
      i did venture out to the local DFO about 5pm, they had traffic controllers who i think might have been contributing to some of the road chaos rather than managing it!

  4. So I watched the Dr Who Christmas special last night.

        • Tick for Clara. Big Minus for Rusty. “McKayla is not impressed” expression for the Lethbridge-Stewart connection, mainly because we are still angry about the Brigadier/cyberman mess with the canon subplot.
          In terms of the end of the Moffat era, yes, he gifted the series with some creepy villains (Weeping Angels) and no one is doubting his brilliance as a writer but as showrunner that will be debated for sometime.
          As for Capaldi, his doctor was let down by some fairly weak scripts.

        • That was one of the best lines in the episode. I had to go back and listen to that part again because I wasn’t sure I heard him right.
          Enjoyed the Christmas special for the most part although I thought parts of it were just too long and drawn out and I got bored. Was never a fan of Capaldi’s doctor. Hoping the sonic sunglasses and guitar are gone for good.

    • Hannah Marks of Dirk Gently, resembles the Dr Who lady.
      BTW, I hate pc but I don’t have a problem with a female Dr Who. I think you can like women without hating men.

    • I am assuming they are paying her a motza. I heard that she was extremely reluctant.
      If she were to leave it would look really bad for them – but the drama would be so much fun for us.

  5. Ch 10’s first fail for the year surely must be Dave Hughes’ ~ “We Have A Problem”.

    The promos indicate that it’s going to be next level lameness. Very contrived.

    • Yep, it looks like a more expensive version of a Can of Worms( we mean how else is Hughesie going to afford THAT $3m rental property).

  6. Woolif and I just watched two seasons of The Good Place and I just want to say holy shirt it was pretty good, and fork you benches should watch it.

  7. If you google, Janet is the most popular all round. Loved her. She was like Totti Tottington in Wallace &Grommit. I have never like Ted Danson so to love him in this is new for me. Jason got some good lines but I was missing a lot of what he said with his mumbling. Tahani was adorable and Mindy nailed her part (literally). I thought Eleanor was a bit average for the central character. Chiti seemed dull, but was supposed to be dull.

  8. We started on Dirk Gentlys. It’s pretty good. It’s a supernatural comedy crime series with blood.

    I heard season 3 of The Good Place starts this week.

    • Dirk Gently fan here too. I love Sci Fi with humour and a twist. Hard to do. Sadly it seems that Dirk Gently has been cancelled and we are just waiting to see if Netflix picks it up. I suspect they will not. I might have to resort to reading the books.

  9. Not sure if anyone has seen it yet. There is a German show on Netflix. DARK. It starts off with a lot of similiraties to Stranger Things, but with the second episode it hits its stride. I was actually really impressed in the end and loved it. It was done well and it seems it was renewed after being on Netflix for only 3 weeks back in December. Was apparently a big hit with viewers and critics. I can really recommend it. Most of my coworkers also enjoyed it, even the non Germans.

    • It is on my To Watch list. They have dubbed it on Netflix. Wish they’d just done subtitles as dubbing is distracting

      • That is why I cannot watch English stuff dubbed in German. The mouth movement does not match the translation. It irritates me. Plus, as it is dubbed, the range of voices is limited. So for example Bruce Willis and Gerard Depardieu have the same voice in Germany.

    • I have noticed Dark, but not watched it yet. I just finished S2 of Dirk Gently. S1 was better. S2 was a bit Lord of the Rings meets Dr Who. I still enjoyed it though.

  10. Noticed Matty J wearing a ring on his forefinger, then read yesterday that he,s wearing quite a bit of hand jewellery😂

  11. We have been watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt but it’s dumb. The best character imo is the rich, desperate house wife played by Jane (that long name).

    I won’t watch S3 of The Good Place until the whole season is in.

  12. I have been babsitting a 7 year old and a 5 year old for a week while there parents are away.
    I am exhausted. And the dog is stressed. And it is costing me a fortune.
    The joy in grandchildren is giving them back. I can hardly wait.

    • I get it, Bob. I have been child minding about 4-5 days every week all school holidays, with this week off. They aren’t babies, I love them, but it’s still hard going when your used to solitude.
      And you can’t watch what you want because of ratings.

  13. We did a tour of the Margaret River region today and went to various lovely destinations. This is Nature’s Spa swimming hole. It’ What happens when your sister is 4 years younger than you are and says, “Let’s go swimming in this cool swimming hole”.

    • “You call some place Paradise, kiss it goodbye” ~ The Eagles.

      I was swimming at Mataranka Springs in NT in a quiet waterhole, then several bus loads of anaemic geriatric tourists rocked up. Sunset at Uluru is a log jam as well.

  14. No Bob, not relatives. And this wasn’t even on a sunny day. About 9.15am.
    You’re right Dave. We are ants overpopulating the world.

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