Survivor: Ghost Island – double vote

It’s a double vote out tonight. Surely Michael’s number is up? But we’ll see him again soon, for sure. Jeff will jump at the chance to cast him again. Perhaps they will do it on a back-to-back season, so Ghost Island won’t have started airing yet and he can stick to his “I’m 23 years old” lie.
Meanwhile, here’s Desiree’s Ponderosa video.



  1. Jenna is so frustrating. She and Donathan could have worked together and sent one of the three home but she did not even try. And, again, Chelsea is great at challenges but barely makes the edit.

  2. I fell asleep watching. Anyone else think that this year lacks spark? Is it just me?

    I just can’t get into the characters. It didn’t even phase me that Michael went.

      • We’ll remember it for not being memorable. Most of the girls just seem to blend into each other. Again, that might just be my perception, but except for dready, black haired girl, who left early, I just see the girls as a clump.

    • It’s a repeat of Gabon, probably the least memorable of all Survivor seasons. That season had 3 tribe swaps. A loser alliance managed to dominate the game because they kept getting random majorities in tribe swaps, exactly the way that Naviti has got random majorities in this season. Survivor needs to hire someone who knows something about game theory.

      Michael struggled mightily and almost succeeded in playing a nonexistent idol. Juz is right that he will certainly be back. I suspect in about 3 weeks Michael and Kellyn’s Gut will be the only castaways we remember from this season.

      My only explanation for the dominance of the Wen/Dom bromance is that they’ve been slipping psychotropic drugs into everyone’s gruel. At this stage it doesn’t matter who reaches the final 3. If either or both of the Wen/Dom bromance gets there they win. Whether you get booted now or make it to the final TC does not matter if you’re anyone else.

      I almost forgot to mention Donathon playing an idol when he got 1 vote out of 5 but his play was so completely unmemorable I cannot think of anything to say.

  3. It was an interesting twist, but annoyingly all the best people ended up on one “tribe” and four of the five on the other were what I consider to be the filler people.

    Really sorry to see Michael go, but I couldn’t see how he could save himself. Like Juz, I hope we see him again. Everything will hit the fan when Kellyn is discovered as the extra vote and that she tried to oust Laurel. Despite the ridiculous adherence to the old tribes, it is clear that Laurel is more valued by Dom and Wendall than Kellyn is.

    Glad to see Jenna go, but it was sad to see how upset she was. In fact anybody from that group would be fine except Angela. It is good to see her flying under the radar for a while to keep safe. Chelsea should be a high priority for elimination with her strength in challenges. Need to get her out as soon as she loses.

    • Dom and Wendell are now looking for a goat they can take to the final tribal. They are not short of choices. I’d expect Angela to go next as the only remaining player who has shown any sign at all of not drinking the Wen/Dom kool aid.

      Angela, Brad, Kellyn’s Gut and Dez all spent their time at the swapped Malolo tribe voting out original Naviti players because of this insane loyalty to the original tribes. Perhaps Brad and Dez are now asking themselves if their Naviti Right or Wrong strategy has worked out well for them. No doubt Angela and Kellyn’s Gut will be asking themselves the same question fairly soon.

      I’d be perfectly happy to see a tribeless season. Team challenges could be dealt with by a random draw. I’d be perfectly happy not to see another three swap season ever again.

      • It would be good if Survivor shows offered a cyber suggestion box. Viewers, especially long time Survivor fans must have some great suggestions on how to improve the game. My first suggestion for Aus Survivor would be to quit the telltale orchastral crescendos at challenges and tribals. It ruins rather than heightens suspense.

      • Alan, I agree, let’s have a rest from the tribes for a few seasons. Or alternatively, start the season tribeless for four or five votes, and then create tribes. I am not sure if that would work, but it would be interesting to see how it played out.

  4. It seems clear to me that Dom, Wendall and to a lesser extent Don’than and Laurel, ditched the tribes a long time ago, but because everyone else is rusted on to their original tribes, they are encouraging it as long as it works for their plans. Dom & W are giving very good performances of being “naviti strong” whereas “naviti strong” is the exact reason all the others will lose this season. I have never seen a power couple survive so long, but I think that it is because they have created a secret power quadrant. Donathan and Laurel are grateful for being saved, so they protect Dom & W, which is Dom & W’s pay off for protecting Don & L.

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