MasterChef – Mon, pressure test

It’s the first pressure test of finals week and the bottom three contestants from the previous invention test – that’s Chloe, Sashi and Jess – line up for what will be the last time in the MasterChef kitchen for one of them.



  1. It’s Sachi, Chloe and 19 in tonight’s pressure test, is it? Names of who is left float right out of my mind at the end of an episode.

    As much as 19 annoys me, I still hope it’s Chloe and her dirty hair, nasally voice, and hand-jive performances as she talks, who leaves tonight. And that her attempt at the pressure test dish results in a spectacularly dismal failure.

  2. If the ads follow the traditional pattern, it will be Sachi going home tonight.
    That would be a shame. He has been consistent all the way through.

    • I take the ad as Sachi being safe, as his recipe is on fire. So often it’s a sucker punch.

      There have been exceptions this year when the ad isn’t BS. Say when Banana Fritters went home

      Still, if Sachi can come up with an eleventh hour Nonna sob story….

    • I missed it. I thought it was standard for every house to contain a box of chocolates.ours certainly does. It’s the first thing we reach for in the mornings.

  3. Chloe – sweetie – it is “intricate” not “ennnnnnnnnnnnnnntricaaaaaate”. Lay off the Paris Hilton after sedative speech

  4. When they show the master chef house Chloe is always draping herself seductively across the kitchen bench

  5. Chloe eats in the same unattractive manner as George and Gary, putting way too much in her mouth.

    • When they said they wanted smokiness for the mushrooms, they didn’t mean you set fire to the recipe.

  6. Jess wins some brownie points for letting Sashi see her recipe. I can imagine Chloe sying she was using it and hanging Sashi out to dry.

    • Hahaha the producer was thinking “ this is gold” when Sashi set the recipe on fire! He might have already asked for that page and producer suggested she asked Only 19. Pretty much a set up I think.

  7. “There’s a lot resting on this marron right now” said Chloe, with very few of the elements yet placed.

      • George said, “Just a little reminder, 12 weeks ago you were a waitress in a restaurant under his”… gesture to Ashley “where this dish came from”.

      • This is making my blood boiled! So Jess worked at Nobu and Ashley restaurants and have limited knowledge of certain ingredients eg mushroom, feta etc and it’s still in the comp!? How is this not rigged??

  8. Hahahaha. Garry tells Sachi that everyone has all the elements on the plate. Mmm, Lisa had all the elements all her plate but she was sacrificed for Chloe who was missing some.

  9. Lol I don’t remember Matt asking George about the marron of anyone else other then Sashi. Combined with Gary’s passive aggressive swipe about the size – they want him out

  10. Sasha tartare is rough? He measured everything he cut with a bloody ruler. Nit-picking a bit judges.

  11. Bye more mute button for me. And to say Sashis dish was marginally better. What lying a-holes

  12. So I am seeking clarification. I need to be really sure.
    Chloe went home? I would be very excited.
    I was on mute and looked up to see some Indian dishes and Sachi being hugged.
    But given the comments above, it’s Chloe?

  13. I tuned back in just as the “where is she now” blurb came up. She’s about 5 years too late with her healthy eating initiative for primary schools. Most schools already have some sort of program, including one by a former MC contestant.

      • Alice (the one with spec) also doing something with children. And Alice has a vibrant personality. Not Chloe. The children will fall asleep with her bland voice.

        • we don’t need the next generation to have the same speech affectation as Ms Chloe. It is VERY unpleasant to listen to.

    • And Elena is doing something really interesting with troubled youth. I can’t find a link but apparently it’s having great results. She is a teacher by training so I am sure that helps.
      Chloe is too late and “knows not of what she speaks”.

      • Because Glowing Elena is wonderful in every possible way. It is wrong to even put them in the same category, hey? GIL is painful, Elena is perfect.

  14. Of course, Genius 19 sweeps through again. In her permanent position at the front, as usual, she can do no wrong.
    As annoying as Ghana was, would’ve loved for 19 to go – just to spare personal aggravation.

    And I don’t buy all that ‘just a waitress’ guff. I sense years of grooming (and probably piano, ballet and acting lessons which didn’t work out).

    George really needs to control the way he favours and looks at Only 19 – it’s almost predatory, as though he’s ‘salivating.’ Down, boy.

    Another silly, over-complicated dish from one of Heston’s employees – and to think 100 kilos of mushrooms gave up their lives for a trickle of pretentious consomme.

  15. The script continues. Protected favourite is nurtured through until final four or three, and then ditched to offset the possible outcry if that one wins (meanwhile having done their job of creating outrage).

    This year is “full of surprises” because mid-season they found a second favourite – gasp! And this one they might let win. That really would be a surprise…and a travesty,

  16. Chloe is finally gone. YAH! Was she this season’s favorite or just a “red herring”? Maybe both. They have one or two “red herrings” each season. I didn’t mind Chloe in the beginning but then wanted her gone to the obvious favoritism and her lack of creativity.
    The close ups of George using his tweezers are absolutely unnecessary. I always find it interesting that the stooges generally critique each dish before the guest chef. The guest chef created that dish and should give his opinion first.

    • I am a dark conspiracy merchant here Smythe – the bozos have to go first so the guest chef can’t accidentally pan a judge favourite or praise someone slated for eviction!

  17. Sanity prevails and the GIL is gone. I guess even the producers realised having GIL win or even be in the grand final would be too much BS for even the dumbest of viewers to swallow.

    Sashi surely can’t win, surely in the GF when he’s going to get a heston dish he’s going to crumble.. anything non curry.. he’s toast.

    It’s going to be Khan or Ben for the title… Ben would be the best story due to his medical condition.. a tradie… which would work well with the common viewer as not everyone can relate to a DJ who loves the taste of his own pee.

  18. I hadn’t realised Ben’s medical condition. I had wondered about what appeared to be a paunch but now understand that it is a colostomy bag. I do admire him for what he is doing and really hope that he wins. He must have to be so careful about what he eats.

  19. Thank God she’s gone. Never had an original thought the entire time on the show. Even in the invention test, she puts up a bloody Forest Floor and goes on as if she’s the first person to come up with this concept. We have had so many forest floors over the years, the MC kitchen has been declared a Word Heritage site!!

  20. Finally finally finally she’s gone.
    Poor Sashi burnt his recipe page, but good on Jess for lending him her page.
    It was obvious Jess was safe so it was down to Chloe & Sashi. I was holding my breath hoping like hell it would be Chloe.
    All those mushrooms for that tiny dish. What happened to the rest of them?

  21. Can someone shed a light as how did Jess caught up when she was apparently 20mins behind? The recipe was very complex and would have thought that 20mins would ample time for her to fcuk but surprisingly her dish was perfect?? The presentation was spot on with her so desserts hands? If she was a waitress there, wouldn’t she have seen this dish?

    • She wasn’t a waitress at Dinner by Heston, but a waitress in the restaurant next or below Heston restaurant

  22. Today should be a national day of mourning OMGZ CHLOE NOT THERE!! DAY such a terrible tragedy she was cruelly outed!

  23. Sashi burning his recipe was hilarious, luckily it didn’t cost him. Can’t believe Jess is the last female standing. She probably won’t win though, the three blokes remaining are way stronger cooks.

  24. I have found myself warming to Ben, he seems really sincere and humble, and he doesnt done a frikken granita.

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