US Survivor – Thurs, Oct 11

Will the Goliaths get it together and finish building their shelter? The Davids were lucky to have Pat on their team, albeit for only a few days.
And will “hot cop” now be a target because he told the girls he had an idol?



  1. Another good episode but the editing on the US show is getting more and more obvious. It was almost a foregone conclusion who was going home tonight from all the back story and screen time.

    And talk about blowing up your own game when you weren’t even the first and most likely target anyway. Reminds me of that guy first off the Contenders tribe when he went on a paranoid rant at TC and got blindsided immediately.

  2. Shame to see Jeremy go so early, I found him quite charming on screen but he really asked for it with his shady play.

    Telling everyone about Dan’s idol worked against him because it made them question him instead. Having those multiple showdowns with Natalie didn’t help either. And what was he thinking trying to forbid everyone else from having private conversations? For a smart charismatic guy, he pulled some seriously amateur moves.

    • Fatal mistake being the loudest voice to criticise someone. I was glad the Davids finally won one and that Gabby is at least safe for another day. Mike seems to have moved the target off himself for now

      • I like Mike too. I think his social game will be strong now that he’s settled down a bit.

        Angelina was rather overbearing about voting out Jeremy instead of Natalie and comes across as aggressive which will hurt her later if she doesn’t tone it down. It looked like Natalia didn’t appreciate it much.

    • I wasn’t impressed with Natalie playing the race card to Jeremy, “”You haveto support a sister because we are both black”. Good Lord, imagine if the others said “We have to stick together because we are white”, unacceptable either way.

      • Agreed. Same with the “sisterhood” stuff – we all have to support each other because we both have ovaries – regardless of behaviour.

    • Boston Rob could get away with isolating his alliance by banning private conversations but he already had a strange alliance. Sometimes superfine assume that knowing lots of Survivor lore means what works for a top player will work for them the same way.

      Should have been ‘strong alliance’ but what the hell Boston Rob’s alliance was also pretty strange.

      • The game has evolved so what works one season probably won’t work subsequent seasons, probably because entrants are usually fans who know what to whatch out for. Once the “couple” worked for Boston Rob and Amber, anyone coupling in following season would be shot down, and so it goes.

  3. I like Mike too.
    Jeremy threw himself off the tribe and he sooo didn’t need to.
    Far out I was cranky with him, but then had to remember if he was playing so badly I had to detach myself.
    Natalie is entertaining, but a terrible player. I don’t think it was through her great game play that she was safe though. . .
    Angelina was damned annoying, even as I was agreeing with her logic I found her too much.

    • Agreed with everything you said.

      Jeremy was entertaining to watch, shame he had to go so early but that was all on him. He should have laid low and not gotten into those showdowns with Natalie. It forced the tribe to take sides and of course he was going to lose when he made it clear he was playing hard.

  4. I agree, that Natalie is entertaining, but ooooh so horrible.
    I liked Jeremy wasting his breath trying to help her, but I think it should be against Survivor rules to go into someoneelse’s property. Not cool that.

    • Can’t remember who found the idol in the jacket, but I thought it WAS against the rules? But I noticed that man trying hard not to say that he had gone looking in someone’s personal stuff. Surely, the rest of his tribe wouldn’t be happy about that? You would never feel that your stuff was safe.

  5. Damn damn damn was so glad to see the David’s win a challenge & thought for sure they would get rid of Natalie. But no, they vote for Jeremy.
    What horrible weather to do that challenge in & then to win soggy blankets & pillows.

    • They could barely see without squinting, the rain was coming down so hard. I feel so sorry for them.
      Surely, they get a new set of blankets and pillows back at camp delivered? Not that that would help with the incessant rain…

  6. I was expecting Jeremy to say ‘Goliaths strong!’ at any minute. I thought he would go a long way but losing a TC vote to Natalie is pretty damning.

    • This has happened nearly every season I have watched, and now I expect it. Some loud, out there annoying outsider is talked about as the obvious vote for days (a foregone conclusion) until it actually comes to scrambling for a TC. Then, someone else suddenly realises that the annoying person will be an easy vote later and they turn everyone to pick on a strong likeable player instead. Beware the “easy” later vote, though.

      The next step in the pattern is usually then that that tribe has set themselves up for consecutive challenge losses and the tribe is decimated. But instead, we have a tribe swap after just two real and one medical elimination. What was the point of “David” and “Goliath” if the tribes are mixed so soon?

      Feel very sorry for Jeremy, as this all started because he was trying to help Natalie make herself more tolerable. Wouldn’t be surprised if she did a lot of badmouthing about him in the background to shift the target from herself. Consistent with the US version not showing the real story.

      • I didn’t see Jeremy as either likeable or a good player. Going through bags never sits well with other players. After all, they have their own bags. Jeremy was controlling and shady. His social game was a shambles.

        • Not likeable, no, but very watchable. I came around to Benji in the end because at least he brought the entertainment.

          Oh, and Jeremy has been going around in his post-show interviews claiming that the reason why he was booted was because Angelina wanted to protect her showmance with the Mayor of Slam Town.

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