Daisy’s Bold and the Beautiful recap – Jan 2019

(Over to Daisy – and thanks!)
New year greetings B&Bers. 2019 starts out in turmoil in B&B land, and everyone has returned from holiday coloured

a shade of orange. I am worried for Taylor, and not because she might go down for shooting Bill, but because she has been inappropriately oversharing with a creepy stranger. For a psychologist, she is not good at seeing the red flags. Flag 1. The man walks in and says, “Nice zip code”. Flag 2. His daughter does a worried double take. Flag 3. The man pumps you for the intimate details of your life. He mentions her “ground-breaking work in nature v nurture” Ha ha, when and where was that? Ancient Greece? She might need that gun again.
Skeletor and Zander have made a fresh beginning, but she might be going into damage control to protect her image from her Gold-digger Dad. Gold-digger is hitting on the wrong woman. Brooke probably has more money, and she and Ridge are on shaky romantic ground. It seems that 2019 might see a revival of Brill. How could you not want to form a union where the merging of your names = Brill.
It must be the San Andréas fault because the gloss has come off Eric and Quinn’s marriage, and they too are on shaky ground, although their demise is being wrought by the conniving Pamela, determined to wreak havoc on Quinn for pouring sour lemon on her wedding party. Will Donna be Mrs Honey Codger number 3 and 6? Or is that 7, or 8? Anyhow, the Codger is never single for long.
Stephie has kept her distance from Liam and Hope’s marital bubble. She has been focussed on her career and her doe-eyed daughter. (Her eyes are huge). If she does meander too close to the loved-up Care Bears, then Brooke is never far with her claws ready, to put Stephie back into her own territory. For sure Brooke hasn’t finished making it her personal mission to put Taylor through the wringer. I can’t say that I am hoping for a Stephie/Liam reunion. We need some fresh blood, and not Papa Skeletor.
Katy and Lurch have plodded along boringly, which might mean that they have already run themselves into a ditch. We’ll know if instead of the purple push-ups, Katy starts walking around the house in her comfy Bonds and a brunch coat.
We haven’t seen Maya or Rick. Perhaps they have gone to China to buy some twins from some desperate rural peasant. It will serve them right when the parents show up in 18 years time to mooch off the Forrester millions….or to get a less fortunate 16 year old sibling a job as a top model or fashion designer.
Speaking of designers, Sally Spectra has fallen into a dangerous abyss of boring sidekick. She might need to steal some more designs.
I am just about to watch episode 2 for 2019. I hope the scripts for 2019 are livelier and even crazier than 2018. Good luck to all the Forresters, Spencers and more importantly, good luck, best wishes and good health to readers. Selamat tinggal bacaan. That’s just me practicing my Indonesian. 🎉🎉🎉🎉