1. I’m watching , tonight was a horror movie…..an experiment gone terribly wrong. it’s rating it’s socks off. MKR is fallen to beyond awful, This is what’s left.

    Toilet bowls and toothbrushes don’t mix. Absolutely astounded that the poopetrator wasn’t sent home as soon as it happened. As for the sexpert John advising Steve and Mishel to get intimate for the sake of the doomed experiment, he’s a certified fool, peddling relationship insanity..

  2. I caught bits and pieces of the episode, here and there. What little I watched was … insanity. Absolute insanity.

    What is wrong with these people?

    With David and Hayley, it really was an extraordinary back-and-forth, in terms of dueling sympathies. She tells him he doesn’t make enough money, and then she cheats on him with another husband, and he seems like the sympathetic party. Then he does the bathroom thing, and nope, we slingshot back to Hayley’s side. Then Hayley writes “stay”.

    Why? Why?! They hate each other. It’s a toxic, abusive relationship with zero chance of ever being even in the same time-zone as healthy … and she writes “stay”? Was she that desperate for attention?

    And the worst part is, tomorrow, 10 million people around the country are going to call her the world’s biggest moron. And she’s going to play the victim and blame/sue the television network for the way they presented her. That’s what’s going to happen.

    Hayley, on behalf of all of Australia? You *are* the world’s biggest moron. David’s just as loathsome, as a human being, and you’re both awful, terrible people.

    • If Hayley is getting a bad edit, they are doing a brilliant job of painting her in a bad light because she seems really gross…and that’s even without using anyone’s toothbrush to clean a toilet.

    • What is wrong? These people are very damaged and only seek Insta fame.

      We were appalled that the sexperts think that physical intimacy is integral to the experiment. Apart from allowing Trish to utter her only scripted line each week what was said was highly irresponsible thing to utter in prime time.

      We think John sees himself as Rev Moon incarnate. Randomly matching people with little regard for their compatibility.

      • I’ve always wondered the three morons are incompetent, or just outrightly evil, deliberately putting totally-mismatched people together purely for the sake of watching them crash and burn later.

        • We tend towards the incompetent. If they were genuinely matching people, we would be interviewing the parents for social compatibility, the couples would live within a 1hr radius of one another and no Melrose Place living arrangements.

        • John Aiken charging like a wounded bull per hour for his dubious “expertise”, there’s something evil about that to me.

          Then what do the sexperts have to work with? Folks only capable of falling in love with themselves and being on tv. The toxicity of family and friends. Throw in the alcohol and let ’em at it.

  3. Damn. A bit impossible to get to watch tonight. Still fishing and doing all the other holiday things.

    • “They don’t care about finding Lizzie a marriage. They’re just frantically trying to re-cast the show after half these bozos quit over the past two weeks.”

      I like James Weir’s recaps, but every now and then the mask slips, and you can sort of feel how much contempt he has for the franchise, like the rest of us, I suppose.

  4. Lizzie’s been matched up with a giant sized Michael Crawford clone. Lurch better not cheat ‘cos the stern warning is Lizzie’s beefed up Mum will kill him. His creepy laugh doesn’t inspire confidence.

    The other groom Drew, has some awfully badly done tattoos on his torso. His new wife already smells a rat…..and other women. Chauvinist alert.

    Good vibes tonight, but these new pairings are doomed. Windsong’s got it , these newbies are cannon fodder for those who’ve been sent home. What’s love got to do with ratings?

    • I don’t know, I felt like there was a nerdy charm to Seb’s enthusiasm (although I am slightly bothered by the fact that his best man was named Zeb. Really?). But I think he’ll be little more than roadkill in front of the bulldozer that is Lizzie.

  5. Did anyone else think Seb is a couple sandwiches short of a complete picnic?. Not saying that Lizzie is even keeled but the wannabe Robert De Niro “you’re talking to me” was a bit weird.

    KC and” I got dumped 8 weeks out from my wedding” are just fillers. KC and her over bleached teeth didn’t make in Hollywood and at 31 this is her last chance of z-grade stardom. They will be fine.

    • Seb has a very awkward and nerdy sense of humour, and going by his back-story, he was gangly and tall and skinny, as a kid. My first thought was that, maybe he’s a little Aspergers-y? Not meant as a slight or anything, but yeah, he just ticks a couple of those boxes.

      But, I mean, from this point on, it’s just a matter of how long before they hate each other’s guts?

      • Not merely hate each other’s guts but had a drunken pash with another cast member. Deny everything. Have a secret exposed in the Daily Mail and then a bikini shoot in New Idea.

  6. Only caught the tail end tonight.

    Michael’s penmanship is akin to a Year Two child. Hard to believe he has any type of responsibility in real life.

    The random dude that Connie was matched with has decided its her, all her and he can’t be bothered walking on egg shells anymore to collect Instagram likes. Only problem is, no-body can remember his name. Guess that influencer career won’t be materalising soon.

    • I don’t know Steve but Mishel is annoying me. I get the impression she’d be a high maintenance nagger.
      Should I choose mafs or Survivor tonight. We have no recorder here.

      • Drunk Steve has just walked out, like it’s backstage tantrums on Dr. Phil. Josh thinks he is Dr.Phil. “Both of youse need to cool off!” Too late, too drunk.

        Go for MAFS . It’s the usual dinner party all in brawl. Lots of folks on high horses.

        I don’t know who got it on Survivor.

  7. Mishel is just loud. I was bouncing between this and “Godzilla” on cable, and I lost track of which loud destructive monster was which.

    Can you believe the three morons? They go on and on about how Steve has a temper and he’s a ticking time-bomb and he’s dangerous and they’re waiting for him to explode … you’re the three idiots who put this abusive nutjob on TV in the first place!

    • Godzilla was the one without the lipstick and mini skirt.

      The sexperts try to wash their hands pf the diabolical pairing. having created a relationship Frankenstein.

    • Michel has constai been in a huff. When I say high maintenance, I mean someone who always needs placating.

      Sorr, Dave. I just saw your recommendation but I am watching the last of the “dinner party’.

  8. Oh Mishel, boo hoo. Now “All of Australia” knows you’re a victim”. Now I’m a ticking time bomb ready to blow too. I don’t feel like taking it to the next level either.
    The whining started on the honeymoon when she couldn’t ski and it’s been, “You don’t understand me” ever since.

  9. Fail Josh. Coach Mike would have known what to say.

    Mishel thinks she has been lied to because Steve forgot to mention he thought she was unappealing. All this could have been avoided if he had just told her he found her overweight and a bit ugly.

    • You’ll get Coach Mike today and Dr Phil’s audience goes bananas when told they get a copy of Coach Mike’s book.

      My take is that vampire haired Ivan lied to those rats Josh and MIke that he was having sex. Ivan the terrible.

      Some glaring wardrobe malfunctions for all to see. Misinterpreted by the sucksperts.

      • That’s my read too. Ivan went quiet like a guilty man. Last night was brutal for Aleks, especially given her background. As if she would have slept with dorkus. But “I’m trained as a forensic examiner” and can tell when people are lying. Aleks had the shock of someone who was completely ambushed by lies.

  10. Last night and what they did to Aleks or Ivan or both was so sordid and so unethical I thought, okay maybe enough is enough. My guess is the producers set that up. They set that fire better than Zac and Michael the Monster agreed to go along. Lizzie surprisingly showed a moment’s insight when she told Seb the Goon, “Maybe Ivan made it up”.

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