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By Daisy

We are driving home from Perth with the doglets on the back seat, when we took the opportunity to call in at the Dardanup Butchering Company to see if we could get some roo for the dogs.

While there, I bought some other meat and hopped back into the car with two bags of all sorts of meat (sorry Dave). Now the dogs are drooling, thinking they hit the mother load for dinner.That got me thinking of a good chat piece.

While stopping for a drink on the way home, at our usual half way stop, I saw a lovely, big doughnut, thick with chocolate icing that took great strength to resist because I was imagining how delicious it would be in my mouth. 

At the ripe old age of 65 (say what?), my weaknesses are (after sunset) chocolate and pretty much any nice food. I can go all day, no problem, but after dark, sweet carbs call to me. I can’t have them in the house. I would steal them from a baby.

Mmmmmm … doughnut.

I have a greater weakness; kids and grandkids but it’s probably not quite the same as those other things that cause us great delight and great temptation. It’s an endorphin thing.

What are your Archilles heel; those things that get you drooling? Sunshine and the beach are my mood lifter. And the bush at certain times of the year. Those I can enjoy without doing a next-day damage assessment.



  1. I usually can resist chocolate easily. If I resist it for 3 or 4 shopping trips and still want it, I’ll buy some. I store it in the freezer and only have a bite or two at a time. But crunchy, salty, greasy stuff, I have to avoid the chips aisle. When I give in, it’s usually Twisties. Could there be anything less like real food? Love them.

    Sunshine gives me joy and energy, especially at the end of a seemingly endless Perth winter. My friends make me happy, and when I can hug them again I’ll probably cry. Seeing my old dog still able to enjoy a short walk and a long sniff and pee at his favourite trees is a great comfort.

    My two year old neighbour’s happiness when he sees me makes my heart glad. He loves me and usually throws his arms around my knees for a knee hug. He thinks I’m great, and that is a nice reaction from anyone, any age, any relationship.

    And now I want chocolate. Damn it, Daisy.

    • The freezer … I never thought of the freezer.
      I am not a great chocolate fan (I was cured when I had a chocolate company as a client and they were very, very generous ❤️) but I do have a soft spot for Tim Tams. I can never stop at one or even two so I only buy them when I know I have the grandchildren in the house.
      Best invention eva and we did not steal them from New Zealand. Please don’t tell me they are Swedish or something. My heart could not take the disappointment.

    • Children bring me sunshine too. Their delight at seeing you is uplifting. My nieces and nephews and the children I teach also have that run and hug me, full of happiness when they see me thing going.

  2. It isn’t a drool thing but I am having withdrawals.

    Cruising STAN, I gave the White Princess a go. I liked it and saw The White Queen, only to discover that was a precursor to The White Princess. So watch TWQ first.
    Then came The Spanish Princess. Now we have watched all three and I have been missing them.
    They were very well cast and we’ll acted.
    Juz, you might like that your young Killing Eve assassin plays The White Princess.

  3. Not wanting to bring down the happy vibe but Max Merritt (from Max Merritt and the Meteors) just died.
    I remember going to see them at a relatively small venue. They were excellent.
    Mostly I remember how hairy they were. Not just a full head of hair but full beards.
    They were also very friendly. Mingled with the crowd. I’m not sure of how much of that we’d see today.
    At least their music has stood the test of time.

  4. A month ago, one of my friends was awarded something at work, so a few of us got together and went out for dinner at a local tavern (I had the chicken stir fry). At some point during the evening, we kind of decided to make it an ongoing thing. So last month, we went out again to a Japanese that one of the girls recommended. Tonight, we’re heading out to a Thai place (which is a short drive north) that somebody recommended.

    Sure, it’s getting a little expensive (once or twice a month is about the best any of us can manage), but it’s not only nice to have regular catch-ups with my friends, but we’re supporting local businesses (who’ve had a, frankly, awful year) and getting to try some new things.

    There’s been some discussion that, this year for Halloween, we should try to find something that’s happening, just for the fun of it. I normally hate Halloween, but with this year, it might be cool to have some kind of interesting experience this year.

    • Isn’t it interesting that you knew that our first thought would be, “I wonder what he ordered”. 🤣🤣
      I love Thai. It is my all time favourite. I will always remember my first Thai meal – lamb with mint and chilli. All kinds of deliciousness. They can never do me wrong after that.

    • My DS, hubby and two friends did a couple of years of a cuisine challenge. Each month was a different one, and it had to be something not mainstream eg Thai, chinese, italian etc. The couples took turns to book. I went with them once, to a Sardinian place. As a non-adventurous eater that was ideal because it was only a step away from Italian, but the vibe of going somewhere you would not normally think of, was great fun.

  5. I hate daylight saving.
    It’s an abomination of an idea proposed in the 19th century (and should assigned to the same place as bloodletting and votes should only be given to property owners), and implemented as an energy saving option when energy was a scarce resource.
    There are lots of very good scientific reasons why it should be abandoned, but num-nuts won’t hear of it because they like the idea of “sleeping in”.
    My passion against the sheer stupidity of it all is so deep that I can’t even make a joke.

    • And that’s another good thing about WA.
      Good weather.
      No Corona.
      No DLS.

      BTW another thing that hits the spot for me. My music. And I like it fairly loud, which is okay because my neighbours are far away, but they like it too. I play it while I am driving.

      • I looove singing in the car – loudly, badly and making up all the words.
        My favourite is Hallelujah because that’s the only word I know but I can hit it high and hold it long. Every. Time.
        I am a class act.

    • One two-week period of having a baby wake at 4am ( in daylight) on hols in Qld confirmed my love of DLS. Don’t think I could live somewhere that didn’t do it, and have been hanging out for it to arrive for about a month.

  6. Off the top of my head (and it’s a weird list):
    Don’t tell me what to do, by Leslie Gore. (Great for singing along).
    Sway, Four Seasons,
    Away Beyond the Sea, Bobby Darin.
    Locomotive Breath, Jethro Tull.
    Albatros, Fleetwood Mac,
    Island in the Sun, by The Righteous Brothers (the vocals are insane),
    Diner, Martin Sexton (not the acoustic version)
    Sweet Bitter Love (the old recording) Aretha.

  7. Temptations are all around especially when it comes to food. The major downfall is family celebrations, with permission to eat “special” food, and then the leftovers!

    Mood lifters: having all the family together and watching the siblings enjoy each other’s company, sewing time both alone and with friends, swimming out just beyond the breakers and floating up and down with the swell, watching the footy and netball finals, losing my sense of reality in a jigsaw puzzle or a good book, zooming with my siblings. And DLS!!

    • Some of the categories were a bit limited for choice. I wonder how they shortlisted them? So many contestants from competition shows, and it looks like they pulled just one option from each show. I was stuck with voting Poh as the best of a mediocre (or unknown) bunch.

      Lucky the actual survey added in Packed to the Rafters when it was missing from the intro page, because otherwise I couldn’t find a drama to vote for (mainly because most were from pay tv).

      Sorry, I didn’t watch Offspring (maybe in the future) but I gather that it was a moment almost up there with Molly’s death in ACP. Voted for the cave rescue.

      Love Ben Mendelsohn too, and I agree – highly underrated. But I went with the heart because it said “favourite” so it had to be our Hugh.

      • Guessing by the reality ‘stars’ nominated (and the pap shots in the DM) it was the publists who did the shortlisting.

  8. I finally moved back home, sitting in quarantine now. On my way home to Germany yesterday, I was a bit bored so I switched on my phone to check if I had any messages. Well, all hell broke lose. My friends who are still in France will all lose their jobs as my old office will be closed. I am devastated for them. And fuck Activision Blizzard. Right in the middle when France is really hit badly with Covid19 (yesterday nearly 19k new cases, the highest number France had since the start of the pandemic).

    • I am very sorry, Zhee. For you and for Europe.
      In WA we have had 0 community transmission in well over 100 days. The only cases we we get are returning travellers who have to quarantine for two weeks. We can move freely within WA, and businesses are back on track, but our state borders remain closed, or rather, managed. And yet everyday on FB you read people saying, “Open the borders”. It’s as if they haven’t seen what has happened and is happening in other countries.

    • We are thinking of you, Zhee.
      Sitting in quarantine will give you too much time to think. I hope you find a good book to get lost in.

    • Zhee, we are so very lucky here in Australia (well, the non-Victorians). Do you have to quarantine in a hotel, which is what people arriving from another country have to do here? I read yesterday some women ran a half marathon in her hotel room, rather than acting like a normal person and watching TV and surfing the net all day. I managed to get my hands on the first three eps of the new GBBO season. Can’t say I am loving the Little Britain guy as co-host

      • I am in my apartment. 🙂 So that is fine. My dad prepared everything as best as he could before I moved.

        Well, tonight I get my test results. I nearly threw up on my doctor’s feet when he performed the test. In Germany they do not use the nasal test, but the throat one. The doctor was young, even with a mask he looked like right out of Grey’s Anatomy. So good job, Zhee.^^

  9. Seeing that you are all experts with finding shows (and I am not 🙂 ), has anyone ever tried to find more recent seasons of FoodNetwork shows such as Spring Baking Championship, or the Kids’ BC, or Holiday BC? Internet search shows that lots of seasons exist but 7flix clearly only has rights to one or two seasons of each. Trying to stream from the FoodNetwork seems to require subscription to US services that are not available in Aus.

    • It may not be the answer that you are looking for but SBS On Demand has all its Food shows in one place.
      It just takes the frustration out of looking. It’s either there, or it’s not there.
      So obvious I wonder why the other streaming services haven’t done the same thing.
      If you can’t find the shows you are looking for, I hope you find other cooking shows to being you binging joy.

      • The FoodNetwork shows seem to be licensed to Ch7 here, not SBS. I don’t find many shows on SBS Food that interest me – the only one I love is Bake with Anna Olsen.

        Thanks for the info, Bobi. I probably have enough to watch, it just would be nice to not watch the Baking Championship ones over and over. I was prompted by Juz mentioning GBBO, and I must check if that is on Netflix, as this is the only service we have, because DS insisted we piggyback on his subscription. Don’t use it much, though, I find the offerings very limited for my taste.

      • I am thinking of cancelling my subscription to Netflix.
        Most of the stuff there is rubbish. And if you do find something you like, Netflix cancels it in a heartbeat.
        GBBO is not there.
        The only cooking show there that I watch is Nailed It. That’s telling you something.

        • I don’t require soppy stuff, but I am finding the stuff on Netflix too ugly, like I am ingesting vomit.

          ATM we are watching UP Load which is average, not funny but okay; I give it a 6. But it is by the makers of The Office and Parks and Rec. Very similar to The Good Place.

  10. I voted today.
    From getting instructions on the automatic hand sanitizer, registering, voting electronically and up to having a conversation with the departure doorman/security guy, it was 2 and a half minutes. All up. I timed it.
    Seriously, America. What is wrong with you? I mean, outside of all the obvious.
    This is the easiest fix.
    All that money spent on advertising to get people out to vote, and all they have to do is … this.

  11. The one thing 2020 has given us is some epic meme game. I found this video series on YouTube that was made by a female comedian (I think she’s Canadian. You can hear it in her voice, at one point she pronounces ‘about’ as “aboot”).

    Anyway, Julie spends the videos explaining 2020 to versions of her past self.

    The first video is here …

    Explaining the pandemic to my past self.

    January Julie: “I’d love to get a dog, but I’d have to leave him, I’ve got so much travel lined up!”
    April Julie: *bursts into hysterical fit of laughter* “Oh no you don’t”


    April Julie returns to her present, to be greeted by June Julie.
    Explaining the pandemic to my past self, part 2.

    June Julie: “Have you had the murder hornets yet?”
    April Julie: “Murder hornets? MURDER HORNETS? WOW! REALLY?”

    This one actually gets quite melancholy, towards the end, since June was the apex of the Black Lives Matter rallying cry.


    Then, June Julie returns to her present, to be met with October Julie.
    Explaining the pandemic to my past self, part 3.

    June Julie: “You mean a city explodes?!”
    October Julie: “Speaking of which, don’t go to any gender-reveal parties.”
    June Julie: “But that doesn’t make any sense!”
    October Julie: “It will.”


    I am looking forward to part 4.

    • Well, that was a laugh … of sorts.
      Good find.
      I am expecting Part 4. Looking forward to it.
      I will watch some more of her stuff.

      • Part 1 floated into my Facebook newsfeed back in April, and I thought it was hilarious … and it really does make you realise how much insane, crazy stuff we’ve had to live through, this year. Watching these videos, I’ve forgotten half the things she’s talking about. And I think that’s the point, isn’t it?

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