The Bold and the Beautiful – May chat

Over to B&B correspondent Daisy for the soapie scoop (thank you, Daisy!):
Is it just the painkillers I am taking, or has B&B really driven off the rails and gone into some crazy Alice in LA maze of weirdness? I think the writers might be sitting around with large hookahs because all has gone haywire in Forrester land. I know we complained that it needed new blood; that they should be looking outside of the family circle to marry and make babies, but did it have to be The Resurrection of all things Spectra.
The B&B producers have gone so far as to make clones of each Spectra persona from decades ago. Now that might not be so bad if they didn’t have to be so corny, but there is so much corn on B&B now that aliens can make crop circles. It’s so bad, that they even have replaced Darla with a Darlita, who you wouldn’t even hire to bring in your mail. Producers have hired three pretty actresses who are insulting their craft by having to ham it up, to go with the corn. Ham, corn and cheese overload. And don’t get me started on the gaudy Granny. Spectras are making Forresters appear normal.
It sure didn’t take much to get Sally to quit designing and turn to espionage. Anyhow we can see where all that is heading, with little Coco being caught spying, and new love triangles surfacing. But what I want to know is, why on earth is Ridge marrying Brooke, when will Quidge NOT have sex, like they are NOT kissing, why is Ridge marrying Brooke when he is so hot for Quinn, and will Katie be the dibber dobber or Charlie or Ivy? How many people will learn about Quidge before Eric does? And why is Ajay so annoying?

Yeah Sally, I know how you feel.

Yeah Sally, I know how you feel.

Coco, whyyyy did you save Arjay?

Coco, whyyyy did you save Arjay?



  1. Good review of the latest shenanigans on B & B.
    RJ is a little twerp and the character and actor playing him would have been better off if the forklift did its job and steamrolled his role for eternity.

    More Quidge please. Quinn and Ridge have more chemistry than Caroline or Brooke have with scruffy Ridge . I want to see Eric go ballistic when he finds out. There’s no fool like an old fool .

    • Eric’s playing golf again, so there’s at least half a day for Quidge to fool around in.

  2. Didn’t take Katie long to blab. She got caught spying, too.

    Australian Special Fri 4.30

    • Sprung! At last someone actually got caught spying. Not up to the dibber dob bit here yet.
      Sure Quidge had the heat up to a steamy 40°C, but are we really ready for “What Katy Saw”? Katy needs to collect some dna evidence like Cherrleeee did.

      • Katie knows there’s “a connection between two people”…it’s Bachelor like jargon. Brooke will think Katie’s back drinking again.

        • Love it. Brooke: “Katie, I’m shocked”. 😂😂😂 This, on a show where every potted plant, every slightly open door is an opportunity for undercover surveillance, and where your dad marries your auntie, who was married to your cousin who is married to your grandfather who is sleeping with your brother by another mother.

  3. Everything is good in Eric’s and Brooke’s worlds .Eric thinks Quinn is “fun”.

    If only they knew what we know started in Eric’s outdoor shower.

    • Eric should ask Quinn to buy him a jacuzzi. And Katy can get a telescope to look at the ‘stars’.

  4. Katie will be watching Quidge like a hawk all the way to Sydney.

    Bill will be watching Brooke.

    Catch that plane, Sally. RJ got left home.

  5. Did Sally and Gramgram disguise themselves as 80s airhostesses? Did Cherrlleee or Katy find Quidge doing the mile high rumba in the toilet? Off to watch now.

  6. Weird assortment of people attending the weddings. No Arjay, after all his work reuniting Mommy and Daddy. And Thomas invites his sister’s worst nightmare. Why would she even baulk at accepting an invitation to Stephie’s wedding, given she has already crashed two Forrester engagements, including Nicole and Zende’s wedding. Perhaps she thought it was too boring. All the lovers, ex lovers, secret lovers, spies and arch enemies are squashed together in one tiny compartment.
    And on odd assortments, here’s the latest licorice assortment line that Sally was wearing today. Spectra fashions.

  7. Hope Sally Spectra brought some deodorant along for the flight to Australia. So politically incorrect.

  8. No, Katy. They are just shaking hands. I love how it is right outside the toilets, perhaps hinting at how close they are to being a mile high.

    • For a second I thought Ridge was following Quinn into a toilet. I thought Katie was going to tip Bill off about it.

      • Lippy smudge on the toilet paper.
        Katy should be telling Bill instead of Katy. He would know what to do. It might involve throwing Ridge from the escape hatch.

    • Throw some of my crabs onto the barbie, matey……

      That guy will be sweating up really soon on the budget airline they’re on.

  9. Too much time on the Aussie highlight, let’s have some action, just like Thomas and Sally are about to have. Surely something dramatic is about to happen, especially with Katie snooping around. And Steffi’s hair looks awful with all those extensions.

    • I noticed today that side on, Ridge is starting to look quite pudgy. Brooke’s looking a million bucks.

  10. Didn’t they hve any friends to invite to the wedding? That bridal arrival was clever digital business, ‘elf and safety regulations wouldn’t have allowed that!

    • I thought Tommy was a real scrooge dodging a proper invitation, a courteous one, and paying Sally’s airfare. Poor form from the rich boy. Thomas must have it in his contract to never wear a shirt.

  11. Sally’s doing great taking photos at the wedding.

    Bill gives a terrible speech. It nevertheless brought tears from Katie.

    Wyatt’s hit the bottle. Zende and his store dummy try to comfort him.

    • And Stephie’s spirit has been “set free to fly”. By the 4th time she marries Liam, her spirit might take an elevator.

  12. Waiting to see who gets pushed off Manly pier – probably Sally. They are really dragging out the Sydney episodes. Thought Bill looked shocking, real rough diamond look about him in that outfit

    • Maybe Thomas gets pushed in. An excuse for hime to take off his wet shirt. He deserves getting pushed in.
      I hope it’s Quinn or Katy. Maybe Quinn pushes Brooke.

  13. I want to travel like the Forresters, how good would that be? Unfortunately I’ve only ever flown like Sally, squashed in economy.
    Lot of money and fuss for such a small wedding, hardly any guests as usual.
    I liked seeing Matt Preston, Ita, Robbo etc in their cameo appearances, Robbo did quite well.
    All the Americans will assume we all do that zip line thing from the Opera House.

    • They went first class. Some 1st have rooms with beds. And no, never flown it. Business is bloody fantastic though. But it’s only 4 us if we can win an auction bid for one, or when we went to France. I would probably murder everyone around me if I had to go overnight in economy ever again. I think there are some planes where I have scratched off the wallpaper un a fit of not being able to sleep propped up in those horrible seats.

      • You didn’t miss much, Dave. A bit of a cheesy wedding party on a beach featuring walk-ins by local Aussies, and Stephie being extra pouty, posing and posturing. Brooke cuddled up to Eric, Quinn and Ridge bumped into each other on a deserted cove so come Monday, might do a Deborah Kerr Burt Lancaster, From Here To Etenity. And Sally was wavering between lover boy and saving her company by taking photos of Stephie’s wedding. Not sure how that will save Spectras.

        • Thanks,daisy. I’m up to date now. The wedding’s been a letdown so far. Some Quidge electricity on a deserted beach will liven things up.

  14. On reflection i think there were a few regulars missing from the opening credits. I mean what’s happened to Quinn’s ex

  15. I love how in the background of the wedding, all the young beautiful people walking by. That’s how we all look in Australia. Where were the old fat people, and the families with kids everywhere? Just one big pose of a wedding.

    • There’s a special beach for beautiful, young people with hard, flat tummies and Yothu Yindi. We just didn’t get the memo. 😆

  16. Thanks for the updates on the wedding- have worked 6 days in the past 8 .
    I agree Pandy, where are the ordinary unwashed bogans in their trakky daks!

  17. A lot happened today. Someone was thrown off a pier and others were caught kissing on the beach. Guess who saw it all happen? Not Katie.

  18. What a crap episode! And what an awful vocal duo. I suspect there may be a wedding postponement😂

    • Have to agree Daisy, I saw this outfit and wondered “what the hell?”
      Who on earth designed this monstrosity?

      • It was Sally Spectra and she wore it to Stephie’s wedding. I never thought I would see it again.

  19. Do you think Brooke will dob? She was hugely disgusted with their behaviour; “How could you do this to your father”….says the woman who was sleeping with her daughter Brigitte’s hubby. Katy will tell if Brooke doesn’t. She has been itching to.
    Eric might have a heart attack. Anyhow….way to upstage Stephie and Liam’s honeymoon. 😄

  20. Yes, I think she will dob, get rid of Ridge and marry Bill. Didn’t realise it was so easy to get a cab, car or boat to order at the surf club😁

  21. Well, what now. No wedding tomorrow. Away from the studio Eriic seems much older and doddery – perhaps he’s still suffering jet lag. It seems, from the opening credits that the Spectras are here to stay- they are a bit slapstick for me.

    • Yep, too slap stick. I would like them to tone down Sally, keep Coco, sack Sol and Darlita, and shoot Gramgram.

      Brooke is going to leave Ridge for being a cad for Bill who is not a cad, because he only cheated on Katie with her “own sister” twisted the knife by trying to swindle her. Has Brooke got amnesia? “Oh Ridge. Your own father’s wife”. What about your owns sister’s husband. Or your own daughter’s husband. And both of those were a lot more than a kiss.

      • You reap what you sow.
        Brooke has selective amnesia when it comes to her own poor choices caused by passion.
        She came down hard on Ridge. New scruffy Ridge has better chemistry with Quinn.
        Quinn is very attractive. Old man Eric will have a hard time keeping her.

        • They all forget, Lola. The writers have forgotten Quinn’s murder for the Hope Diamond. The police have forgotten about her two murder attempts; 3 if you count locking Liam in the steam room. The police also forgot their forensic training and didn’t look for thw wrench Stephie used to kill Alleee, or look for blood bone and skin on the rock she claimed to have used. Katy has forgotten what an evil bastard Bill is. Thomas always forgets to wear a shirt. Nicole has forgotten her personality. The writers have forgotten Deacon and Wipes.

          • Well written Daisy – they all have selective amnesia over their own poor behaviour.
            Thorne has also been completely forgotten by the writers!

  22. Wonderful, you two. I haven’t been watching long enough to know about Thorne, but the whole thing is almost incestuous. Even Steffi doesn’t need to change her surname on marriage😁

    • No. Probably Katy said, “Let me tell. I wanna do it. Pleeease, pleeease”. She will be breaking out in hives if she can’t tell Eric.

      • Ridge tried to use RJ to blackmail Brooke into not breaking it off. Didn’t work. It ends in tears.

        Eric thinks it’s a trip of a lifetime, the old goat.

        • According to Eric, champagne and flowers will fix everything.
          He better have a bucket load of flora and a cellar full of champagne- I think he’s going to need it.
          Ridge will go after Quinn now that Brooke is out of the picture.

  23. I think it was Liam who said wasn’t it wonderful that so many of their friends and relatives came so far for the wedding. Well i didn’t see any friends or many relatives there. Sad.

  24. Coco was playing an Amish girl. Grams like the shirt, but what Granny wouldn’t like a home sewn floral button up.

    • The more hideous the better. Thomas must love kitsch clothing – maybe he didn’t inherit the high fashion Forrester designer gene. No wonder Eric never lets him be ‘stand in CEO’.

      • Lola, so bad. They could open a Costume Cottage. You know, where you go for your fancy dress party needs. But they are actual clothes, going by the fact that the light blue horror was worn on the Voice. 😨

    • Celebration of Sgt .Pepper’s 50th year anniversary look. Thanks for the pics. I might skip the encore.

      • Yeah, St Pepper. You “nailed” it Dave. Sorry to use such a ….oh what’s that ridiculous, crappy new try hard word Guy Sebastian use?…word. 😁

        • Sally got back to LA pretty quickly, considering it took three or four episodes for the trip to Australia……well, to the Oprah House and secluded beaches where Eric doddered on his “bad trip”, looking for the girl with kaleidoscope eyes. Eric believes in flower power and that people can change. Yeah.

          • Katie will be rushing to fill Quinn’s shoes and get her portrait over the fireplace. It’s a lot like pass the parcel. The last one left holding the prize when Eric karks it is the winner.

  25. Wow, Katy has the claws out. Power does not become her.
    Brooke is taking the high moral ground, forgetting that she pinched her daughter’s hubby, old Eric ftom her mil, and her clostest sister’s hubby.
    And Charlieee needs to know the difference berween a private life and a case.

  26. What a bitch is Katie, now she’s into blackmail. Wonder what happened in sydney after the closing credits showed Brooke and Bill embracing😨

    • Katy is like an ugly step sister: Cinderellla, iron my dress, Cinderella do my hair, Cinderella bring me tea. It’s very humbling for Quinn. And how blue were Quinn’s eyes tonight. Bluer than the Mediterranean sea.
      Cherrrlee needs to stick to cooking. He’s a pain in the artichokes.

  27. Can the writers please kill Gramgrams. It doesn’t matter how; run over by a bus, thrown from a helicopter, drowned in the Seine, stabbed with a handmade sword, steamed to death in a sauna, pushed over a cliff into the sea, hit over the head with a spanner. I’m not fussy.

  28. What’s happened to Bill’s shagging room? He seemed keen to do it on the desk with Brooke – FFS how disgusting is she.

  29. Has Brooke moved on with Bill already? isn’t she heartbroken over Ridge? There must be no other eligible men in LA.

    • Ha ha. We were saying the same thing. Brooke nurses a broken heart until the next man, which is usually about a day and then she is truly, deeply, madly in love again.

      • So much for RJ’s peace of mind, he can go to hell. So much for “destiny”

        Katie’s having fun. Not long til she’s with Eric.

  30. Brooke’s life is like those Write-Your-Own-Ending books. She has more than one destiny.
    My mum is 81 and she is keeping up with Brooke Logan.

  31. There is a new thread sent in. But Juz might need time to get back and settle in from Fiji.
    Woolif and I will be off to Vietnam for a month (on Thursday), but I will still be online. You can let me know if Quinn ends up having to remove honey from Ridge’s penis. That damn spreadable honey. And don’t get them started on Nutella.
    Making sandwiches is less erotic in our kitchen. But we manage to get the spread onto the bread.
    I really want to see more home economics in Eric’s kitchen.

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