1. I’m actually watching the Ninja Warrior show. It’s still pretty trite, but at least it’s moderately engaging.

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    • I’d love to see a hit squad of real Ninja Warriors let loose on the House Rules producers.I’m gonna watch NW when I get the chance.

      I’m off to the Tour de France soon.

      • One of my friends applied and actually got on the show. His episode is Tuesday, apparently, so I figured that I’d watch a little bit of tonight’s episode, just to see what it was all about.

        But it’s oddly compelling viewing.

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        • We ditched the other shows as the kids wanted to see The Ninja one and we all like it a lot more than Masterchef or house rules. Commentary was woeful but refreshingly free of dodgy judging / you make it or you don’t.
          Enjoyable mindless entertainment!

          • Yeah, I was gonna make a reference to the blonde’s commentary, but then I realised that they were both really, really irritating. Even the sideline commentator (some famous athlete from the UK) asked some really stupid questions. It’s like, GTFO, dude.

            But yeah, it was good, I’m gonna watch it tonight. The highlight last night was the identical twin parkour brothers who made it through the course (those guys are crazy fit). And I felt bad for the girl who was all, “I’m gonna kick butt!” and then fell into the water on the second challenge.

            And the eye-candy, my gosh. Some of these contestants are fit and attractive. The first one to make it to the end was an Indigenous fellow who was naked but for a pair of Speedos and his shoes. It was like, damn. Damn. Anyway.

          • The sideline guy is Freddie Flintoff winner of first year I’m a Celeb.
            Anyways agree commentary is terrible, they could have at least got an ex Biggest Loser trainer or something – someone with a bit of fitness knowledge.
            But once you block all that out, i have been enjoying it.

          • My friend is on tonight, his name is Pete and he’s wearing a blue vest. This is so nerve-wracking, I really hope he does well.

  2. Aaron and Danielle did do the best job with that outside area down the side of the house , but I still think how all this outdoor stuff in both houses is going to get ruined in the rain and heat.
    Couldn’t believe when they said they had been to Vegas six times and are portrayed as a struggling family. Well, good luck to them I suppose, maybe they can go to Vegas again with the prize money.

  3. So the blond attractive couple took home the prize money, eh?

    Well, the show’s over for another year and we can all forget that the Bogans and the Grumpians ever existed. I’ll drink to that!

  4. How easy will it be to forget them? I totally lost interest in house rules at the end – stuffing around with the nights it was on and changing around for no reason the judging, and stretching it out actually turned me off.
    I recorded tonight but really don’t feel that invested in watching it. Might just forward to the reveals and call it done on the show. I can’t imagine bothering to watch it next year. Remind me of this if I weaken, okay?

  5. It was clear from the reveal of the zones and the rules (about 10 minutes in) who would win. Give one team a quite easy brief and a great view, the other a narrow side-of-the-house, and the disadvantaged ones are always going to be scored higher. And for both challenges, nearly all the structural features were pre-decided and it was only some pretty design ideas that were left to the teams.

    Such a disappointment that the team who should have been eliminated for the worst front yard evah, ends up being given the win. The true winners based on consistency and liveability of their designs, was Sean and Ella.

    On the plus side, I liked the change away from the screaming family and friends at the homes model for the grand final. Loved Troy’s refusal to sit on the fence and be diplomatic. And no popular voting. I am not a fan of that anyway, but I would also like a fairer judging than just the three judges. Could the budget extend to flying the eliminated teams over to add another level of judging?

    Too much recapping, of course. It would have been funnier to have some bloopers shown.

    If there is a next series, they need to seriously consider going back to one night judging, re-think how much time the show needs and how much should be “real” footage, and make the judging fairer in the finals.

    Watched ninja warrior in the ads, and it was nice to see an Aussie version. But I couldn’t stand that female host.

  6. Most boring HR eva. Too long and drawn out. The final two couples….blah. Except for their tastes in design I felt like I was watching the same couples.
    The screen was located way too close to the sofa. I wouldn’t want to sit there and watch movies. Like being in the first row at the movie theatre.

    Going to Vegas 6 times….thought that Aaron & Danielle couldn’t afford to reno their house. LOL Now they get the 200,000 and will possibly sell their house for a huge profit and go back to Vegas a few more times.
    When the mist came up I thought scary stuff is going to come out of the mist and then there they were, the 3 judges. 😉
    For the finals, how about bringing in some guest judges who are unfamiliar with both teams and can judge blindly? How about letting the eliminated teams vote (although that may wind up being based more on popularity than actually design and skill).
    Next season: judges should not know which teams reno’d which zones, results in one episode, no statement pieces, no bonus rooms, contestants do not assign zones, no chippies, sparkies, or anyone else involved in construction or design. Amateur vs amateur and contestants who are not “psycho”.

  7. I expect that Kate and Harry will only use the screen room and the shed. The beanbag area will be cleared, so that they can walk through, and the chair under the trees will go into the backyard. The space where the chair was will become the home for the mower and wheelbarrow.

    The screen room will be just a place to go to get away from the kids.

    I don’t understand the architect for this house, deciding right at the start to section off a small rectangle from the master bedroom, just so that they could have a funny side room for the grand finalist to renovate. Do you think they did that with all the houses, just in case they made the GF? Or was it just this house because it didn’t have anything else?

    Interesting that Ella stated several times during their Gold coast backyard that “The cubby was meant to be over the other side…” but her sentence was never finished, she never got to give a reason why it changed. I think the producers had already chosen the cabana area as the “hidden” room and needed the space to be kept easily changed. Obviously the intent was always to extend the deck all the way over, because that would have had to be on the original DA consent.

    All-in-all it means that the teams actually have very little say in how the space is developed, which was clear from the reno they actually showed last night.

  8. I watched Ninja Warrior then FFed through all the recaps and just watched the reveal and winner announcement.
    Much preferred the GC reno but thats only because Kate and Harrys place just isn’t my style at all. Agree the projector screen looked very close to the couch but i did notice the actual projector looked like it was just plonked on the shelf so suspect it could be easily moved to another part of the house.
    Would be interesting to go back to the houses in a year and see what changes have been made since the show!

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