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Sun chat. Promo for tonight:

One of the biggest players? So, Tara’s out? … just kidding.
Perhaps they regard look as a “biggest player/playa”. Tess is the actual biggest left but I can’t see her being ambushed – she knows she is always in danger.

NOTE: No Aus Survivor next Sunday due to the NRL grand final. How annoying.



  1. They keep showing the ad with Luke and Jeticho as the key players in the ambush but I do have to wonder if they’re not faking us out and Ziggy is the target. I hope it’s not Tess.

  2. What would make you stop watching Survivor?
    For me it would be if Michelle, Tara and Luke were the final three because I wouldn’t want any of them to win and resent the air time they take up.

    • I think my ideal final two will be Sarah and Jericho (since all my favourites have since been ousted). Jericho is flying under the radar, a little bit, but he is playing the game. And Sarah’s far too clever for her own good. But I’d be okay seeing Locky (he is physically strong) or Ziggy (who’s a challenge stomping machine) there too.

      Definitely not Michelle or Tara (but they’re both perfect goats. In fact, I think Tara has that maternal vibe, so I think the final immunity winner would be better off ousting her and keeping Michelle). And Peter, I’m just not sure what he’s done, over the course of the series, behind being somebody’s spare number.

      As for Luke … it’s funny, I feel like Luke is the final act supervillain. You know, the day’s been saved, everybody’s relaxing because there’s no more danger, it looks like it’s gonna be okay … and then Luke suddenly springs up as a huge problem that everybody has to band together to deal with, before they can go home safely.

      I am curious to see how far Luke goes, because Sarah’s got his number, but I don’t think anyone else has (although tonight’s vote should be the clue that the Cookie Alliance is still a thing).

  3. It’s not looking good for Tess. Never a good sign when they show them saying something that makes them sound comfortable.

  4. I feel like Henry’s greatest impact in the game is that, once he’s gone, *everybody* was claiming credit for getting rid of him. “It was my idea!” “No, it was my idea!”

    Meanwhile, who’s idea was it to have the balancing challenge in the middle of hurricane-force winds? The castaways did better than I thought they would to last as long as they did.

    • That was so funny. Everyone was saying I’m responsible for Henry going.
      And yeah, it was ridiculous having that challenge in those winds. They should have a back up challenge if the weather is no good & save it till it’s not so windy

  5. Damn it, Tessa was finally ousted. It only took them four tries, so, there’s that.

    But wow, the vote was split four ways. It was interesting to see how fractured the group is becoming, as we get closer to the end. The plan was Locky and Tara, and while part of Tessa’s alliance stuck with it … Locky and Tara went after Sarah, while Luke (once again, the thorn in everybody’s side) convinced Jericho and Sarah to assassinate Tessa.

    I don’t like it because Tessa was another one of my favourite players. But it makes sense. She was such a strong, smart player, and it makes sense that they would want to get rid of her as the end fast approaches.

    Meanwhile, props to Henry for wearing his immunity idol while sitting on the jury. Heh. I miss you Henry.

  6. It seems that camouflaged bunker was finally put to decent use. While Tessa was a threat and had to go, I feel like that move was made a bit too early and in paranoid haste which is the kind of attitude that will eventually be Luke’s downfall. It’s good to see the cookie army still loyal to one another.
    I wonder why Tessa think Locky is such a big threat? He really isn’t. Getting completely sick of Tara thinking every fucking thing that happens in the game is HER doing.

  7. So smart to take Tessa out but sad she is gone. Did you notice Luke was wearing Henry’s flamingo shirt. JLap was really padding out tribal with the questions. A quick Ep tonight

  8. How hilarious was Henry marching into tribal council with his idol around his neck?
    Oh my God those votes were so haphazard. Sorry to see Tessa go.

  9. I only just saw the footage of Luke in his spy shack. Now it makes sense. Well as much as I love tessa I guess he busted her

  10. Tessa started bugging me a few eps ago, so that was a good night for me.

    It’s funny when an evictee contradicts themselves by saying…
    1. I was playing a good game.
    2. They were stupid to get rid of me.

    • Tessa was bugging me too, Daisy! I thought I was the only one. Her post-tribal comments grated me. Sure she played a good game but she kinda got too big for her boots in the end. And she said some of the contestants played dumb or were dummies, which annoyed me. Wrong terminology for a smart woman.

      I am really starting to like Luke. He and sneaky Jericho make a good pair, but if it’s those two sitting at the end I think the jury will vote Jericho.

      • Stacey, I hope that those of us in the pro Tess camp didn’t make you feel as if you couldn’t say you weren’t a fan. We all see different aspects and it’s good to look at things from a different perspective.

    • Me, too (jumping on the bandwagon). No, seriously she was starting to irritate me, but I was fighting it because I admired her so much at the start. I didn’t want to admit that she had soured.

      Luke now has a very clear game plan. Wait till he finds out that someone is scheming away from his alliance, and that is the next person to go. If the castaways could see what we see, it would be a huge help – all they need to do is hint to Luke that one of his cronies is making other plans, and that person is gonski.

  11. I watched Tessa’s Jury Villa last night and she was struggling to pick where the votes came from so she obviously didn’t know as much of what was going on than she thought she did.
    Ziggy would be wanting to make sure she wins immunities or she will be gone.

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