1. ‘just a thought – Channel 9 producers delay the delivery of Hans and Courtney’s tile delivery on purpose, to make them pay as Hans dared to upset the Golden Chosen Ones – Jess and Norm by very quickly deciding that he didn’t want them to use the crane, along with Bianca and Carla.

    • We don’t go chasing drama?! Yeah, right, Scotty. There was no point to the body corporate as there was no option. The lift was scheduled to be dismantled the next day so of course the crane would have been the only viable option for the larger, heavier items.

      How much did production pay to delay Hans tiles?

      Aww poor little Courtney, the tiles were too heavy to lift.

      The other piece of BS was with the outsider landscaper.

  2. ….and some more BS was that they started on the Sara and Hayden’s balustrade’s first, without notice. All done to stir Sara up in front of the cameras.

  3. Hang on…don’t the Block rules state that you are not allowed to have outside design help yet Jess and Norm get help picking paint colours to redo the apartment.

  4. Courtney owes The Block Shop $3000 and only has to work there a few hours to make up for what she owes. Just more Schlock BS.
    I should try and see if I can get a job there next season. Would be nice to earn $3000 in a few hours for doing very little work.

    I hope they revamp the show and change the judges, hosts, and foremen, choose better contestants who don’t whine, dance or sing and focus on the renos. Guess I’m asking for too much but the show would be better with those changes.

    • It has been a disappointing season.

      The architect (as per usual) did not layout the apartments for what was best for functionality but rather what works best for episodic drama. Case in point Hans and Courtney’s apartment.

      They have bent over backwards to ensure Jess and Norm cross the line with random cash giveaways. You have the best books on the Block here is $5k but you forgot to provision for your plasterers.

      The contestants, urghh, they are all auditioning for a future spot on 9Life. Just no. And Virgin airlines….if the two on the Block are indicative of your entire staff, then you have a toxic culture.

    • I think that revamp has been requested for about six seasons, and yet nothing ever changes. I suppose they are lulled by good ratings, unfortunately.

    • LOL….wouldn’t it be nice to be able to get $3000 worth of home goods for just a few hours of work in trade? What a joke! When it comes down to it C&H got $3000 worth of “stuff” for free.

  5. What are the safety regulations for building or placing fixtures alongside balustrades and boundaries on terraces?
    Jess and Norm’s fixed, marble topped, BBQ was backing up along the balustrade, making it a grand platform to climb and fall from.. The placement of the outdoor furniture is also questionable.

  6. Episode mainly about racing around the track in Volkswagens and a few problems on The Schlock. Not worth watching, IMO. Thank goodness for being able to watch it later and just fast forward through most of it.

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