Daisy’s Bold and the Beautiful recap – Dec

Over to our Bold correspondent Daisy (thank you):
I am sitting at my local café writing this. It’s no Il Giordino’s, but at least I don’t have to worry about any Forresters, or Sheila sneaking up to eavesdrop on me, although I’d be ok with Dollar Bill showing up to foot the bill. The menu here’s not fancy but there is no surveillance crew and I won’t get blackmailed…or kidnapped.
November saw a few more Forrester felonies. The brothers who hated each other from birth; Orange Lurch and scruffy, husky Ridge became best buddies so that they could stick it to Bill. They blackmailed a judge into ruling against him in a custody battle, and then threw the typhoon tycoon from a balcony. Now they are hoping that the new, miraculously healed Dollar Bill will let them both off the hook and not call the newly promoted Detective Sanwichez. It’s crisis time in Bill’s office with Judge Ham and the dirty-handed Forresters.
There’s trouble at Eric’s place. Or should I say, Eric and Quinn’s place? Not according to Pam, who thinks it’s still Stephanie’s house. Pam’s willing to work with the devil to destroy Quinn, but she is working with Donna instead. Donna has her cleavage out in every scene to remind Eric that he likes his honey between soft cupcakes. Eric is happy to take a ride down mammary lane with Donna, and doesn’t mind being her Honey Codger, but Quinn is ready to bring out the kitchen knives to burst their bubble.

Outside the immediate Forrester family (if that is even possible), Little Emma has taken a gracious bow-out, and cleared the field for Skeletor to get her hooks into Zander. Zander isn’t likely to fight her off. Emma is going to concentrate on dancing in white macramé, while Zander and Zoe make beautiful music in black macramé.
December will bring the usual boring Christmas episode, with everyone putting their evil deeds aside to sing carols to Honey Codger and his ivories. Babies and small children will be sleeping through the festivities like perfect little angels who won’t know who Santa is until they are 14. At least they are spared Eric’s Christmas serenade. But in the meantime Bill is calling the Forresters out on their “dirty little deeds”, and praising Saint Brooke for her heroism and integrity. It remains to be seen whether or not Quinn and Eric’s marriage will
survive, and if Bill sends the Forrester’s to jail.

In the meantime we listen to Ridge droning on about Bill’s poor parenting. Let’s hope Ridge and Judge Ham do a little time in the slammer.
I will leave you there, with Pam and Donna apologizing to each other, and vowing to be best friends forever. Santa Baby, please bring us a Bold & Beautiful December filled with revenge, romance and reaping what you sow.
Merry Christmas. 🌲Ho ho ho.



  1. Let’s hope Santa brings Liam and a few of the cast vouchers for acting lessons.

    Thanks, daisy. You’re like a fly on the wall at Il Giardino’s. I’m now ready for Xmas and Thanksgiving at the Forresters. Cringe times are here. Come home for Xmas RJ. You too, Sheila.

  2. Why they think Bill should be a decent chap and not press charges is beyond me. But he will.
    Here comes the catch.
    The conversation between chop stick using Liam and Wipes is sickening. And Wipes is supposed to be the manly one. 😂😂😂😂 Margaret Thatcher, Sheila and even old Stephanie were more manly than Wipes.

    • Vegan take away that Liam’s into with the schlocksticks. They don’t think it strange that they both work at Forresters, either. One of them’s banging Sally Spectra , who stole big buck designs from FC. Yet they bite the hand that feeds them. I hate their brotherly catch ups.

      Ridge has to scurry out of Bill’s office like a frightened cockroach because Bill wants the clincher with Brooke.

      Orange Lurch has to eat shit in front of Liam and Wyatt about the old custody deal being reinstated. Those camping trips with Will are never going to happen now.

    • I thought Liam was looking a bit pudgy today. I thought being the father of two babies to different women at once might have kept him a bit more svelte.

    • It’s like Hay Street Mall (a typical WA expression) in Ridge and Stephie’s office. Next we could expect the janitor and coffee lady sitting in there, feet up on the desk, having a smoko.

  3. Liam and Wyatt give Ridge some lip back at Forrester Creations. Ridge should just sack the two weasels on the spot but no he tries to convince everyone in the room that Bill’s ultimate motivation is getting back with Brooke. No one believes him. Katie , Lurch , Wyatt, Liam. FC’s finest minds…..can’t handle the truth.

    Holier than thou Liam squeals about the massive scandal just avoided through Benevolent Bill’s tender mercy. Father of two bastards at once Liam , that is. Ridge reminds the Spencer boys that they dragged their arses when poor little Will needed them. It’s a bitch fight.

    Bill is crediting his latest obsession Brooke with being his inspiration for change. Stupid Brooke believes Bill has changed and cares not for his precious tower any more.

    • Brooke swoons at being told she is the motivation for a complete metamorphosis. She should hire herself out to prisons.
      Katy might just be the biggest blabbermouth on B&B. Lurch’s role is to stand next to Katy with his hands in his pockets. No wonder he has been nodding off on set.
      Poor old Lurch. He’s everybody’s sidekick.

      Ridge was gasping his moral justification like a blowfish gulping for air on a jetty. But he’s right; Bill’s new behaviour/character looks exactly the same as his old character. 😂😂😂😂

  4. Wow! Ridge just told Wipes that “the ONLY thing” he liked about him was his loyalty to his dad. Ouch! And why did he hire him?
    Note: Ridge leaves Bill’s office, drives to Forresters, go up the elevator, have a long discussion, and Brooke and Bill are STILL talking. What’s more, they are still standing. As were the quarreling clan at Forresters. No one ever does the normal thing, which is sit down while they chat.

  5. Quinn, wisely for her, leaves Pam and Charlie off the Thanksgivings guest list and old softcock Eric adds their names himself. Ruler of hearts crazy Pam then comes in with a whole lot of hogwash about Stephanie sending her messages about Donna being back here to shag Eric. Eric indulges Pam while Quinn just happens to have found an ajar door, and we know what happens then. Quinn hears enough to send her evil gear up a notch.

    Liam and Wyatt go to Bill’s and Bill offers to start funding Liam’s tree hugging charities and laying it on thick about Bill 2.0. Now Liam is telling Satan that he loves him. Liam’s haircut makes him look like a vegan schoolboy.

    Ridge and Brooke get some alone time. Ridge gets all vulnerable and says he’s afraid of losing the flaxen haired one. Brooke assures Ridge that no man could tale her away from Ridge. Bad people do good things and good people do bad things.

    Bill 2.0 proclaims he’ll be the kind of person Brooke and his sons will love. He could even get a Thanksgiving invite.

  6. Thanks, Dave. Just starting now. Brooke just walked in looking like a fox. (The first time I have ever used that 80s word). I think she is wearing a corset under that black suit because her waist is tiny. Modesty Blaise.
    Pam is rubbing salt in Quinn’s wounds by insisting on talking on Softcock alone, leaving Quinn to exit with her forked tail between her legs.
    Pam is getting out her ouija board and pushing the glass to Marry Donna. 👻👻👻

  7. Oooh good. Get those claws out Quinn. Team Pam/Donna or Team Quinn.
    Brooke is being sage and profound. She is believing the pedestal Bill has set her on.
    The set hairdresser clearly has a grudge against Liam.

  8. I had to laugh, watching Friday’s episode.

    I think it says bad things about Pam when even Quinn seems sane (evil, but sane) compared to Pam’s inane ramblings.

    Also, was Bill really lecturing his sons about how much he loves Brooke and how much he wants her back? Wasn’t Bill banging one of his son’s wives, like, two days ago? Gosh, these people have short memories.

    • More laughs in store for Thanksgiving, a B&B highlight. Who will give the most cringeworthy speech and how high will Donna’s cleavage be hitched to trap the tipsy Honey Codger?

      To be fair to Bill, he only banged his son’s wife once…..after weeks of fantasizing and fixating about it.

      Remember Steffy was once married to Wyatt, so it should be a double kick in the guts.

      These characters move on to a new tragic relationship before the sand can barely run through an hourglass. Quinn’s pretty loyal, I’m on team Quinn.

      However the two insipid, stupid $pencer sons still declare their love for Satan.

      • I would like to see Quinn take them all down. At least she LOOKS AFTER her kids, and doesn’t leave them in the attic, or sleep with Wipe’s wives.
        Does that even make sense. Maybe not but it’s Bold, Beautiful and Bewildering.

      • “Remember Steffy was once married to Wyatt…”

        Wait, so, Steffy’s actually slept with every male member of the Spencer family?

        That is just messed up. Can you imagine the post-coital small talk? “Wow, baby, that was better than with your brother, but not as good as with your father.” Ew ew EW.

        • We’re not counting Will, because he’s only six or seven..

          Yes, daisy, Quinn looks after her kids, she married Liam for a while. But that was in the past , before she changed….

          • Yes, but she only kidnapped Liam, pretended they were married, and had sex with him to help Wipes so that’s ok. She’s a good mother. And as Dr Phil would say, “She’s all about keeping family together”.
            And let’s not forget…if you go back a little further, she murdered for her son, to steal the Hope diamond to Wipes could offer it to Hope. And where is the knuckle buster now?

            The Forresters and Spencers are about as clean as the Saddam Hussein’s. 😂😂😂

          • Then Will needs to go into witness protection, because the second that kid turns 18, Steffy’ll be on that like a fly on a cupcake.

  9. Today’s ep is mostly an infommercial for father of the year Bill, who has Katie in tears and eating out of his hands with his sap about being a great parent. Will comes in and is all over Bill, wanting to spend more time with him. A basketball game is mooted. It’s sickening stuff. Lurch’s nose will be out of joint with this latest Bill strategy. Wardrobe put a lot of work into making Katie look hot today..

    Liam and Hope don’t understand that Steffy is feellng awkward seeing them in a blissful marriage wfamily and having her future ripped apart. Raven haired joker lips Steffy doesn’t want Hope and Liam thinking she’s jealous,she says. We’re all Californian adults here in a parenting threesome.

  10. I was thinking that Stephie couldn’t give little Kellie a kiss without leaving a lipstick mark the size of Texas.
    Katy was sneakily busy trying to undig the hole she dug for herself when she stayed staying silent and kept sole custody of Will. Hell, if Bill hadn’t caught them red-handedwith his high-tech spy-ware, Katy could have kept sole custody until Will turned 21.
    If Bill doesn’t stop sucking up to Will with his charm offensive, he’s going to cause psychological damage….to viewers. It’s like the “loved ones episodes on Survivor and IAC”. 😝

  11. Thanksgiving is here. I’ve got a bucket handy. Who will give the worst speech?

    Hope and Steffy pretend everything’s apples.

    Donna looks hotter than hell. Eric will go weak at the knees when he sees her cleavage on display.

    Skeletor and Zander are overwhelmed with the Forrester wealth/white privelege around them.

    Bitch Pam sabotages Quinn’s food with spice.

  12. Welcome to “Pranksgiving” . Supine Charlie and Pam are low creatures.

    By some miracle, Donna gets a table seat next to Eric, who’s sure to cop an eyeful of tender breast. Quinn’s out of action with a burned mouth.

  13. Kindly old goat Eric celebrates “the power of family” to a table of freaks who have either slept with and/or tried to kill / shot at each other at various times. Worst speech goes to Eric. Closely followed by Hope

    Quinn is uncomfortable squeezed between Eric and Pam. Enemies all around her. Donna circling like a vulture.

  14. Wait, so Pam tried to poison the Swedish meatballs?

    Damn it woman. She could’ve taken out this entire clan of insane weirdos in one go, but she blew it!

    • Just overdid the seasoning a bit but Charlie as waiter did the dirty work of insisting Quinn have a meatball especially chosen by crazy Pam.

      Liam looked like a tiny weasel sandwiched between Hope and Steffy. That juvenile haircut in between all that glamour just looks out of place. Hope died inside when she saw Liam holding Kelly and taking her upstairs.

      • “Liam looked like a tiny weasel sandwiched between Hope and Steffy.”

        The entire time Liam was caught between the two girls, the only thing I was thinking of was, “Seriously guys, a threesome would solve a lot of problems here.”

  15. I missed some, but blah, blah, blah, blah…the food’s getting cold.

    Charlie is worse than Pam because he didn’t follow his conscience.

    Liam looks like mormon or muslim sandwiched between two wives, with no idea that it’s off. He might keep having babies to both of them…or better still, by next year, he might have a third pregnant wife at the table.
    No kids to spoil Chrissie dinner.

  16. For goodness sake, Bill, will you actually do some work for a change?

    Meanwhile, check out the detective tasked with finding who Bill’s shooter was. The man’s hair was bigger than he was! Is he hiding is gun up in there? Maybe an entire SWAT team? Yikes.

    And poor Taylor. I really hope, between attempting to murder media kingpins, she found the time to fire, or sue, her plastic surgeon. That man is clearly a sick bastard. But watching her try to act emotional was painful. I don’t think you could crack her expression with a ground-zero nuclear detonation. That was just … strange.

    • 😂😂😂😂 Windsong. You’re all in.
      Just about to watch. I might move my cggair back if Taylor is on so her lips don’t smack me in the eye.

      • Her weirdly-puffy cheeks would be a danger to small vehicles and low-flying birds, I’ll say that.

        But seriously, check out the detective’s hair!

        • That’s Det Sandwichez. He’s going to develop a love interest, we’re expecting. His hair really is something to behold.

          Bill does no work and his Mohammed Ali impression was so bad.

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