Cat chat with Bobi

By Bobi

My brother has a new kitten. 

Y’all think that kittens are adorable. I can tell. 

Apparently I should have been happy to provide amusement to my family. I know that we all need a laugh in these unprecedented times but a dad joke would have sufficed. 

My brother has a fondness for black cats. He says they are stealth bombers.

And he does acknowledge that they are evil but excuses that on the basis that he speaks cat. 

I am guessing that it says something about my brother but I agree with him that films with, and about, cats are much more entertaining than those with dogs. One of my favourite scenes ever is that one with the Siamese cats in The Lady and the Tramp. Now there’s an ear worm. 🎼

I know someone is going to mention The Lion King. I haven’t seen it. It optimises something about children’s movies that I hate with a passion: the tired cliche of the death of a parent. Why do we think it’s okay to reduce children to tears with a trauma at the beginning of a movie? There should be an equivalent of the Bechdel test.

Still, I can’t wait for Cats to come to Netflix. I love a B-grade movie. Unintentional laughs are just the best. 



  1. I don’t like cats. Not even kittens. I did when I was young if course. Now I categorize them with rats. They remind me of rats.
    Also I love birds in nature, and I have a fish pond so, “bwaah aah aah aaaaah”, cat hater here.
    Of course if you own a cat and I visit, I will fake it with a sort of smile or nod of acknowledgement, but inside I will be hoping that you cat doesn’t see my indifference as the puuurrfect reason to rub its slithering body against me.
    The main reason I don’t like them is because they kill wildlife.

    But I can think of two cats that I learned to like when I was young; Elsa the lion, and Top Cat. Ooo wait. One more. The Metro Goldwyn Maya lion at the opening of a movie.
    I think there is a reason that there are a lot more dog movies than cat movies.

    Now that is making me think of other animal movies I have seen;
    Parrot movies.
    Other penguin movies.
    Kangaroo TV shows.
    Monkey Trouble.
    Planet of the Apes.
    Mickey Mouse in Fantasia.
    There are a lot of animals covered.
    I even remember, when I was very young, seeing a movie about an island girl who made friends with a shark.

    • I always found Flipper troubling.
      I thinks it’s because, even as a child, I knew that Flipper was a prisoner and no one was tucking her into bed.
      Again, they killed off the mother. Seriously, whyyyyyy?

    • Our cat is either inside or in an outdoor enclosure, so the most she kills is flies.
      I am not a dog person but admit some are cute. I detest it when some owners (not you lot, of course) let dogs off leash on beaches where it is forbidden to do so.
      I don’t mind non-barky dogs that don’t jump up on you.
      More cat shows: Secret Life of Peta, Boss Baby TV show, any James Bond film with Blofeld in it, Inspector Gadget

    • I don’t like them either, but was forced to live with one when DS had to move back home for a year with his. Over time I learned to like him, but never the lifestyle that goes with a cat (or any other house animal). Unfortunately, other cats visible out of the windows caused our visitor to spray, and it has taken a long time to rectify the damage of that, and some furnishings will never recover.

      So, now it is nice to visit the cat, but him and him only.

  2. ATM, Woolif and I are watching The World’s Most Secret Homes. Woolif is normally “Ho hum” about docos, but I am hoping his background in architectural drafting might help him stay interested.

  3. Okay, Just because I don’t like cats, doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate cat songs;
    What’s New Pussycat.
    Three little Kittens, They Lost Their Mittens.

  4. You’ll never see a cat abandon it’s young to be on a reality tv show. Just sayin’ No cats vainly “searching for love ” on yer screens or whining about dead Nonnas.

    Cats put humans to shame. Why only yesterday I saw in the paper three one week old kittens dumped outside Adelaide pet store. All had cat flu. They’re ok now, safe from feral humans..Courageous cats.

    Stray Cat Blues ~ Roling Stones
    Cat Food ~ King Crimson.

    Cat’s Eye~ remarkable Steven King film.

    • You’ll never see a cat on Dr Phil, dobbed in for fighting with their son-in-law, or hoarding humans and leaving human poo everywhere. You’ll never see a cat on Dr Phil brought in for selling her body on Sugar Babes. 🐱

      But you might for urinating nightly on the neighbour’s car.

  5. I do have a fondness for cats.
    I owned a Burmese for a short while, otherwise known by the children as “the attack cat”.
    In some respect, better than a dog, and funnier. Anyway, I thought it was funny.

  6. No, he doesn’t look thrilled to be wearing his coat, like “really,mum, why?”

    It’s a nice coat and he looks majestic in it. 🙂

  7. Susan Ryan has died. 💔
    I don’t know why this one has hit me so hard.
    Maybe it’s because I feel like she’s a peer (even though she is older than me).
    I think it’s more because I was busy protesting different things while she was in government actually fighting for them.
    I think I was one of the many that benefited from the work she did. My daughter has no idea or appreciation of what it used to be like. She takes so much for granted.
    This calls for chocolate ice-cream.

  8. It’s a crap week.
    Now Helen Reddy died.
    I know she had Alzeimer’s but she was still had a significant impact on my youth and now she’s gone.
    If people could just hold off dying until after the US election, it will make the whole s**tshow easier to come to terms with.

    • I want him to actually be sick. Not sick enough to die but sick enough that he knows that he’s really sick.
      I want Karma to teach him that the virus is not a hoax.
      I doubt that he will learn anything from the experience but a smidgen of empathy might be nice.

      • Isn’t it weird what happens when you ignore the professional and learned advice of doctors and medical experts? Isn’t it strange what happens?

        Even if he got hit by a really strong dose of the virus and had to be in hospital for a month on a respirator … he’s one of the most powerful and important people on the planet (unfortunately), so I imagine he’ll survive no matter what happens.

        And I hate hoping something awful happens to another human being … but I really hope he barely survives. It might actually teach him a few things.

      • I am just listening to Dr Swan and he raised the interesting point of Biden. They were both in the same space shouting at each other. If Trump was infected then, then he’s a spreader.
        Sadly, if Biden gets the virus he is at greater risk being older.
        I wonder what would happen to the election if they were both hospitalised?
        So many questions.
        I wonder why I care, but I do.

        • It’s 2020. Every time you think you’ve got it under control, this year throws in another plot twist.

          Donald Trump’s most fanatical, extremist followers all think that covid is a hoax. They’re probably turning their brains inside-out, at the moment, trying to fit this into their Deep State conspiracy theory, you know?

        • The election will happen, even if both are hospitalised. That’s what vice presidents are for, with other officials set as next in line if necessary.

          Biden is older, but he is not an overweight, totally unfit, disgusting excuse for a man who pooh-poohed advice from Fauci and others on how to protect himself, as Trump is. Biden has followed the advice of medical experts to protect himself and those around him. I think he would have a better chance of surviving the virus if he got it.

          I’d prefer Trump to live long enough to see himself defeated in the election, then I hope he dies. I don’t think I’ve ever before thought such a horrible thing about another person. But Trump wants to hold on to power as long as he has a breath in his body, whatever it takes to do so. He is stupid and dangerous to the world, not just USA, and cares about no one but himself.

          I keep thinking about how good it would be never to hear another word from him.

          And yes, I know how awful Pence is. Still want to see the end of Trump.

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