Daisy’s Bold and the Beautiful chat – Sept

By Daisy

After hiding out from the virus, the Bold & the Beautiful are back, albeit looking a tiny bit scragglier, chubbier and with a few overgrown hairdos.

I guess you might have to be picky to notice things like Brook’s big arms and shoulders in her off-the-shoulder tops, but do you need to be observant, or just paying attention to notice they have been kissing dummies ( boom boom in advance)
Some questions come to mind. Who will be first to overhear $hauna confessing her crime? (who’s not after Forrester cash). How long will they keep the secret? How long before Dr House Calls becomes Dr Bedroom Caller? Will Steffy sleep with Dr House Calls so that she can get her hands on his prescription notepad?

It definitely won’t be long before Liam is sniffing around Steffy again. Hope’s attempt at getting her peach painted claws into little Kelly might have backfired.

The central theme right now is Quinn going crazy in her attempt to push Brooke out of the family and install and consolidate her bestie $hauna as Mrs Ridge Forrester.

Ridge has had his braincells sucked out from kissing dummies because he is just going along with this faux marriage like someone waking up in a stupor after a general anaesthetic, whenever he sees Brooke kissing Bill.

None of this will last because $hauna and Quinn keep discussing their “secret”, so it’s only a matter of time … tick tock. Who will spring them? I’m hoping it’s Katy but guessing Flo. She can keep a secret for months.

Will the Forresters see a trend with the Barnacle Sisters now (I know they are mother and daughter)? One baby kidnapped. One man a victim of nuptial fraud, then coitus fraud.

Biggest question; will this spell the end of Quinn over the fireplace? Happy viewing.



  1. Thanks, daisy. I’ve yet to see a kissing dummies scene but looking forward to it. Only able to catch two or three eps per week. The Forresters never have renovations done, disrupting their exciting lives. They don’t live in the real world or write blogs.Losers.

    They tell me Carter’s moving in on roach rebounding Skeletor.

    I need Bill’s humour to get me through these unprecedented times. Notice Bill never needs to eavesdrop….unless he pays someone to do it.

  2. Hahaha. Shut up, Liam.

    Liam runs around town with his knickers in a knot over Dr House-Calls, I mean Mr Available, instead of being home, raising his two daughters with his Apricot wife.
    Steffy has a long French kiss with her new boyfriend Mr Available (who is no relative), proving how clever the Bold & Beautiful producers are at filming their cast kissing dummies.

  3. Thanks Dave. Bill has been flexing his mogul muscles and declaring undying love to Katy, then Brooke, then Katy, then wait…Brooke becomes available, so Brooke. The one thing he is unwavering on, he hates Wipes’ crazy mom.

    It’s really quite surprising that these people don’t have more kids.

  4. Liam finds Steffy overdosed on Dr Finnegan’s prescription goodies. Liam doesn’t know how to act. He never did. Curtain.

    • Hope didn’t do herself any favours running to Jelly Liam to report on Dr Feelgood.
      Liam can’t zoom over quick enough.

  5. Enraged Liam drug busts Steffy, and will point the finger at Dr House Calls.
    Expect Kelly to be back in Hope’s arms quicker than you can say, “Acting school”.

    • You got that right. Liam tore strips off Dr.Dope for Steffy today.

      The roach is working his mojo of manipulation on mother goose Hope, she never learns.

  6. Steffy defends Dr.Dope and guilt trips Liam for dumping her for Hope and his new family.

    Steffy tells Liam to leave and claims she’s not a junkie. They argue. Steffy’s acting is good. Liam says he’ll leave but he’ll take his daughter with him. Them’s fighting words. Curtain.

  7. At this point self-righteous, outraged, indignant Liam is making Thomas look the better option. Yeah, I was waiting for him to move in like a moralising creep and take Kelly. Dr Didn’t-Do it should move in with Steffy to put Liam’s mind at rest. ๐Ÿ˜

  8. I like Steffy like this, all strung out on Dr Feelgood’s pills and telling a few home truths to the pack of moral watchdogs savaging her. Brooke and Hope copped it, trying to get Steffy to a dual diagnosis pony ranch for CEO’s of multi million dollar fashion houses. The fantasy driven roach is getting ready to meddle in this sad state of affairs.

  9. Stephie hadn’t even started being addicted to drugs. A couple of prescribes courses and 2 pills from Vinnie and she’s ranting? I think her intervention was worse than her “addiction”.
    Now I’m not condoning the abuse of prescription drugs, but two pills don’t make you crazy. The Forresters do.

    • Time just moves differently in soap opera worlds. A single coversation can last for months, yet someone becomes addicted to opoids in, literally, two hours.

      • And a secret can go on for months with everyone knowing it except the involved parties. ๐Ÿคฃ

    • Steffy was brow beaten by the trio of toxicity, Ridge, Dr Pusher and lame Liam. How was Ridge attempting to yell? The hoarse whisperer.

      Agreed daisy. It’s not a drug problem Steffy has…it’s a Forrester/Spencer/ Logan problem.

  10. Ridge is going meekly, like a hoarse lamb to the financial slaughter in $hauna the showgirl, who can’t remember all the men she’s had. He gets some advice from Eric not to get married, when old Pop is the insipid victim of a conniving gold digger himself. This should be some wedding.

    Carter gets a promotion for writing up so many annulment and divorece papers at short notice.. Skeletor and her new hairdo are impre$$ed.

    My, aren’t the alledged actors getting fatter by the day? The Bloated And The Beautiful we have thanks to Covid.

    • Poor old Brooke with the flabby, chunky arms, and Quinn with her less than Hollywood Whitened teeth.

  11. Katie finds an ajar door and eavesdrops on the two gold diggers discussing Ridge’s entrapment. You know that when Quinn says” No one will know our secret”, Katie will be spreading the gossip tout de suite.

    Ridge flashes back to the good old days with hiis Logan. Will Katie blab in time? Five gripping minutes to go.

  12. Katie finds a pensive Rasper and starts spilling ger guts about what she overheard at the ajar door. Curtain. Who’s going to eat all that caviar now?

    • You’d think that, at some point in the last twenty years, one of these morons — just one — would’ve learned to shut the damn door before gossiping about your evil plot.

  13. The eternal eavesdropper starts spewing to Rasper, who is skeptical , Katie being the biggest blabbermouth in L.A.

    Smoking Cleavage tries to talk to frantic Brooke.

    Everyone else is getting dressed up for the wedding. Eric praises Quinn’s decorations. Carter is going to officiate. We’re being sucker punched for a last minute disaster. Brooke is on the way over Ridge defends $hauna.

    • If there’s one thing Donna is the expert on, it’s how to support someone in need.

      I noticed that Wyatt barely fit into his tuxedo. Apparently the cast ate their way through lockdown. I always thought that was a bit unfair. It’s like, the girls have to squeeze themselves into Forrester ™ Lingerie or slinky cocktail dresses. C’mon boys, do some sit-ups between takes, it’s not too much to ask.

      But Wyatt’s hair is also just, damn.

      • I love the scene that has Donna randomly leaning forward on an office table and squeezing her breasts together, for no apparent reason other than to pleasure Dave. ๐ŸŽˆ๐ŸŽˆ

  14. Brooke bursts in on Quinn, who’s lost in her portrait over the Forrester fireplace. The two face off…..but we cut to Katie ,making excuses for spying and blabbing to Rasper , who’s starting to experience the penny drop. Cruelly, the curtain falls

    I guess there’ll be no face slapping during Covid. I mean, Quinn and Brooke have been there before..

    No wedding today. The caviar rots. I think Quinn finally got the tooth whitener treatment. Attractive matriarch for this looming mess. Easy to hate on Katie today.

  15. Even The Cone of Silence couldn’t keep a secret from being spread all over Forresters’.
    Ridge needs to pay more attention to Judge Judy whose adage is, “If it makes sense it’s true and if it doesn’t make sense, it’s not true. Instead he struggles to get his shaggy head around the idea of notoriously devious Quinn and $hauna the accomplice in baby theft, trucking him into marriage, even though he has no recollection of it.
    I’ve had 5 tequila slammers in a row and not married anyone nor forgotten throwing up on the side of the road.
    Please pardon the stupidity of my teens.

    • One of my cousins had a very similar story with tequila. I gotta be honest, it’s not something I’m in a hurry to try for myself, you know? Like, I’ll take you guys’ word for it.

  16. As much as I don’t like either Quinn or Brooke, for that matter … I kind of think Brooke has a point when it comes to Shauna.

    For all this, “I love Ridge Forrester so much!” nonsense, her two most intimate moments with him have both only happened because Ridge had liquored himself into an unconscious stupor (the original night they spent together above Bikini, and the Vegas wedding).

    Like, wouldn’t a healthy, functioning adult actually realise that a relationship isn’t going to work (and is probably illegal) if it requires one of the parties to be unconscious? This just says really, really bad things about Shauna. How out-of-touch with reality is she, if she genuinely believes that this is how happy, adult relationships work?

    And for that matter, how’d she end up banging Storm and Bill? Did she drug them into unconscious beforehand as well? Like, what the hell?

  17. I just can’t fathom how $hauna who was co-cinspirator to kidnapping, then commited fraud and identity theft, somehow sees herself as decent.
    Anyhow, on Monday, Eric, who seems to have no idea what goes on under his roof, might learn of his wife’s hand in $hauna’s criminal activity.
    I just hope there isn’t a fade mark on the wall above the fireplace.

  18. I missed Friday’s episode, guess the wedding hasn’t/ didn’t happen.

    That portrait space above the hearth belongs to Sheila.

    If Eric wises up to Quinn and evicts her, Sheila can return.

  19. Eric overhears Quinn and $hauna discussing their evil plot. He hears way too much…..the portrait is on borrowed time.Eric confronts her as she gazes at it

    Zende( played by a new “actor”) returns from Paris…without Nicole. Some frisson between Skeletor and Zende.

    Ridge and Brooke patch things up.The marruage in Vegas was invalid.

    • Thankyou Dave and Windsong. We missed this arvo ‘s but will watch the light go in for Eric tomorrow.
      Why can’t Eric just find a woman who bakes and knits?
      Like Pam.

  20. Eric tells Quinn there’s no point lying….he heard it all. Checkmate. Where are you, $heila?

    Rapturous Rasper and Brooke take us to the curtain, destiny wins today.

    These simple folk never learn. Don’t discuss your dirty secrets….there’s always someone listening.

  21. Will Quinn be able to pull herself out of the hole she has dug for herself? She may need to destroy her prenuptial contract. Will her job at Forrester be on the line?
    Will Zoe ever stop asking impertinent questions of her bosses and guys she just met. And will she stop sitting at their office desk? Models don’t get to sit in the bosses offices.
    Will Shauna escape blame again, by letting Quinn take the heat with another “devil.made me do it” story.

    • Today was mostly about Steffy. She looks amazing for someone strung out on narcotics a week ago. Liam is smothering her and getting jealous of Dr. Feelgood, who’s moving in on Steffy.

      The perverted roach is fantasising about tuck shop arms Hope again. He’s pissed off that Zende has got a gig with Hope For The Future.

      Liam is now Steffy’s guard dog.

  22. Skeletor has eyes for rebounding Zende, so it looks like more lonely nights for Carter. Heartbreak ahead.

    • Yeah, wasn’t she dating Carter, like, thirty seconds ago?

      I suppose she’s following the time-honoured tradition of trying to marry her way into the Forrester gazillions. Carter was just an attorney, but Zende? This kid’s (adopted) family.

  23. Liam is sick with jealousy. He’s seeing potential suitors for Steffy everywhere. He may require a bout of psychiatric treatment himself
    Indeed, normally waiflike Hope is looking solid.
    Bill has jowls I never noticed before. They all need to get up on the top floor gym at Forresters.
    Zoe didn’t wait long to cheat on Carter. He might be asking the writers, “Why are you picking on me?”

  24. Catching up on yesterday’s episode while having lunch today.

    You know, as inappropriate as it is for a doctor to be dating somebody who was so recently his patient … do we really blame Steffy for jumping on that ride? Doctor Finnigan is *fine*. I’d let him take my temperature, however he wanted. Plus he’s a doctor, one of the few professions capable of keeping up with the Forresters. Although I did laugh when he said to Steffy how he intends on being with her for the long-term … you don’t know this family very well, do you, doc?

    The following scene in Forrester Creations was hilarious, with Hope, Thomas, Zoey and Zende all in four corners of the room. There was just an exercise in four-way tension. So he hates her and he loves her and she loves him and she hates him and she’s jealous of him and he’s jealous of him and trying to figure out the dynamic made me go cross-eyed.

  25. Steffy has spent four or five days in rehab and she’s going to be discharged, into the tender loins of creepy Dr Feelgood.. Not the usual 28 days. She’s hoodwinked into making a video for the grafting Rehab joint owner, who seems in cahoots with Dr Feelgood. Steffy gives a glowing report on the wonders of these two shysters. Will they blackmail Steffy or give her glowing testimonial to the media?

    The roach continues to get his rocks off pursuing Hope, and white anting Zende. Carter’s praises are sung, but Skeletor will dump him for Zende soon.

    Hope is starting to be annoyed that Liam is obsessed with Steffy and Dr.Feelgood. The roach is lapping this up.


    • Hahaha.
      No 24 hours to reconsider going public with her tell-all from rehab.
      And Liam’s jelly angst is soon going to start sending alarm bells to Hope.

  26. Dr Feelgood kidnaps Kelly to score some brownie points with Steffy.Liam is furious and rushes off to confront him.

    Where is little Douglas? Dead? She was Hope’s pet project.

    Carter has bought a a swank love nest and plans to set up Skeletor there. For now , Zende is left holding his designer’s pencil.

    The roach continues to work on Hope, who sees Liam as a prying puppet on Steffy’s string. This California co parenting trip is hitting the fan.

    Liam tells Dr Feelgood that going behind his back to butter up Steffy is not on. Liam lays on the sarcasm about the doctor cracking on to his patients.


    • Oh Liam, Liam, Liam.
      No you may not have your cake and another cake.
      Liam can’t bear the thought of not having his little extended family. Hope senses Liam’ s interest in Steffy’s love-life might be a little too intense.

  27. I can just hear Liam’s acting coach now.
    “Show me ‘jealousy’. No Spencer, like you have an eye twitch or sand in both eyes”. Pretend you’re a wild brumby”.

    • There’s a famous blues called “When My Left Eye Gets To Jumping”, it’s about the very jealousy and suspicion you describe, daisy. Sonny Boy Williamson. I’ve sadly missed the show for a couple of days but have been reassured by a kindly neighbour that~ “nothing’s happened”

      Acting coach~ “Emote like another mule is kicking in your stall, Liam”

      • Oh no, quite the opposite. Sure, they are all standing in their corner, but Liam freaking out, running all over town, telling everyone to, “Stay away from Steffy”. Twitch. Twitch.

        He even went to Bill with a warning.

  28. Liam gets an earbashing from Hope to butt out of Steffy’s life. Overdue or what?

    He pulls a range of inapproprite faces to navigate this.

    Dr Feelgood’s pretty boy predator noose is tightening on glowing junkie Steffy. The self serving roach is on board with it. He knows it will weaken Liam.

    Curtain to Liam’s bizarre grimace. The one you pull when you suspect a dog has crapped inside.

    • And he stepped in it. “What’s that smell?”

      Sadly, I am worried that Dr “I’m no gynaecologist, but……”, might end up feeding Liam a big “I told you so” opportunity.

  29. Dr Finn is micro managing Steffy’s life now, buying groceries and telling her he loves her. Steffy loves him. This is not going to end well. It’s pretty bad form to be hitting on a recovering addict.

    Hope continues to beat the whimpering Liam into submission. Get over your jealous trip. Dr Finn is a top bloke, she thinks. Liam ‘s acting fails dismally….again…..but he’s right about the debauched, dope dealing Dr. Finn.

    ****struck Carter tells Charlie things are going well with Zoe. Actually she’s just beguiled Zende with a hideous love dirge she’s written. Yea , Skeletor is a musical genius just waiting to tear LA apart. Curtain.

  30. You can take it the bank that the roach has flipped. He’s purchased a mail order sex doll or at least the head. It’s a dead ringer for Hope. “So lifelike” whispers the salivating, sex crazed roach. Who knows what unspeakable fantasies this doll will unleash? Yeah.

    Carter has big plans for Zoe….but she’s falling for Zende….who “dreams” about her. Zoe thinks Carter is moving too fast asking her to set up house. Zende talks of “isolation” and a “bubble”. Covid is in LA folks and Zende feels for people..

    Pussywhipped Liam slithers to Steffy’s and eats humble pie before her and Dr. Pills.DrPills gets smooched for his trouble.

    We go to the curtain with the roach drooling over the facsimile of Hope’s head.He’s surely changed. This is the only way he can get a head job from Hope. I guess the body and batteries get mailed separately. The roach can design lingerie for it.

  31. So producers and writers have figured out a way around covid. Everyone gets a head copy of the one they list after so it’s not odd when they have to kiss a fake head.

    Carter can get one of the slithering Skeletor as she spins her web (sorry about the mixed metaphors) of Carter and I were never serious to Zende, who really doesn’t mind stepping on Carter’s toes anyway. Perhaps Cherrlleee has a shoe for that.
    Zende and Zoe could both do with listening to the wise words of Dr Phil, “If they’d do it with you, they will do it to you”.
    And when is Hope going to change her dress? I think someone noticed her thickening waistline and suggested the full length cardigan.

  32. I missed yesterday’s episode but caught enough of today’s to see Thomas having a conversation with the mannequin dressed up as Hope.


    Because “Thomas is insane!” wasn’t fun enough the first time around, the writers have to make it even stupider with part two?

    You know, at this point, I feel like I’m on Thomas’s side. Just kill them all, kid.

        • What the hell was Quinn wearing. In fact they all look like they have traded st Laurent for st Vinnie’s. They should bring out Brooke’s kaftans.

          I wonder if they have to wear their own clothes because of the virus.

  33. The highlight of today’s episode …

    Liam: “Am I boring?”

    Oh, Liam, honey, sweety. Is that really a thread you want to pull at?

  34. The highlight for me was Liam waxing manical between his two women, pretending “one happy family” means he can still hang on to Steffy.
    The other thing was the child, locked in a cupboard, who can draw like a 6 or 7 year old. Last I saw her she was two or three, about the right age for scribbling, when drawing Mommy as a circle with legs is advanced.
    What’s next? Beth painting the Mona Lisa?

    • Beth will probably have graduated college by Christmas.

      You never know who to side with, on these things. Yeah, Thomas is an insane stalker, but his criticisms of Liam re: bouncing between Steffy and Hope whenever he feels like a change were pretty on-point, I feel.

      • Techinically, $hauna so far is just mooching in Eric’s guest room, the site of so many love trysts. It’s not a big stretch to the bedroom and billions..

        Quinn gave $hauna her marching orders but not to be denied, Eric reckons $hauna is a high quality person and was genuine while Quinn ripped his heart out. Hell, Eric won’t have it and he personally drags $hauna’s worldly belongings back into the mansion. The old fox.

        $hauna looks up at the portrait over the Forrester hearth and we see that this slithering slut from Vegas ain’t done yet. Where art thou, $heil?. Eric’s getting in over his head. He’ll take Charlie Sheen’s table scraps.

        There’s some sickening blather about marriage Vegas style between Flo and Wyatt.

        Skeletor has a sister. Yawn. Emma’s been reincarnated in L.A. She’s going to hit on Zende. Dullness is a highlight of this scene.


  35. I am still trying to remind Eric that the kind and decent $hauna was not long ago a co-cinspirator in the heinous crime of stealing a baby, and from their family. But Eric must be going deaf.

    $hauna also had the family billions in sight when she pushed Flo into getting back into their favour with a kidney for Katie (a song there).

    $oon $hauna will be giving Erich her $ympathy and ki$$ing him in his $leep.
    Then you’ll have Charlie Sheen and the kids staying in the guest house.

    • It’s funny how none of the past wives, except Brooke and Taylor seem to benefit financially from the Forrester marriages. Why isn’t Donna rich now? Or Sheila?
      The only one I ever saw going for half an empire was Katy with Bill.
      The rest just scuttle off like a cockroach in a kitchen.

  36. Paris Pink hair will be like Maya’s sisters; mooching in and modelling in no time.
    And, say what? Did I hear Zoe say, “I’m not on the board yet”. It still amazes me that she gets an office, and right across from Eric’s.

  37. I’ve been cruelly denied my nineteen odd minutes of escapism today because of a power failure. Charlie may have solved the mannequin mystery and how would I know? Eric may have traipsed to the guest house for a cup of sugar and fallen into a money/honey trap. Dr Finn seems to be roach savvy but I have the debauched, hypocritical dope dealing doc pinned for a stalker just the same, waiting to explode.

    Oh well, this is Friday the 13th. Rotten luck. Don’t let me suffer. $pit it out. …before I jump into a vat of hydrofluoric acid or hook up with a mannequin.

    • Dave, you missed the to-be-expected yadayada between Pink Paris and Zoe as PP banged on about Zende…wait for it… FORRESTER. It seems the surname helps…a lot. Zoe scowled and tried to deter PP from going after her own secret love interest.

      Finn stupidly continued to add fuel to dimwitted Liam’s fire. Yeah Finn, knowing how he nearly drilled a hole in the ground beneath himself spinning out of control over you and Steffy, you think it’s a good idea to start diagnosing mental illness in someone who ISN’T a patient, then telling Liam of all people about it?
      Liam of course burns hot and takes the fast and high road to bang down Thomas’s door, only to find the life-like dummy of his wife, even down to the same acting technique.
      Presumably Thomas will be quick thinking enough to tell Liam that he only borrowed “Hope” to surprise Hope with some fabulous designs. We all know he has designs alright.
      The story might fly, as Thomas has been working hard to impress Hope that he is over her. Hope has rewarded him by reinstating him as a designer for Hope for the future.
      All the while, Charlie has been running around, hamming it up, in his role as super sleuth. Nothing gets by Charlie. Except the fact that his gf is missing. Never mind about the mannequin Cherrlleee. Your gf hasn’t been seen in months.

  38. I think I’ll want to see Liam busting in on the mannequin on Monday’s encore. Agreed the roach will talk his way out of this one…again. He’s changed.

    Thanks ,daisy.

  39. Liam and the roach have an argument about how much time Liam spends at Steffy’s. The roach does have a point. Liam has cake, and he eats it to boot.

    Steffy asks Hope if she’s pissed off that Liam is always with her and Kelly. You bet she is. This is a bad California trip. Deadbeat dad Liam.

    Liam barges out of the room and …probably heads to Steffy’s. The roach collapses and when he comes to , the mannequin is whispering sweet nothings to him. The mannequin drives a hard bargain and orders the roach to kill Liam. The mannequin’s eyes burn a demonic fire red as we go to the curtain.

  40. And Thomas gives Liam a more viable solution; “Pick Kelly up and take her out”. It’s wasted on Liam who can only see the speck in every one else’s eyes and not the plank in his own (those Bible lessons weren’t wasted on me ๐Ÿคฃ). Or as Dr Phil would say; “This isn’t just a Thomas problem”. It was all Liam could do to manage not checking if wooden Hope had all her lady parts.
    If wooden Hope gets her way she will get dazed Thomas to bump off Liam.
    I thought Thomas did a pretty good job (for B&B) at telling Liam he was lapping up dangling Steffy and Hope on a string, and telling him to pee off.

  41. Liam is acting like he’s losing the plot. He might need to be put away.
    Dummy Hope met wooden Hope and they were both bemused. Wooden Hope told Thomas to put us all out of our misery.
    Dummy Hope and Steffy wanted to see the good in Thomas.

    • Liam buried himself in failure. Because he’s not a designer. The roach is racking up brownie points with Dummy Hope for being talented and drawing divine inspiration from mannequin meat. No one believes Liam because he’s laid the roach hate on too thick, along with the Dr Opiates obsession and jealousy……My guess is Bill will have to intervene and save his wimpy son from the roach.
      Guessing Il Giardino’s is closed with Covid.

      Great work from Wooden Hope to encourage the roach to commit a sexual assault on Dummy Hope. The roaches work is okay, too.

          • Liam faces an impossible task convincing Hope and Steffy that the roach is unhinged. It was Groundhog Day on this issue. They probably think Liam believes in the Loch Ness Monster.

            The mannequin has the roach jumping through hoops of delusion. Love moves in mysterious ways , those mannequins eyes are workin’ their mojo.

            Zende / Skeletor .It won’t be long. Yawn.

            Curtain. Save the viewers , Bill. Bring the sarcasm…..and give Liam a job licking envelopes.

  42. Groundhog Day. Steffy and Hope still think Liam is the village idiot. The roaches psychosis meantime becomes more florid.

    Skeletor was about to dump deluded Carter after he’d propsed but there’s an inconvenient interruption. Sorry Carter, you’re too boring.

    • My turn to miss it today. We are at Walpole again (Peaceful Bay Actually).
      Good to hear you SAians are on the loose again.

      • I didn’t need those Valiums for the lockdown after all. Party time.

        Happy holiday. Don’t go swimming in no hydrofluoric acid now. Don’t talk to any strange mannequins.

        Carter’s proposal was so sad. All set to get an answer (no) when Pinky and Zende burst in, killing the romantic buzz. .

  43. $ocial climbing Zoe accepts Carter’s proposal. What pitiful scenes. A marriage made in hell. Let’s give it one month. Carter’s marrying a shrunken head.

    Playboy Wyatt works Eric over about how he should forgive Quinn. The old fool looks set to buy into that crock of shite. Comes complete with happy matrimonial flashbacks back when Quinn had “changed”. Meantime, Eric has $hauna on ice.


  44. By hook or by crook (or even by a dose of roofie), $hauna is going to bag herself a Forrester. Eric needs to make sure she does not mix him a martini.

    • I missed today, but sense too that Eric is ripe for the plucking,especially after Wyatt’s heart wrenching testimonial yesterday. Don’t bother knockin’ if the guest house is rockin’, folks. Who’ll eavesdrop on the senile shagging this time? Katie? Quinn? Flo? The milkman? What light from yonder shrubbery breaks?

      Really, Eric should get a pet and have a normal life away from these grifters.

  45. With all of that Forrester and Spencer money, it’s odd that the M word or even the C word never comes up (cash btw).
    They accept jobs without asking what it pays. Divorces too.

    • Liam was so worried about Thomas being with Hope, that he hung out at the office with Steffy.

      Shauna has barely convinced herself she’s not after Eric, and Flo barely concealed her crotch in that crotch baring beach gown.

      And Douglas barely remembered his lines.

      • $hauna’s not after Eric………….just his money.

        It’ll take a bulldozer to get her out of the guest house. How many cups of sugar requests can Eric get away with?

        Keep bangin’ out those awesome designs , roachy babe.

        I suppose the only lines Douglas knows are “Beth is alive”

  46. While Hope sings Liam’s praises and gives a monologue on his loyalty and fidelity, Liam looks like he is trying to swallow a turkey testicle.

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