MKR and the MSG scandal

The young girls cook tonight on My Kitchen Rules and they’re definitely no Sammy and Bella, because they use MSG in their cooking.
Where the heck does one even buy MSG? (Well, eBay has it for $18 for 500g which seems a lot, but I’m guessing you only need a bit.)
Seriously, does anyone have an old family recipe at home or Women’s Weekly Cookbook that says “add one teaspoon of MSG”? Nup? Me neither.
The interesting thing will be whether Pete even tastes the food.



  1. I know “Batman versus Superman” is airing tonight on Foxtel. I’m not sure whether that, or *this*, would be a more horrible viewing experience.

  2. The MSG thing is all a aet up. Who buy 500g of MSG? Unless you are running a Chinese restaurant.

    This show is getting really really bad with all the fake drama and acting.

  3. Oh well, glutamate is in lots of stuff and I avoid it. :/

    I am always checking all the condiments I get as I tend to overreact on the glutamate. Especially Asian stuff. Ayam usually has glutamate in it.

    I think the scoring was very harsh. 4s felt a little mean in my opinion.

    And wow, those older ladies are awful. The editing did very well. They are those contestants you want to see fall to the ground and not picking themselves up.

  4. Multiple fusions in this restaurant. If they are doing Japanese/Italian shouldn’t they have baked Ciabatta rolls rather than Brioche buns. I also thought I saw them using Shiraz wine in the hamburger mix (or was it added to the sauce). Perhaps I misread the label because it wasn’t on screen very long but I am fairly certain it was Shiraz.
    The scores of 4 were too low and the score of 7 too high, IMHO.
    Points should be deducted for their references to the Kardashians. πŸ™‚
    I hope the sourpusses’ instant restaurant is a failure.

  5. This round is pretty boring. I haven’t been interested enough to sit through the whole hour yet. Even the villains this time are tame compared to the other rounds. The blonde with dead eyes would make an excellent Cruella De Ville, though, and the other one, um, that is an unfortunate jaw line to have.

    All the horrified faces at the mere mention of MSG gave me a laugh. Yes, it is mostly unnecessary and some people react badly to it, but it isn’t frigging arsenic.

    I missed seeing the dessert served but that dish got good responses apparently. The last bit I saw showed that the cake part was undercooked. How can wet cake be good?

    MKR needs to shake things up, and they can start by eliminating the third round of contestants. Yawn.

    • “Yes, it is mostly unnecessary and some people react badly to it, but it isn’t frigging arsenic.”

      Yeah, that’s Tyson and Amy’s restaurant.

      Gosh, the channel 7 marketing department needs a jump-kick to the face. The MSG “controversy” ended up predictably being nothing. They mention it for like a minute, and that’s the end of it.

      The two old ducks just seem scary, but the rest are pretty uninteresting. Not even any good-looking ones, I mean, honestly.

    • I was surprised how much the judges and contestants liked the dessert (except for the sourpusses). Undercooked and mangled cake, mascarpone, honey syrup….doesn’t sound good to me.

  6. I am getting bored with this show. Matchamisu is not new. I thought the dessert has too much mascopone in it. I cant taste it so I really dont know.

    The girl also cant say mascopone correctly.

  7. I have missed quite a few episodes this season. Just hanging out for the public challenge rounds to begin, when there’s less “drama”

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