1. I feel like it’s unhealthy to be *this* invested in somebody else’s relationship, and whoever he picks, it’s probably less than a year until they realise that reality TV actually isn’t the best way to meet a potential romantic life-partner and they break up.

    Anywho. I think I can speak for a lot of people when I say that I’m pretty much over this season. Thank goodness there weren’t intruders, or it would’ve gone on even longer. I still think the good money is on Laura, because Elise is just so vanilla and they have zero chemistry. But then again, maybe that’s what he wants?

    • I guess all the family’s money was spent on getting Matty’s ears pinned back.

      The one in the white shirt ears need pinning . too. Could be cheap in Thailand.

      Brother with white shirt on end of table looks stoned.

      Dr.Phil material here.

  2. Forget *being* the Bachelor or even dating the Bachelor. I just want to be related to one. Come the season finale, and you get a really cool holiday to somewhere exotic for the week.

  3. This season has been tainted if Laura and Matt have met before the show.
    His mother comes across as painful.
    Tara wasn’t in his social circle. Matty is too snobby for her.
    Too many leaks this season has devalued it.
    Elise will be left as runner up but I could be wrong !

  4. Funny how the mum is looking out of Mattys happiness a c how hurt he was last year but forgets he is about to do he same thing to one of these girls!

    • Just double standard. Matty should know better. If he has the bร—ร—ร— he should tell the producers he will do things differently and let the F2 go with dignity

  5. I am gonna campaign team Elise right until the end! Haha! the way he spoke about Elise to his family seemed more genuine than what he said about Laura.

  6. So there I was thinking both women had dodged a bullet due to the sister’s pregnancy but HOW DARE the brother ask about Elise’s number of past lovers, how is her sexual history his business?

  7. Laura: “A little bit of me hopes this goes wonderfully.” Really? Only a little bit? Best of intentions my backside. LP got it right when she said it was about Laura promoting her business.

  8. Laura is a nut.
    She makes me feel uncomfortable. Her time with his family was just embarrassing. She went on and on about her jewellery business! Sheesh.
    Elise comes across as a better match for Matty. I hope she wins tonight.

    • In spite of all the “likes” Matty’s Mum reckons Laura is “very articulate”. Easily impressed.

      Laura’s turned on the waterworks. Thailand to Cryland in the blink of an eye.

  9. Thanks Erin. I hadn’t really taken to Elise until tonight. She comes across as very genuine and gentle.
    However I think Matty is very superficial and will choose Laura.
    I think I counted 8 ‘likes’ from Laura when she was babbling on to his family.

  10. On a completely different note, can anyone explain the Mazda ad to me? Why does it make you feel like a brontosaurus?

    • No idea. Brontosaurus had a tiny brain, maybe the size of a walnut. Who’d want that?

      I’d rather be a lounge lizard.

      Man up Matty and donate the $200,000 to get your brothers’ ears pinned back.

    • Thanks guys, I just think it’s weird but thought maybe there was some hidden meaning that was going over my head.

  11. It would want to be Elise after those intimate moments… missed yesterday and first half today. Ha ha matty just went Cross eyed whilst about to kiss Elise again!

  12. Watching this season finale, it’s suddenly occurred to me how much kissing has gone on this season.

    My gosh, Matty’s tongue must have repetitive strain injury, by now.

  13. Boy, if there was a drinking game for every time Laura said: “like”, “and” and “happy” we’d all be too sloshed to see the ending.

  14. When matty is kissing he reminds me of Fabio the most beautiful man in the world. He does seem more relaxed?with Elise.

  15. Maybe they did the editing to make it look like Laura, because of all the spoilers that have been around from the beginning. That would annoy the hell out of the other TV channels.

    • That’d be a deal breaker for Laura.

      I’ve missed the Elise train. It’s gawne.

      For Matty , going in a helicopter is getting off the beaten track. Zzzzz. Can’t kiss with those stupid headsets on. Got to be Elise.

  16. Yeah, I felt bad for Elise right at the end there. She handled her dumping with grace and dignity, but listening to her reveal how disappointed she was in the limo ride afterwards? That was hard to listen to.

    I think she’ll be okay.

  17. ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ
    Poor Elise!
    I really hope they don’t allow any future bachies to sting people along like Matty has.

    • Urgh. How could he do that to Elise when he was in her shoes last year? The body language all episode was saying Laura (she was draped all over him the boat) but I was still holding out hope. Fair enough, pick the girl you love but don’t pash on so much with number two.

    • It’s the nature of the show. There is always heartbreak and disappointments in Bach shows. I wish we had like in the US; an after the show reunion show. They are great, as the girls (or guys) claw it out.
      Not surprised that Matty chose Laura even with her nervous jibber jabber. I thought she was quite lovely and I can see that a guy would go for her. Producers tried to make it seem as though he would be choosing Elise.
      BTW, Air Asia…nah! Tight budget.

  18. Boo. Poor Elise. That was hard to watch.
    The girls I liked this season were Tara, Elise. Lisa and Michelle.

    This was a dud season. We all knew the result due to all the media leaks.
    Right, Sophie and the Bachelorette next. Hope that will be better than this season of The Bachelor.

  19. Matty will be the hated man on SM. Not like last year, everyone fall in love with Matty.

    Laura was in the sauna with Matty before at Icebergs.

    • might have been the heat and humidity making it drip off their faces. Their hair wasn’t looking so flash by the time they got off the boat.

      • Poor Elise had panda eyes. They should have touched her up before she got off the boat. And they made her wear a 100 percent artificial fibre, clingy dress in tropical heat. Not cool, producers

  20. What is with the ring? Larson Jewellers needs to demand theirmoney back. He just slip the ring onto her finger and that it.

    Maybe Matty did propose and was rejected. Have to reshoot that bit.

    That is not a commitment ring. It is more an engagement ring.

    • He did put it on her right hand, but in the brief glimpse of it we got, it is not at all Laura’s type of ring. Straight to ebay I think.

    • Yes. The ring is more an engagement ring. If Laura didnt accept the proposal, they have to put it on her right hand. Now Laura is stuck with that ring!!!!
      Matty should know better. If he wants to give her something, maybe a bracelet or pendant. But she will just chuck them aside. She only wears Toni May

        • The sponsor is Larsen Jewellery. Matty helped to design the ring.
          To me the ring bit has been edied badly. Nothing was said. No fanfare, no words of love. Just slip it onto her finger and that is. Very strange. Sponsor wont be happy

  21. I’m hoping Elise is feeling better about it now that she’s seen the series. She seems a really decent, genuine person. It really was hard to watch.

  22. Why this season was crap.
    1. Matty and Laura had met and knew each other before the show started.
    2. Leaked media and Instagram that Laura had won
    3. Returning loser from last Bachelorette season
    4. Channel 10 sucks at producing this show
    5. Neither Matty or Laura came across as very genuine
    6. Matty kissed too many of the women.

    • Season 1-3 was produced by Shine. Much better. Villian was not over the top.
      Last season and this produced bt Warner Bros. Crap editing.

      I would prefer someone unknown to be the lead.

  23. Jay blossom you hit the nail on the head about the makeup. I also noticed how thick it seemed to be, I thought perhaps Elise did her own. You would have thought the hair and makeup would be extra perfect for the grande finale. Then I noticed Laura’s was really bad too.

  24. Thank goodness that’s over. So disappointing. Sadly, I stopped caring about 14 girls ago. I think Lola had it to rights: Matty kissed too many girls but she forgot to mention the ears. I couldn’t stop looking at the ears
    Now … can’t wait for Sophie.

  25. Yes from the ad I’ve actually warmed to Sophie (I wasn’t a fan). She’s either a much better actress than I thought or she genuinely want s to meet someone.

    • I like Sophie. Yes, she has media experience but she has kept her personality and is warm. Hopefully her celeb status means she is less likely to do the producers’ bidding and some “real” moments will make the edit.

      • I still don’t know about Sophie Monk’s series. Can anyone really see her falling for Dave the plumber from Gosford?

        I don’t think Sophie Monk needs a husband, I think she needs someone to stop injecting bucket-loads of chemicals into her lips every few minutes.

        Sorry, was that just too bitchy for this early in the day?

  26. So I am the only one who went ” awww at the end”. I liked them both, and Elise and Tara. I’ve watched so many Bachs now that I am used to all the kiss try-outs and the broken hearts, and I avoid spoilers like that flu I didn’t get this year.
    Still think Matty is cute and Laura is lovely, even if she can’t shut up when she gets nervous.

    • I still like Laura, and in fact, I always did, but I do agree that there were some editing tricks last night that I wasn’t so keen on.

      Bachelor/Bachelorette romances tend to hit 1/3 success rate and 2/3 failure rate, so I just wonder how long this one will last.

      • Definitely. It was hard to stick to my guns that it would be Laura, because the edit tttied to throw us off the scent. It made it seem that he and Elise were naturally head over heels, and that his greeting with Laura was cordial.
        Although that might have been the production team saying, ” Run into each others arms and pash like there is no tomorrow” and “shake hands”. They do that. There is a lot of direction on their scenes. Although no one could have directed Laura to talk her face off. ๐Ÿ˜‚

  27. I think Matty is a jerk. He knew on day 1 it will be Laura.
    He said:
    โ€œDo I wish on night one I could have just said goodbye to the 20 other girls and go Lauraโ€™s the one? I wish I could have.โ€
    That is o.k But kissing so many girls? BTW he is a bad actor as he is so robotic since hevhas to lead the girls down the garden path but with no sincerity.

    • Yes, LP, i was already starting to get iffy on Matty, but that has now tipped me over the edge. And makes me really feel for Elise, expected to pour her heart out but he knew full well the feelings weren’t reciprocated.
      And he strung so many girls along for the ride.
      Future Bachies need to learn from Sam Wood – he picked Snez pretty much from the start – he took each girl on a single date or one-on-one time after a group date, then eliminated. 2nd dates didn’t happen until all first dates or one-on-one time had been had. You never felt any of them were being lead on.

    • Matty also said this:

      โ€œOn the one hand you appreciate there is a TV show being made and you want to be entertaining but at the same time I got what I came for and I donโ€™t care,โ€ the happily in love Johnson said.

      Very insensitive to make this kind of comment. He is a marketing guru. And he know how hurt someone can be if they do fall in love and get rejected.

      So glad Georgia Love didn’t pick him

      • Which reminds me, Georgia Love raised hopes too. It’s what the show does. I remember my first ever Bach, and seeing the runner up rejected. ๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ข

    • Plenty of Bachies before him have admitted the same. It’s the horrible nature of the game. It’s an awful game…and we watch.

      • We are just lucky they don’t have special room night when all the runners up get a night sleep over if they choose, not just a kiss. Imagine how pi**ed off you would be then. “Waaaah. I gave him my virginity and I only came secong”.

  28. Is anyone going to watch the US Bach? They have dropped the sleep over (the Bach offs the key to his room). I was so shocked that these girls sleep with him on tv for all the world to see. Well not to see the whole shebang.
    I don’t know if they still do “after the rose” celebration but it was good. I wish Aus Bach did that. It’s an opportunity for the truth to be revealed about fights and kisses and true feelings. Like “I hate you Matty, you shouldna kissed me”. And he can say, “I was going to choose you but that kiss tasted like Vegemite”.
    I love after the rose.

    • I hadn’t planned on it. First Dates is what I’ve started watching. A huge guy with a mullet found love the other night.

      • I love FD. It always makes me glad I am not dating. Better to date in the 70s over a bacardi and coke, at the Sands (White Sands) bopping away to ACDC or The Outlaws, have a few tequilla slammers and wake up embarrassed. With no cameras.

        • I’m impressed, Stacey. He could be losing his mullet if that girl manages to land him. They really bonded over a love of steak and beer. Matty can only dream about that kind of chemistry. No need for helicopter rides or parachuting.

          Now I’m thinking about the older guy with Mercedes who wolfed down that steak in no time flat in front of that gold digger.

          • He has had that mullet since year 12, when his head was shaved and a fringe left at the back. He was told that if he left it to grow until the end of the year everyone was to buy him a slab. It has never left, and I doubt it he’ll ever be rid of it haha.

  29. I think the footage of the travelling boats was the hair and makeup crew making a quick exit before anyone could say anything.
    I didn’t think till today about the humidity though. I was wondering why I hadn’t noticed the makeup at any other time.

  30. My hair likes the tropics…more curls, but my face…bluugggh. And make up, if you wear it, looks like it’s done by Walpamur.

  31. Yes littlepetal matty is the jerk it’s not Laura’s fault, I just feel upset about how he treated Elise who I didn’t know I liked until last night. Was just listening to Sam wood on the radio and he seems genuine.
    Another topic
    Did anyone see Laura’s outfit on the project? Again ,I don’t hate her,
    But an olive coloured sparkly top with a visible olive bra. Please …where are those stylists/ hair/ makeup

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