US Survivor HHH – ep 3

Now Australian Survivor is over perhaps I’ll warm a bit more to this season of HHH.
The third episode screens on Go at 7.30pm, but you can usually watch it on 9Now mid-afternoon.



  1. Ooooh, well wasn’t he bitter. Lucky for them he’s not a member of the jury. I thought they were voting for Lauren. Don’t know what happened there.
    I was hoping the yellow team would lose so they would get rid of Tony. Really hope a different team lose next week. But finally we get a tribe swap.

  2. I thought yellow was going to tribal because they had a lot of camera time, and yes, Carole, it would have been good to see that annoying yellow guy go, but that was a good tribal, and I think they made the right decision. I think Pat was adhd or on the spectrum for aspegers or some kind of autism because he seemed unable to measure his behaviour. Anyhow, it was a good show tonight.

    • That’s interesting daisy, I didn’t get the vibe that he was on the spectrum just that he had poor social skills and wanted to be the clown (but then it can be a fine line). Definitely was a good show tonight.

      • I definitely thought he was on some spectrum, because he was like a runaway train and couldn’t check or rein in anything. Did you notice how socially out he was?

        • Yes I definitely noticed his lack of social ability but having just read Peski’s comment below and saw manic – I thought, that’s it, I’d describe his behaviour as manic. Of course, we only saw what was shown so could both be right or completely off the mark.

  3. Like Juz, it’s a relief for me that Australian Survivor is over so I can concentrate on this one.

    I read on a blog that Ali and Patrick had a pregame alliance (or at least, they knew each other prior from going to the same college). It was partially the reason why she was trying to keep him in longer but in the end, his manic behaviour was too much for her to manage effectively.

  4. I think Cole spilled the beans too early about Joe’s HII. It was ok to share the info with Jessica as it created trust with her, but I don’t see why he shared it with the other two ladies.

    It was uneccesary until there was an actual opportunity to vote him off (as in, if they were going to TC).

  5. I am glad to see the back of Patrick – he was giving me a headache. If you are keeping someone because they are ‘strong at challenges’ but then you keep losing challenges, then obviously they are not working for you. I do think that tribe would be more harmonious even if a little less strong without him, but we will never know seeing as there is to be a mix up.

    Glad to see that Lauren has so far managed to defy the older female story arc (unlike poor whats-her-name in the first episode) Two clear stereotypes trotted out by Lauren’s tribe members, both showing that they are all judging her by appearances and not fact. Would be interesting to see a ‘Survivor Geriatric’ version, where you have to be over 40 to apply.

    Cole and Jessica are very sweet but I worry about them. Jessica is a relationship innocent, and I don’t think Cole will realise or respect that. And Cole seems to be a Survivor innocent, and Jess may find that he brings her down with him. She seems to understand the mistakes he is making.

    Would love to see Tony gone very soon.

  6. Well that fucking sucked. She thought she gave him an advantage but it turned into a disadvantage. How weird. I was hoping he’d block Joe’s vote but instead his vote was blocked. Well at least that psycho guy is gone.

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