MasterChef – Wed team challenge

The blurb says: The contestants find themselves in the Dandenong Ranges where a fiery team challenge awaits them.

Is it a campfire cookout? I’ve gone on barbecue challenges since MKR did 5000 of them this year.



    • I was wondering if this was filmed during the heat wave down there. Cooking with all those open fires would have made it worse.

  1. oh fv ,what is that famous quote by coco chanel. always take one accessory off before you leave the house. Two scarves too many, me thinks

  2. FV is the only one who’d been to the restaurant but blew her moment in the spotlight when she was unable to come up with the word “flavour” and Gary had to prompt her.

  3. Why is “Benny” responsible for the fire?

    We love how they are all positioning themselves so the captain takes the blame.

  4. If Blue team go into elimination and both Reece and Sashi use their pins that really makes it difficult for the others. Kristen would be my pick to go from blue and FV or Chloe from red.

  5. Why all the fuss over dessert with choc? Wouldn’t it have been easier to make a pome-based dish (apples, pears, quinces etc) that could have been slowly baked in wood-fired ovens, then topped with a crumble and cream? Unless they couldn’t work out how to whip cream without electrickery …

  6. Does anyone else get the vibe that Kristen would be an absolute bitch to work with. Yeah…it didn’t work…but not my fault….sigh dramatically in the most put upon manner as possible.

    • Whoa me…. it’s not my fault I’m morbidly obese… etc etc. Everything bad that’s happened in her life or mistake is because of someone else or some other situation.. and then to top it off she works in a government position with SA planning whereby that attitude probably permeates as well.

      • Yeah, and no matter how incompetent she may be, they can’t sack her. She’d sue them for fat-shaming, discrimination, harassment, whatever.

  7. Neither dessert was good but from the comments the blue team’s was significantly worse and yet they equated them.

  8. poor ben. I think there is target on is head. why. in the last challenge he showed a little bit of confidence, rather than being humble

    • If Ben gets eliminated it will only leave Samira that I actually like. I don’t dislike all of the others but enough of them.

  9. So return of the eliminated. Chloe’s best chance, they’ll eliminate her and let her back in the same episode. They’ve done it before with a pet.

  10. Has Masterchef run out of ideas or got new scriptwriters that have never watched all the previous 9 seasons of MC.

    Matt said this year is full of surprises and the return of the eliminated contestants is one of them. Common, we all know it is going to happen. Not a surprise.
    A surprise would be Sashi has to give his pin to the returns contestant!

  11. We’re only a few minutes in here. During the intro, George points at a fire and says “I could stick my bum in that and it wouldn’t cook.” The mental image that brought up has put me off my own dinner. Oh my god, George, never, ever say that again. Ever.

    Why is FV taking the wing tips off the quail with a paring knife? They may be tiny birds, but if you have to saw away like that at a wing tip, get a bigger knife. Stupid woman.

    • “I could stick my bum in that and it wouldn’t cook.” …. together lets make a pact and never ever let me say that again.

  12. I think to almost create drama there was only a limited amount of ingredients available for them to use (or they pre-planned as teams off air, pre-challenge what they would cook).

    First of all as Mastashefs… have they ever heard of foil? That would of stopped your cauliflower from turning black….

    With beautiful pizza ovens.. why not make a calzone/pizza for one of your entree’s or desserts. A chocolate berry pizza/calzone served with a dollop of cream would of been a winner.

    Kebabs would of also been smarter as well.. but smart is not something you’d associate with MC.

    What I’d love to know is why Jess let Ghana-In-Law overtake the dessert? GIL really thinks she’s the bomb and was so smug after Nonna was gushing over the plating of the dessert she thought she’s be the savior with it… it looked like when you step in dog-pooh in the park and all the grass cutting and twigs get stuck to it.

  13. So Chloe is in elimination again. Let’s hope she goes this time.
    That would be hard cooking over open fire like that, you have no control over the temperature.
    The idiot judges complained about the desserts being baked. They didn’t have a choice, they had to bake them. Then said it would have been better with ice cream. They didn’t have electricity or an ice cream maker or freezer so they couldn’t have made ice cream.
    Returning contestants next week. Hopefully Loki will come back. Wonder if he’ll be allowed to use his pin?
    And Zumbo’s back since his show on ch 7 was a flop. I actually like it.

      • It’s a celebration of First World desperation. No tear too fake, no Nonna invocation too recycled. Make the kids proud. Dare to dream of an afternoon cooking show shunted between Judge Judy and Bold And The Beautiful.

        Come on, you can do it! Whatever it takes. **** the recipe and believe. Hustle. Don’t panic.

        Reece~ “The problem cooking with fire is not being able to regulate the temperature” What a genius he is.

        • Reece is a couple of cans short of a six pack… and his now over inflated ego is getting a bit too much to bare.

          Hopefully during sweet week he falters (in what should be his strength), as I don’t think Zumbo, Kristen Tibbels will find his splats, mousses and soils too inventive and he gets the dose of reality he desperately needs back.

  14. God, when Kristen started waxing lyrical about the Dandenongs, the trees, the fire etc., I thought she was going to write another sonnet. Thankfully, she settled down quietly to stuff up a dessert.

    I really, really hope Ben survives.
    And yes, Aldo too – because I, personally, find him amusing.
    I’d love a double elimination, with both Ghana and Vintage going off to do work experience together … preferably in Ghana.
    (Then bring back Brendan and someone else)

    Oh Jess is totally safe, and she knows it. She’s already been practising her hand-clapping, jumping up and down and fainting spells for Zumbo.

    I can only hope that the Socceroos ‘fight for their place in the competition’ and ‘do what it takes to avoid elimination.’
    Come on boys, push – do it for the nonnas and the kids!!

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