1. Yes I saw that last night, finally a date. That’s an odd day, it’s never been on a Wednesday, usually Sunday, Monday & sometimes Tuesday. I imagine they are going to juggle it with the Bachelor since they are showing promos for that too.

  2. woohoo!
    i have heard rumblings of swapping schedules with Bach. and i’m pretty sure Bach in Paradise was a Sunday/monday schedule?

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  3. Every time I see the ad I have to wonder at the sequencing.They show a FIFO worker contender saying something about not liking people thinking they’re better followed by Shane Gould and her achievements.
    I hate to tell the contender but Shane Gould IS better than her (at least at swimming). From what I know of Shane Gould she is very humble and I’d be surprised if she would present herself as “better than”. It just seemed odd sequencing in the ad.

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